Some of my 1/7 swimsuit figures. Enjoy the view!

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01 year agoastarte952astarte952
let the party started!
01 year agoYourtimeYourtime
god i regret it often that i didnt buy this kirino version, why did they make so many version of her in beach version.. and then so good >_>
01 year agoPhicooPhicoo
She is awesome. In my opinion the best existing Kirino figure. She looks so real and is full of life!
Tommy (1 year ago) #1396405I just order Kirino because of this pic xD
01 year agoTommyTommy
I just order Kirino because of this pic xD
01 year agopinkalligatorpinkalligator
I feel both awed and out ouf shape.
01 year agoAbicionAbicion
so much cheesecake.
01 year agoMorilecMorilec
Nice!!!! It's beautiful
01 year ago (1 year ago)PhicooPhicoo
Never expected so many comments. Thank you guys (´∀`)♡

dreamhunter707 (1 year ago) #1394483Great shot!Shinoko (1 year ago) #1394384Awesome collection!kisaragi (1 year ago) #1393910so colourful!molligesghost (1 year ago) #1393801I really love how you put
this together, there's
so much character in
their faces! It's almost
as if I can hear their
laughter already..
MoolongTea (1 year ago) #1393768I feel like going to the beach now *-*
It would have been even more awesome if you had a fitting background,
but otherwise nice collection! :D
LC (1 year ago) #1393650Wow! Good combination!Shelia (1 year ago) #1393579Lovely composition :)Raithos (1 year ago) #1393467This pic is full of win, great!FateTRSC (1 year ago) #1392739This is so cool ^^Heartfilia (1 year ago) #1392662damn, VERY NICE!
01 year agodreamhunter707dreamhunter707
Great shot!
01 year agoHikarunuHikarunu
now thats perfect harem

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