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04 years agoYukariSekaiYukariSekai 愛書と漫画ファン
Very cute and beautiful. *___*
04 years agoVaydaVayda
This is my favorite picture on MFC. <3
04 years ago (4 years ago)JoshphoJoshpho
Beautiful, it's already been said but the composition and smug expression of the cat is fantastic <3
04 years agomarineblfmarineblf
I want C.C. so bad...
04 years agoLovettLovett
Thank you so much to all of you!! I'm very pleasure! ~♥
04 years agoNecromancerNecromancer
ohh i love cats <3 xd
04 years agoKanouteKanoute
Nice Picture ^_^
04 years agoMoroMoro
Cat looks so perfectly smug. I love it.
04 years agoKai000Kai000
Dam, the cat looks like a boss in this angle LOL
04 years agoReinweinReinwein
думаю можно уже поздравить с потд )) заслуженно, ну ооочень удачный кадр )

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