The post processed image of Sanada that I ended up submitting to Tomopop's summer swimsuit themed contest.

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01 year agoHSkeletonHSkeleton
01 year agoPhicooPhicoo
This is awesome. I love the wave effect!
01 year ago (1 year ago)ItsaTimmyItsaTimmy
Thanks for the comments guys. I in the end I didn't win but I still had a lot of fun taking these. Also thanks Dragonzigg for giving me a hand with the post processing. I still have much to learn in that regard it seems.
01 year agoCristSkyCristSky
Very Nice Pic.
01 year agorurushururushu
touching the surface of the water with the wave-live effect, nice!!
01 year agobooluvnjckbooluvnjck
good idea !
01 year agocheckthisoutcheckthisout
Looks like she is floating in water... Very nice idea!
01 year ago (1 year ago)EmerjeEmerje
I like this one a lot. This was one of my favorites for Tomopop's Monthly Megapixel. Love the reflection and how well hidden the stand is.
02 years agonegicongnegicong
school mitsu NICE IDEA!!
02 years agoTrashCatTrashCat
Very nice pic! :D The colours are brilliant!

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