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01 year agojerokjerok
Are you wondering why her left hand is blurred? She just poked your left eye. ô_x
01 year agoahokzyashaahokzyasha
this is the best kirino figure i've ever seen.
01 year agopimentaelvispimentaelvis
muito bom!!! parabens!!!
01 year agokhattkhatt
Cure pic! Especially dat wee fang!
01 year agosleepingzzpsleepingzzp
nice shoot~
01 year agogaogao
My Kirino figure can't be this vibrant!
01 year agoEyelandEyeland
Very Vivid colors!!
01 year agoEspressoEspresso
Woah!! This is one of the cutest Kirinos I´ve ever seen.
01 year agoPoketheMerchPoketheMerch
Brilliant! Lovely colours!
01 year agoImanovImanov
Yay, que linda!! Favoritada *-*!!

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