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Ika-chan figured out how to truly invade humanity. ^_^

Except where otherwise noted, pictures are licensed under a Creative Commons By-NC-ND License.

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07 months agoMaple-RoseMaple-Rose
Haha this is so adorable!
02 years agoFujisakiKunFujisakiKun
*Suddenly reminded of Lanhua*
02 years agokasukukasuku
Careful not to place your wallet near Ika-Chan & friends >.>
02 years agoCantisamaCantisama
Lol, they got me too. Squiddie Figma on the way ^_^
02 years agocb27dedcb27ded
I'm very happy that people like my little comic. I appreciate it.
02 years agoRolanMcDolanRolanMcDolan
I'm not sure if humanity is ready for a direct ikanomic assault.
02 years agokhattkhatt
LOL I'll have to watch my wallet from now on!!
02 years agopeanut2cattiespeanut2catties
02 years agoShinigamiyokoShinigamiyoko
Is that where all my money went?
02 years agoklaymoreklaymore
finally, now how do we defend from our wallet being squidvaded...

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