Len has arrived in a new land and takes makes claim to a small hill, not knowing who is stuck beneath the dune.

Taken on a real beach with real sand near a real ocean full of 100% authentic salt water.

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01 year agooptimisticpenguioptimisticpengui
awe cute :)
01 year agokhattkhatt
Cute pic,but poor Miku! <Miku's saying "wat,waaat,WAAAAAAATTT!!!">
01 year agoLennerLenner
xYellow (1 year ago) #1085636Does the sand scratch up your figs?

No, I didn't have that problem.
01 year agoxYellowxYellow
Does the sand scratch up your figs?
01 year agoKuugaKuuga
so funny
01 year agoVeilaVeila
This picture is so adorable! <3 and so...legit!
01 year agoLennerLenner
DemiSouls (1 year ago) #1085314So Len stole her surrender flag?

Len is marking the hill as his territory.
01 year agoDemiSoulsDemiSouls
So Len stole her surrender flag?
01 year ago (1 year ago)YamiUsagiYamiUsagi
Haha that's adorable!

And good for you for taking them to a real beach, i've been wanting to do that with mine forever. ^^
01 year ago (1 year ago)dymitrdymitr
A great shot. I especially love the smiley like faces on both of them. Len's fang really brings across his playfulness/teasefulness.
But I would never put any figure in the sand. Mainly because it can create scratches and in the worst-case scenario damage the paintjob.

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