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01 month agoAndriuskaAndriuska
02 months ago3939
This is so cute!
04 months agoMagiksGirlMagiksGirl
Such a cutie!! :D
05 months agomezitcheeseitmezitcheeseit
Awww! Kaito is too adorable!
05 months agoSushiShibaSushiShiba
so cute!! <33
08 months agoAmurAmur
funny for a first time, but then it distracts heavily. Sorry, I know You've vasted some time to do it, but I really hate it...
08 months agoizumisamuraiizumisamurai
I can't stop laughing!!! with this. aiiiieeee (>.<)
09 months agoLivingDaylightLivingDaylight
09 months agoPecolaTheMeowPecolaTheMeow
I feel bad for him DX
09 months agoIasuIasu
XD, poor Kaito

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