Looks like BRS, STR, DM and BGS are ready for halloween!
"Trick or Treat"

I found these costumes last year in a Japanese thrift store. I think these are originally made for tiny teddy bears. I have no talent in sewing so I just made a few adjustment so it didn't look so big on them, placed them in these tiny baskets and get some balloons/ribbons for decoration.

Thank you everyone for the love and making it to POTD! ^^

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01 year agokixkillradiokixkillradio
Yurusumaji (1 year ago) #1202821Great outfits and props! Adorable!
thanks! ^_^
01 year agokixkillradiokixkillradio
marukawa (1 year ago) #1202093so cuuuute! great shot! happy halloweeeeeennnn
thank you ^_^
01 year agojustineskijustineski
too cute~! ><
happy halloween!
01 year agokixkillradiokixkillradio
Thank you everyone for your comments! Have a happy halloween season to you all! ^_^
01 year agoEmyyEmyy
Nice idea! they look sooo cute with this outfit ^^
01 year agokhattkhatt
They're so cute..already for some trick or treat fun!
01 year agoYurusumajiYurusumaji
Great outfits and props! Adorable!
01 year agoX_BaconX_Bacon
Incredibly cute, now I want one of these costumes
01 year agoSamtheRavenSamtheRaven
oh emm gee..that is so so so so so soso adorable
01 year agomarineblfmarineblf
Super well done!

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