megahouse queen's_blade nowa griffon_enterprises alleyne kibayashi_norio akiyama_akiomegahouse queen's_blade nowa griffon_enterprises alleyne kibayashi_norio akiyama_akio
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06 years agoAyaToyBoxAyaToyBox
Awesome Background really suit with them :D
07 years agoNyxNyx
They both suit the background very well! Nice job~
07 years agocioudrunnerfiutecioudrunnerfiute Found Holy Grail & Quit
Great composition. I love how they look like they are standing in front of a cave with excess Spanish Moss hanging off of it.
07 years agotimelord_sciencetimelord_science
Background and everything comes together nicely; a very lovely picture!
07 years agoVambee-LacuerVambee-Lacuer
Very nice, the decorations are great.

Alleyne:"Lylibelle, 100 points!"
Nowa:"Out of how many?"

07 years agoShiddoShiddo 一匹狼
Lovely elf duo ^^
And again top-notch decorations ^^



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