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Hello and welcome to my profile! I'm -OJ-, which is a nickname I have been using for the past 15years and it's made up from my initials.
As stated on my figure.fm profile, I'm just a humble collector of all things related to my favourite anime and manga series.
I got into the world of anime and manga a bit late, around the end of 2006. Two years after that I started collecting merchandise related to the series and characters that I like, and I do not think I'll be quitting this hobby anytime soon ^_^

Twitter: Otaku Odú
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03 months agopandidorapandidora
-OJ- (3 months ago) #20859211Boldog születésnapot! :)

Köszi! :-)
03 months ago0000
-OJ- (3 months ago) #20859189Boldog születésnapot! :)
Köszönöm! :)
04 months agoPalidyPalidy
-OJ- (4 months ago) #19189390Boldog Születésnapot :)

Köszi :)
06 months agoRui-chanRui-chan
Boldog szülinapot kívánok! ^_^
06 months ago0000
Boldog születésnapot! :)

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