2hu2hu oh god i'm very poor


boring dude. new to collecting. likes sports, flags, and geography. kinda an optimist.

trying to get an MS degree. but failing spectacularly.

would do incredibly reasonable things for a seija figure.

mokou's theme is best theme.

kira-kira daiamondo

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12 months agotacholatachola
i agree with ur demands for seija figures NOW as well
13 months agomukyuumukyuu
2hu (3 months ago) #22361542thank you! she's awesome. just got real lucky.

Aaah~ I wish I got lucky and found Ran one of these days :DD even the Griffon one would be fine tbh

How are you doing?
13 months agomukyuumukyuu
Nice Chen figure, she's quite hard to find nowadays.
15 months agoTsuko-tanTsuko-tan
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