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633 years agoEXkuroganeEXkurogane
Well, i came up with this (seems like Kurumi wasnt as good either)
253 years agoshi-en-tashi-en-ta
Griffon = Grief ON

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23 years agoRainneyRainney _(┐「ε:)_
Jesus christ this is bad. The only reason I care for them is for their Touhou figures. I wouldn't touch any of their other figures with a 10 foot pole.
253 years agoshi-en-tashi-en-ta
Griffon = Grief ON
33 years agosatsuyuramisatsuyurami
Left : Expectation

Right : Reality
83 years agoPuellaRiderPuellaRider
I don't get it. It looks bad on both side.
13 years ago (3 years ago)NadouNadou
My Nadia is good (item #136543), but one of the earrings was broken in the box... -_-
53 years agons2106ns2106
03 years ago (3 years ago)meteor-echometeor-echo
So far I've only seen one Griffon figure I'd like to buy: Rozalin (item #1037). She actually looks awesome, but I heard that there are obvious balancing problems because of the heavy dress.
The rest of their Disgaeaverse figures is godawful. They picked up the garage kits of Pram (item #12299) and Pleinair (item #316) and turned them into crappy quality figures. I mean, I just got this Pleinair as a kit and managed to paint her better than the official PVC figure (not that it's hard to do). There's also a (very expensive) Etna (item #153) I'm indifferent towards.
TL;DR - yuck, yuck.
13 years agocb27dedcb27ded
Wow, looks like bootleg quality there and that's just sad even for an official company like Griffon. I only have one of Griffon's Touhou figures and I had been disappointed by the lack of shading the actual figure had in comparison to its promo pictures. At least that figure looked mostly like its promo except for the paint, but that just looks sad.
13 years ago (3 years ago)OldspeakOldspeak
How they stay in business? If you look at their front page of figures by popularity, the answer is right there. Mass produce Touhou characters that people are CRAZY about and rake in that money. They overprice nearly every figure they release as I've gone through about 2 pages and I have yet to find one below 6500 yen. You can say they are trying to keep the consistency..but with the quality and the flaws we continue to see, who knows how much effort they actually put into the sculpt/painting to equal the cost we pay.

Edit: And if MFC is any indication of success, each Griffon product has at least 20+ owners. Imagine a raw scenario, their least popular figure with only 20 orders at 7000 yen. That's a net gain of 140,000 yen which equals to $1,300! I don't know about the labor, packing or the price to be host by stores...
53 years agofoofoo woomy!
It's not even that it's Photoshopped. The prototype looks like the original painted sculpt, and the product looks like it was made using cheap plastic that needs dull moulds. It's also expensive to make crisp moulds that can last a production run, what they're producing is basically bootleg quality.

As for why they're still in business, it's because they show off the original sculpts as the prototype but manufacture them with the cost of a bootleg. Their profit margins must be huge. The thing is if you don't intend to mass produce a quality product, you can make the prototype look as good as you want. It's like what happened with GSC's Inori, they showed off the original garage kit but when they had to mass produce it, they needed to make changes. At least they had the decency to cut the price before shipping.

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