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Hi! My name is Amy and I am a collector of toys, teacups, and tiny things ♡ I am a 19 y/o business student, Tokyo Otaku Mode Affiliate, and former pharmacy technician. I first started my figure collection in July 2014 and have been collecting ever since!

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08 days agojessicrottejessicrotte
Thank you Amy! ^.^Aimathyst (10 days ago) #17515582Happy Birthday Jess! ~ ♥ I hope you have an amazing birthday filled with lots of cake, friends, figures, and fun! ^_^ May all of your birthday wishes come true! ⋆
013 days agoKinkslinksKinkslinks The Ultimate Noiz Lover
Aimathyst (13 days ago) #17432910Thank you so much! <3 you have the best and most dedicated DMMD / Noiz collection that I have ever seen OvO ~ <3

Ahh thank you, that means alot!!! I still really love DMMd even if it's not so popular anymore:,) Noiz and Genos have taken my life over :,3
114 days agoKinkslinksKinkslinks The Ultimate Noiz Lover
Thanks for the friend request! You got a lovely collection going!
01 month ago (1 month ago)mikeymikemichaelmikeymikemichael
Ahh you think so?! I looked her up, and I can agree that I could easily pull off her hairstyle at least! xD she looks so cool too ~ if only I could figure out a way to attach Striker Units to my legs haha!

I've yet to watch Strike Witches but I think it'll be one of the next anime I watch! :3 Have a nice day!

Thank you for the FR, I think you could totally own this cosplay character with a little practice. If you or someone knows how to sew, you can make like quilted leg warmers with a little creative poly-fill stuffing! and a couple zippers, viola' Striker Units!!. Don't forget the eye patch, katana, and machine gun.

Here are links to the Strike Witches S1-E1 [ext link ] and S2-E1 [ext link ] .
I would recommend watching the subtitle version, better then the dub version IMO. If you would like to see what a real badass the Major is. View spoilerHide spoilerThe last episode shows it best. [ext link ]
I hope you enjoy the series and make a costume someday!. I hope you have a very happy Holliday's!!. MMM
11 month agomikeymikemichaelmikeymikemichael
WOW!, You are a dead ringer for Major Mio Sakamoto of the Strike Witches!. You should cosplay her, you'd be a natural, plus she is a super badass!.

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