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05 months agoChristownChristown
Agent_J (5 months ago) #2296829G'day
The Type Moon Book is certainly worth getting. Of the 2 Kara artbooks I would say that item #196298 is the slightly better of the two. Hope this helps.

Thanks for the info, very helpful indeed.

The Type moon one does look very much worthwhile so that's a definite get.

I'm a big fan of Key as well so I'm thinking of grabbing these too, the expensive Clannad 10th anniversary one item #166405 and also the reprint of White Clover item #159751, Thoughts on them?
05 months ago (5 months ago)ChristownChristown
Hey mate,

I'm gonna start collecting art books and saw that you already own most of the ones I'm after, you like all the same series as me!

I think I'll get these to start: item #119286 And also one from Kara no Kyoukai between item #175053 & item #196298

Do you think they are worth getting, and which between the two Kara art books is better?

01 year agoai-chanai-chan
01 year agokazumahazukikazumahazuki
merry christmas
01 year agotrekkie01trekkie01
Great collection! BTW, I'm Jimmie M over at FP.

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