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08 months agosubiesvxsubiesvx
AOS- (8 months ago) #16018475What a lackluster response. :[
liek how do i even reply to that

you don't, that's the beauty of it
08 months agosubiesvxsubiesvx
AOS- (8 months ago) #16013106New account who dis

surprise, kid
01 year agoxxkasperxxkasper
AOS- (1 year ago) #12567117The diffusion looks great on the skin, but perhaps this is where considering the color temperature may be the next step to perfecting the photo. I imagined either going more bluish or more red on the highlights would emphasize the character's attitude or liveliness (respectively).

Yeah. Still have so much to learn. Hopefully, we'll be better and better every time we shoot with our camera ;-)
01 year agoxxkasperxxkasper
Did you take some new awesome photos? :D
01 year agophaman1991phaman1991
thank you, Honestly, i do not pay much attention on that, i just describe the set up for you. plus, I use lightroom, to make the background more black and make the figure look brighter :3 AOS- (1 year ago) #12332672Jesus. You do a great job on the lighting with your photos.

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