alter inagaki_hiroshi ano_hi_mita_hana_no_namae_wo_bokutachi_wa_mada_shiranai honma_meiko

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01 year agoJoltJolt
Wonderful job with the water. I love it~!
01 year agoYaoneKohaiYaoneKohai
Really well done :) i love how it looks like she kicked up the water
01 year agoMario_YagamiMario_Yagami
01 year agoSamtheRavenSamtheRaven
well done
01 year agojkbjkb
I definitely would get her if she could come with a base like that.
01 year agoapkfoxapkfox
Lishtenbird (1 year ago) #1400060Or because it makes great sense once you watch the anime:)That too, but I don't like that sense, even though the show never went into very much detail about that sense (don't want to spoil anything). :)
11 year agoapkfoxapkfox
Beani (1 year ago) #1399674Why do people always photograph Menma near water? You guys are breaking my heart ;_;Probably because of her blue eyes and sundress. These things just subconsciously bring up memories of water/river/sea/ocean and summer :)
01 year agofeardrakefeardrake
i hope she didn't slip in!

oh wait
01 year agoAmyJaneAmyJane
Really lovely photo, and the water droplets look great! ^-^
01 year agomolligesghostmolligesghost
This picture makes me happy
and sad at the same time..

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