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Hi! My name is Amy and I am a collector of toys, teacups, and tiny things. I am a 19 y/o business student, Tokyo Otaku Mode Affiliate, and former pharmacy technician. I first started my figure collection in July 2014 and have been collecting ever since!

I am a big fan of action and adventure anime, but I love my magical girls as well! One Piece is my favorite childhood anime and I have been keeping up with it since I was 7 years old. My two current favorite series are One Punch Man and Puella Magi Madoka Magica which the majority of my collection is centered on.

Aside from collecting I am also a major video game junkie and love anything and everything Nintendo - especially Animal Crossing! When I'm not spending money on figures I'm most likely spending hours of my time gaming away xD

Thanks for stopping by, check out my other social media and let's be friends! ~ ♡

Instagram: [ext link ]
YouTube: [ext link ]
Tokyo Otaku Mode: [ext link ]

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014 days agoMelisandreMelisandre
Thanks for accepting my FR! ^^
017 days agomahirahmahirah
Thankyou for accepting my FR! I watch your youtube videos and I love it <3 I am so envious of your collection!! Hopefully one day my collection will grow since I am new to collecting :3
01 month agokodamaanimekodamaanime
Aimathyst (1 month ago) #18734627Happy Birthday! \(^o^)/ ~ <3

Thank you! Can't wait to party as hard as that emoji.
11 month agofullmetalbebopfullmetalbebop
Thanks for the FR back! I watched your collection video on Youtube, I am so envious. ^_^Aimathyst (1 month ago) #18581061Thank you for the FR! ^_^
11 month agoPigultrastarPigultrastar
Thanks so much for accepting my friend request. You have an amazing collection. I love all of the figures you have. (*^.^*) Aimathyst (1 month ago) #18583998Thanks for the FR! ^_^

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