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ohgod, those stickers took me an hour. Only 3 of them came out well. I had some serious promblems with Malga's and Toori's hair as you might see -__-" .. but the height of these is only 2cm so I'm not surprised adding the stickers wasn't an easy or quick task.

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02 years agoescape_ropeescape_rope
@R_Kasahara: So did I .__. And I really thought it would have been easier to put the stickers on. Luckily these guys are so tiny that you don't really notice if you misplaced one sticker a bit. The other thing I'm not so happy about is the fact that all the stickers don't hold so well.

@Gauenara: I know right, they're super small!!
02 years agoR_KasaharaR_Kasahara Let's rock, baby.
Geez, you have to put stickers on them? You'd think they'd be prepainted...
02 years agoGauenaraGauenara
2cm!!! you need a good magnifying glass to put that stickers @_@



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