Living room, work-in-progress. A few spaces here and there in the Deltofs reserved for figures still in the mail. Not sure what to put in the empty space right above the couch. Bookshelf temporarily housing a few boxes. That cardboard box on the bottom right is solidly full of unbuilt Gundam models. No TV yet, will be placed right under the Mari poster.

Reminder to self: buy a proper camera so you don't have to use your phone

Updated photo: (mfc link)

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04 years agoSaichiSaichi
That looks so awesome!!! I hope I can get live in such a room soon!! *__*
04 years agoLoleifosLoleifos
Haha, I also use detolfs :D
They're epic!
Apparently they're pretty famous in the figure community...
04 years agoMindsplinterMindsplinter
Cool space. Like the detolfs on either side of the couch. >=)
04 years ago (4 years ago)KeripoKeripo 「ケリポ」
Nickienator (4 years ago) #1075976So I'm not the only one that finds the kitchen roll suspicious, lol.
Contrary to what you're probably thinking (you guys have dirty minds), the kitchen roll is there because I had to do some massive wipe-downs of the furniture (the spray bottle is actually right beside the Gundam box, off-screen). I had just finished unpacking the day before that picture (hence why there's still boxes everywhere) and the tables and bookshelf are second-hand with dirt and dust everywhere. I also recently discovered how Detolfs seem to love finger prints >_<"
04 years agoNickienatorNickienator
UncleJoey (4 years ago) #1075465Nice kitchen roll, whats it for?
So I'm not the only one that finds the kitchen roll suspicious, lol.
04 years agoLeIouchLeIouch Vi Britania
Awesome room!
04 years agoRynerRyner
Such a beautiful room!:3
04 years agoUncleJoeyUncleJoey
Nice kitchen roll, whats it for?
04 years agoxrukimomoixxrukimomoix
nice room!!
04 years agoK-MuK-Mu
Nice workspace:)

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