yukata sonico nitroplus alpha_max skytube 2% sonicomiyukata sonico nitroplus alpha_max skytube 2% sonicomi

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04 years agoastarte952astarte952
it always interesting if you can put pvc figures in clothes.
04 years agoayloyaayloya
MugenTenshinFRD (4 years ago) #1129108
What brand is the yukata? Doll brand? Self made?

It's Momoko (Sekiguchi) original outfit ("summer festival" if i'm not mistaken)
04 years agoMugenTenshinFRDMugenTenshinFRD
Nice! It seems a little big though.
What brand is the yukata? Doll brand? Self made?
04 years agokhattkhatt
Miss Sonico looks lovely in her yukata.My first glace gave me the fat impression too until I realized what she was wearing.Kimonos look best in less curvy gals and we all know Miss Sonico is quite curvy!So the obi makes her waist thick to compensate for her hips.
04 years agoayloyaayloya
Thanks for your comments.

BTW Sonico is not very slim even without this yukata ^__^
04 years agoPedropinillaPedropinilla
Lovely picture, no doubt about it ^^.
Thanks for sharing~
04 years agoNecromancerNecromancer
Aww cute!
04 years agoKyrieKyrie
I think with the raised arms and the wide-open front (and the fact that it was probably impossible to fit it tighter to her body) it makes her look thicker than she actually is, but it was a pretty cute idea!
04 years agoFishcaek-ChanFishcaek-Chan Super Waifu Fun time
Oh wow, this is lovely~!♥♥
04 years agoEllisEllis
Her boobs make her look fat in this kimono XD
Nice work, though!

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