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07 months agojeeuxviideojeeuxviideo
Amazing shot
08 months agopiulocpiuloc
Great for the resolution XD !
08 months agoTsuntakuTsuntaku
09 months agoterramishuterramishu nyan?
wanderingkind (9 months ago) #1599177Excellent shot, and it was great opening up MFC and seeing KOS-MOS again :)

Yup, same here. ^^
09 months agoshingoukishingouki
Kosmos my <3
09 months agoNowaliveNowalive
wow sweet pic
09 months agoastarte952astarte952
09 months agoSamuraiofHeijiSamuraiofHeiji
insane !!! abesolutely cool. i added this to my favorites.
09 months agoCloudGraywordsCloudGraywords
My gosh.... what a wonderful shot. O_O
09 months agoxanxasxanxas
i just unlocked her on project x zone =)

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