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02 days agoLovelyIdiotLovelyIdiot
692718 (2 days ago) #2844760Hey, didn't wanna flood the suggestions thread, but I can confirm for Kida and Izaya (unless he's taken?) :)

Nup, both are still free so I'll make a note on your confirmations.
04 days agoSheliaShelia ♠ fujoshi
692718 (4 days ago) #2839273Ahh >< Are you gonna get the regular version then? I wanted the exclusive Ren too, but I'm trying to cut back on scale figs since they take up so much space and his box is obviously gonna be huge :P
I think they do at least have some more voices already recorded since they added (or fixed I guess?) the boss voices or something a few weeks after the game was out. But yeah, gathering everyone again seems like such a hassle lol
Yeah, farming KBCs suck withing oodachi, so I was thinking about leveling up some again. I limit myself to smithing 3 times a day just to complete the dailies. Been doing all 350s but I'll start trying your recipe and see how it goes ^^ That 4hr timer seems like a myth to me nowadays lol
Haha, that's really true. I was really desperate fore Hotarumaru at the start but after the first one, more just came rolling in >< I don't think my day is complete without hearing KAKAKA once lol Congrats on getting Otegine! I was looking at the popularity poll and was surprised that he was higher than some other characters :o
I've been studying Japanese for about 3 years, so it's still not that great :P
Now that I look, we do have quite a lot of figs in common! Did you have to leave them all behind when you moved to Japan?

Nah I prefer the exclusive as I think it goes better with Aoba. I'll try and see if I can take over someone's PO when he comes out. I totally know what you mean about space and box, I've cut down on scales too and are only getting characters I like, but it doesn't help that Altair and Koto keep coming out with figs I want!

I really want more to see more lines where the characters interact with each other or talk about each other since it really gives more background to the game (as opposed to inserting KBCs lol).

This is just my personal take but I think oodachi really only come to play an importance in hunting KBCs at higher levels, I've been going around 4-3 and 4-4 with a party of 4 uchigatana, 1 wakizashi and 1 tachi all around lv40 equipped with catapults and archers and have been defeating KBCs with ease, the problem is actually not encountering them enough! It took me ages yesterday just to complete the dailies. I do all 50s for my daily smithing haha but yes definitely try 35/51/35/35! For me 3:20 timer is a myth my rare tachis (except Jiji) were all from drops.

You were right Hotarumaru finally came to me yesterday at 5-4 before boss node! Been leveling him up together with Otegine using Iwatooshi in map 3 where I don't have any KBC marks yet. Yeah the popularity polls are interesting, personally I don't get why Heshi is so popular lol.

Ohh did you study Japanese in school or just self-studied? I did Japanese in high school and uni but I think a lot of the Japanese I pick up is from watching anime and reading manga lol.

We really do! Yeah I had to pack away everything before I moved to Japan which took ages, but I've amassed a small collection here too which I'm gonna have to send back when I leave >.< I'm really looking forward to re-setting up my collection again once I'm back home.
05 days agoSheliaShelia ♠ fujoshi
692718 (6 days ago) #2834120Yup, I got really lucky to have found you since it's kinda hard to find people from Australia with the same interests to do group orders with :<
I think that is the wish of all the Nakigitsune fans lol. I hope they add more lines for all the characters in the future!
Haha, I really love all the CCP jokes. The stuff fans can come up with are great lol. Imanotsurugi is my 2nd fav tantou after Gokotai!
Yeah, sucks that you can't get rid of them once they appear on the map. Speaking of gold eggs, they added the rate up campaign back in so it's a good time to stock up :D
Even though I've been playing since the start, I really slack off with leveling haha. My main is all lv 99, 2nd is around 70~80, 2rd is 50s and 4th is 30s.
I go for KBCs on 5-4 with my main since the other parties don't have enough oodachi to take them down quick enough :(
So lucky! I got my Jiji frm smithing too, but Kogitsunemaru just won't come out. Actually, it's been aaaaaages since I got a 4hr timer again orz. I got a lot of Hotarumarus when farming 5-4. He drops a lot on the node before the boss. All the other swords you're missing also drop on 5-4 so you're probably gonna get them all while hanging around there to lv your swords up to 99 ^^
Thanks for the FR btw :D!

Yeah I know what you mean, I used to join the GSC group orders that Beani would host but now I keep missing the order deadlines lol (missed out on DMMD Ren cause I forgot silly me).

And yes hope for more voices! I mean they must have recorded heaps when they first started and are adding them in slowly? Otherwise it would be hard to gather all the seiyuu again...

Yep thanks to the campaign I'm gonna try to stock up on gold shields and catapults while putting smithing on hold. That's a pretty good level spread I think though it sucks not having oodachi at lower levels since they would be great to use for KBC hunting I reckon. Now that they've implemented KBC at night fights too it's gotten even harder to hunt for Kogi so smithing might be the way to go? 35/51/35/35 works pretty well lately and is fairly resource friendly (I got both Jiji and Kogi using this).

I hear Hotarumaru drops a lot once you get the first one lol. I hope that's the case with the remaining rare tachi since lately all I've been getting from 5-4 is KAKAKA >.< I got Otegine today randomly though in 4-2 while grinding my second party which was unexpected.

You can speak/read Japanese right? I somehow got the impression through your twitter.

I was looking at you collection (which is HUGE btw!) and noticed we have lots of figures in common ^^
06 days agoSheliaShelia ♠ fujoshi
692718 (6 days ago) #2831505Thank you too for joining (and actually handling most of the stuff now lol)!
Yup, he's my favourite sword boy :D I've been in love with him since the start so I still keep him in my main party even though he does like zero dmg to the KBCs lol. Who's your favourite?
I've been playing since day 1 and I'm STILL trying to get all the swords lol >< I need Kogitsunemaru and the 2 new ones but I have the worst luck ever so it'll probably be a while before completing them all :( Who are you missing?

Haha no worries at all I had planned to order the boxset from Kotobukiya anyways so was happy to find someone who shared the same idea as me (and from Australia too no less!)

I love Nagikitsune's design, I wish we could hear more of his voice and not just the fox! As of now I don't have an absolute favourite yet, although I do like Shokudaikiri a lot (he was one of my first swords and all the CCP jokes got me haha) and also Imanotsurugi is growing on me too.

KBC are evil, I'm avoiding them on the higher level maps since my first party is still around lv80 only and I don't want to lose my gold eggs lol. So I'm working on leveling my second & third parties closer to lv50 since there's no long range attacks up to that level.

Wow you've been playing since the start that's awesome, most of your swords must be at high levels I'm guessing. Do you go for KBC on 5-4 and 5-3? I was really lucky to get both Jiji and Kogitsune from smithing but I'm still missing Hotarumaru, Ichigo, Kousetsu and the two yaris (and of course the Kotetsu bros).
07 days agoSheliaShelia ♠ fujoshi
I'm glad I was able to find someone to order the box straps together with! And someone to fangirl tourabu with on MFC haha. Is your favourite character Nakigitsune? I only started playing in March when the new servers got added so I'm still trying to get all the characters. What about you?

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