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014 hours agoNaoto-chanNaoto-chan 一セラ
Hi!~ I actually love your profile picture right now and got my attention! >u<
From what series is it? :O I'm kinda guessing it's from a game. XD
And thank you for doing the favor I asked since when I double checked it the price wasn't added. "oTL

Continuing on from what we talked about.. I was really excited about Satoi's project with HoneyBee! I really looked forward on the revelation of it. And the characters are quite cuties once again! I even had to order the B's-Log issue that has information about it as I really want to know more about Re:Birthday Song not just from scans. >u<

So far from the characters revealed, Yoru caught my interest the most. LOL. I'm also keen about Kairi and Nami but I love all of them! Ame actually reminded me of Kyrie as his hair is green and the hairstyle is kinda similar to his. And~ I gotta say Kokoro, the heroine is such a cutie! <3
01 day ago (1 day ago)JofuuJofuu 〜Q☆N*・♪ ゜゚・
692718 (1 day ago) #2105599I hope to eventually get the CDs too! The completionist in me would be so bothered to miss one CD though lol
What are your favourite songs so far (I'm assuming Motto!! is one of them :p)? Mine are Rolling Thunder (I love the intro!), What's this? and Last Scream :D
Ohh, and Ranmaru's idol song preview is up!! I really like the 2nd song.

Haha for your sake I hope so too! I love all of the preview songs that are up on the club but Motto gets me so pumped up. I could see myself working out to that song lol but I would say Souji's is my least favorite. I haven't heard his second song yet tho, and Last Scream is awesome!

Excuse me while I fangirl! Ahhh~ I love both of Ranmaru's songs but the second is my favorite!! I can feel the Rock XD Thanks for telling me! I can't wait to hear Ai's idol song, too.

Oh yeah, I managed to get Ranmaru's perfume last week :D!!! If I had a pillow of his I would totally give it one spray lol It's a really light clean smell. I know you have Masato's. What does it smell like? Lol I'm still so excited about it I had to share :3
02 days ago (2 days ago)JofuuJofuu 〜Q☆N*・♪ ゜゚・
692718 (3 days ago) #2101673I just finished it the other day :D The story was the main thing I guess, since the rhythm game part is really basic. A lot of parts were really funny (they threw in a bit of BL and wtf moments) and I ended up loving each character a lot, especially Shinsaku! His love for rock music reminds me of Ranmaru a bit and it doesn't really help that he's the cook for the guys and that they have the same VA :p I think he'd probably be your fav too lol. The only downside I have is probably how short it is :(
The game only has 1 storyline and slightly different endings so I think the anime would follow it quite strictly, which is fine. Now I'm even more excited for it!
Ohhh, and there was a surprise at the ending credits where you can hear a version of 'What's this?' by Saiga Mitsuki, who plays Yoshinobu :D (ext link) I fangirled a bit since I'm a huge fan of hers haha. I'm really hoping they release this on CD too...

I really like all of them, despite not being able to play the game, but from what I've seen on YouTube it was inevitable for me to fall for Shinsaku :D, although Toshizou's song is my most favorite. I ordered all of their CDs except for Soushi's. It's a nice soft song but I just didn't like it enough to buy it :P
That's too bad that it was short but it sounds like it was a fun game to play! That version of the song sounds nice! I had no idea she had a good singing voice.
04 days agoJofuuJofuu 〜Q☆N*・♪ ゜゚・
692718 (4 days ago) #2100146His boss is sort of okama-like, so I guess that's why lol. But it never really confirms it in the game. (ext link) Just check out those voice samples :p
The Ranmaru & Reiji pic up there is so cute!

That really deep voice confirms it all lol How do you like the game?

I couldn't resist that Ran and Reiji pic. It was too cute for me not to put up :3
05 days agoJofuuJofuu 〜Q☆N*・♪ ゜゚・
Omg I totally missed that screenshot LOL Okama Bar! Why would he have that dream? XD

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