banpresto hunter_x_hunter dx_figure gon_freecss killua_zoldyckbanpresto hunter_x_hunter dx_figure gon_freecss killua_zoldyck
Background of the picture is by courtesy of jpellgen (ext link) .

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01 year agoiNekox3iNekox3
B1zzle (1 year ago) #2735205omg i love this

Thank you!!
01 year agoB1zzleB1zzle
omg i love this
03 years agoiNekox3iNekox3
Synchrodies; Nayachi; Thanks a lot! Love the emoticons.
03 years agoNayachiNayachi
Perfect idea. I love it!
03 years agoSynchrodiesSynchrodies
Ohhhh so nice (*3*)/
Love it!
03 years agoiNekox3iNekox3
HSkeleton (3 years ago) #1181708Such a great shot, so life like!
Thank you very much! Glad to see that I seemed to have achieve what I wanted to in this picture!
03 years agoHSkeletonHSkeleton
Such a great shot, so life like!
03 years agoiNekox3iNekox3
Cantisama (3 years ago) #1181613Looks so real! I've been rewatching HxH the past few days. Hoping the new anime comes to the US ^^
Heh, thanks! Oh. The new one's pretty good (assuming you're referring to the 2011 one)! Interesting avatar, by the way.
03 years agoCantisamaCantisama
Looks so real! I've been rewatching HxH the past few days. Hoping the new anime comes to the US ^^
03 years agoiNekox3iNekox3
Nagara_Venteel; Thanks! That was the line I had in mind for Killua as well!

Bairon16; seelieful; Espresso; Thank you very much! I really appreciate that!

Heartfilia; marukawa; AkitoKitty; Hah! You think so? I'm glad. I was wondering if the proportion would have looked a little off.

khatt; Thank you! His face and posture definitely capture his personality well.

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