More photos and a full review is comming soon on -> (ext link)

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01 year agokidkaitokidkaito
awesome Figure
01 year agoPhicooPhicoo
Thank you guys. A full review with more photos is comming soon on september 26.
01 year agoChu2kChu2k
01 year agokhattkhatt
Beautiful pic!
01 year agoNecromancerNecromancer
01 year agoRaithosRaithos The Return
Can't wait for her sister
01 year agoLightningCharmLightningCharm
Awesome photo!
01 year agoMoePinheadMoePinhead
great photo~like it!
01 year agophantomphantom
I'm flying away XD
01 year agomikeymikemichaelmikeymikemichael

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