questioners cafe_reo sayame qupita_qupitos_~_gikyoku_torikago_no_shoujo_~ iwanaga_sakurakoquestioners cafe_reo sayame qupita_qupitos_~_gikyoku_torikago_no_shoujo_~ iwanaga_sakurako
Another shot for "The girl and the setting sun".

This one is slightly different from the one I have uploaded on my own space because this photo was taken 5 minutes earlier so the reflection of the sunlight on the ocean surface is wider.

Similar idea, different model, different mood. Hope you will enjoy this Sayame version as well as that Moka version (picture #609356).

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04 years agohannie3000hannie3000
Such a pretty photo <3
04 years agoMoolongTeaMoolongTea
This sun is just awesome! *-*
04 years agosuperdum2superdum2
great picture :)
04 years agoEyelandEyeland
Thx for all your comments and support! Summer is coming and I hope this summer will be better than last~ A fine weather, a joyful heart, a camera, some figures, these are all we need~

Thx again~
04 years agoFateTRSCFateTRSC
Great job again ^^ Eyeland
04 years agoAmyJaneAmyJane
Beautiful picture!
I hope you do even more like this in the future~
04 years agoromaxromax
wow, you're pictures never fail to amaze me. =3
04 years agoShinokoShinoko
Really amazing job on this!!! So beautiful!
04 years agoSamuraiofHeijiSamuraiofHeiji
FANTASTIC ! I love silhouette concept.
04 years agotisk394tisk394

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