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Gothic lolitas. Samurai girls. Pirates. Witches. Demons.
Fox ears. Fantasy. Purple, blue & grey hair.

Forever loving & shipping: Sorey × Mikleo Yuri × Flynn


Desperately waiting for in 2018:

Tales of Zestiria the X's Sorey by Alter ITEM #582273
Tales of Zestiria the X's Mikleo by Alter ITEM #582274
Tales of Berseria's Eizen by Alter ITEM #584103

♥ ONE PIECE, Sailor Moon, Fairy Tail, Detective Conan, Tales of Zestiria the X, Little Witch Academia, Cowboy Bebop, Ghost in the Shell
♥ Ryu Murakami & Banana Yoshimoto novels, Spice & Wolf
♥ Tales of Series, Pokemon, Fire Emblem, Dragon Quest, Legend of Zelda, Shin Megami Tensei, 7th Dragon
MOE Point(s)
♥ Fox ears, blue, purple & grey hair, gothic looks, books, overknees, swords & shields
♥ Goth Rock, Wave, Synth-Pop, Anime OSTs, J-Pop


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Thanks for joining the Trigger Club! :)
2 days ago
MobiusX Chūnin Rank
AkibaMelon (17 days ago) #26627324Isn't there word out about a Tales game coming up for the Nintendo Switch!? Iirc Bandai Namco is working on a (new?) title for the Switch; that would certainly boost the popularity of the franchise in the West, so yeah we'll see ^^
I'm actually rather excited to see where Tales heads next, cuz Berseria hasn't been out for too long, so I don't think we'll be getting a new game that soon (I personally don't need one just yet, considering my backlog ^^;) They're still riding the Zesty wave heavily (not that I complain <3). I always expected a Berseria Anime, but hm no word on that :p And yes, I've too loved the Berseria game so far! Regarding spoilers, well TOZX did spoiler somewhat but I'm sure there's still enough to explore :D
I think it's great that you and your friend are tryin to save for another trip :D Ain't nothing like being in the motherland XD But I agree it's a struggle >.> I've actually made the decision to give up on preordering figures for a while (even though it's gonna be tough v_v) since I'd rather get my funds ready for Japan (I'll make a big fat exception though when Alter decides to drop their Sorey, Mikleo and Eizen figs... absolutely can't wait for them >___<)

The upcoming Sorey and Mikleo Alter figs are a must, no way I could ignore them haha xD
Yeah that switch title, for whatever reason there wasn't an announcement at the Tales of Festival or at Tokyo Game Show or anything. A few of us are speculating that they're moving out of the Xillia game engine (they've recycled it for 4 mothership titles now) so development (and announcement too I guess x_x) will take some time. But hey if it's a good game I can wait :)

More Tales anime please! I personally would like a Xillia anime but any's good for me!
17 days ago
so komme endlich mal zum antworten..

ja glaub ich dir, bei so kleinem Kram kann man SAl auch ruhig nehmen. : D.

ja den Gameboy hatte ich damals auch, so gings mir auch.. kenn ich hatte damals mein Snes verkauft weil ich dann das N64 hatte.. jetzt Jahre später bereut man es übelst das man den ganzen Kram weggegeben hat, apropo konnte SNES Mini ergattern :D. leider sind alle Spiele in Englisch, da es die NTSC Versionen sind aber Bock macht das Teil trotzdem.

ne kam da nie dazu, muss halt sagen was West-RPgs angeht ist halt Witcher 3 schon das Maß aller Dinge für mich... jap hatte ich gesehen freue ich mega drauf, CE ist schon bestellt, Teil 1 auf der Wii war eines der besten J-Rpgs überhaupt, Xenoblade X dafür war dann die Entäuschung des Jahres... man hätte ich das Game in die Ecke pfeffern können...

ja das wird mega, ja ist auf jeden fall empfehlenswert :). ja hab auch schon gesehen das du sie mittlerweile hast, sieht schon schick aus, bin am überlegen mir das Set mit Nami zu holen.

ist deine Camilla denn schon da? oder kommt die auch erst diese Woche? hab am Freitag endlich ITEM #464771 bekommen xDD.. und Yorokonde hat endlich diesen Herrn auf Lager ITEM #463456, komischerweise ist der da billiger als wenn man ihn importiert ist dann meine 2te männliche Figur xD. ITEM #465040 hab ich mir auch spontan geholt ^^

jap hab ich gesehen, aber ich finde die der Kopf ist irgendwie groß? aber Aquamarine ist gut : D.

naja bezahl content wäre schon recht übertrieben xD...

NY hat am Die/MI Autumn Sale, hoffe da ist nicht dabei.. aber irgendwas findet man leider immer wo man vorher gezögert hat...^^
19 days ago
MobiusX Chūnin Rank
AkibaMelon (21 days ago) #26540840Haha feel free to spazz XD I can totally relate :p Tales isn't really popular here O.o Apart from a few peeps on here, I don't know anybody who's into the series sadly >.> Considering how popular it is in Japan... man I really wish I could go back soon. I'm currently torn apart between expanding my collection and actually saving funds for Japan, ah a neverending struggle -_-""
I've played Tales of Graces, Symphonia, Abyss and Zestiria (♡) and have started Berseria but I'm ashamed to admit I haven't played through it yet because I hardly have time for gaming recently <____> So sad jeez v_v I'm a huge fan of Vesperia too, even though I have yet to play it myself (never saw a PS release here wtf) I really want to get the JP version though finally ^^ What about you? And what's your fav?

I totally get you. My friend and I are saving for our trip next year but I can't seem to put away my hobbies in order to save money, haha. And you're right, not many Tales fans (or at least active ones), but I'm hoping Tales gets a better presence in Europe/NA/Australia in the coming years - especially since they managed to bring Tales of the Rays out for the western audience.

I've played Abyss, Graces f, Hearts R (almost finished!), Vesperia, both Xillias (Xillia 1 is my favourite) Zestiria and Berseria. I tried starting Symphonia but because my first game was Xillia, it was really hard to play Tales on 2D again. So I just ended up watching the Symphonia anime >_< (it was enough to make me love Lloyd). I really ought to play though. I'm thinking of playing Destiny (the PS2 Japanese version) with a script out with a friend, it looks really good for a game of its time.

And naaah, take your time with Berseria and any title really. I've been baited into rushing games, and that's no fun :( but really it is a treat, hopefully you've avoided spoilers xD
21 days ago
MobiusX Chūnin Rank
AkibaMelon (24 days ago) #26417326Hey~~~ thanks for your friend request! Gladly accepted ^^
Man, I love your profile page!! I just really enjoy looking at other people's tales collections so much lol XD
Again, your collection is truly amazing <3 So much stuff that's still for me to get ^^;
You really do have a thing for Guy huh XD Understandably though ^_- That profile pic omg <3
Lots of greetings!

Hey thanks for accepting! :D
I've been on the lookout for active Tales fans on MFC (mostly to expand the pool of people I can spazz Tales to, tsk). And thanks! It's been a slow burn and there's still a lot of stuff most people have that I've yet to commit my savings save for ^^"

Mhmm Guy is pretty up there in my list. Which Tales have you played? I've only really been able to play the few titles they decided to sell in Australia ^^"
24 days ago
AkibaMelon (1 month ago) #25962501Thank you so much for your effort! :) I really like the Viva Tales Magazine artbook - I just love ufotable's art style so much *_* Ugh I regret not getting it in Japan XD But oh well, might be able to pick it up pre-owned when I have some spare money ^_^

You're very welcome! The Viva Tales artbook is a definite must, next time you see it: GRAB IT!!
By the way not sure which region you are for blu-ray, but as i posted on the "Tales of Fan Club" Funimation is coming up with a blu-ray release of season 1 on Nov. 21st. Might want to get that if you're "Region 1|2|4|A or B". I was pretty much ranting about it though in the club, im awful like that, never happy !
1 month ago
AkibaMelon (1 month ago) #25862498Jeez that's awful :O I'd be so devasteted if anyone ever dared to steal the contents of my packages. And then have the audacity to leave the empy envelope for me to see on top of that X_x People have literally no respect -.- And WOW 341 CAD! O-O I can't even imagine what must've been inside that package XD
Thanks for the heads up on the artbooks! I guess ITEM #548548 ITEM #574340 ITEM #592152 would be enough to preview then :D I'll quickly send you a PM with my e-mail adress, since it's indeed more convenient that way! Have a nice day and thanks a lot ^^

Pics are sent! And your MFC inbox is full btw lol
1 month ago
AkibaMelon (1 month ago) #25802663Oh no, you're right - I didn't even realise you were from Canada :o Yeah, shipping is horrendous in our respective countries. I heard Canada Post is rather expensive, Germany is no exception sadly. And customs are really hitting every collector hard >_> I guess asking you for snaps of the artbooks will have to do fo the moment then ._.'' Hope that's ok :)
I'd be very interested in ITEM #548548 and these Zestiria books:
ITEM #380468
ITEM #526601
ITEM #526590
ITEM #574340
ITEM #592152

The first three in this list seem to be very thin...102 pages no? The latter two twice as much, are they compilations of the other ones or is there complete new content in there? Would you recommend some more than others? Oh and 5 snaps are completely ok :) There have to be some surprises left XD Thank you very much for your effort already! It's highly appreciated <3

Yea Canada is a pain in the butt for customs, but sometimes im glad to pay them because i know no one is going to pay for me and steal my package! I dont even order with Amazon anymore because they just leave the package in the door and run off, dont even bother ringing the doorbell when you're home. Learned that the hard way when i was on vacation, at home, ordered a package and found the bubble wrap envelope with corresponding tracking number on the sidewalk...empty. So if i cant send to pick-up point of service, i just pass. The worst shipping i had to pay though was an order with FromJapan, 341$CAD + a slap to the face of 78$ duty fees. Dx

I can get some shots of the artbooks no problem, i'd say the non Zestiria one you listed first is definitively one of the best i've added to my collection. Sadly i think i have 99% of all those illustrations already as clear files, if not all. But was still worth the investment, i dont regret it one bit!

The first 3 are indeed smaller. One is the gaming animation, the 2nd was the short anime included with the game, so...an OVA. And the 3rd one was only the first OP and ED animations, so not that much to document in there either. The last two cover season 1 (12 episodes) and season 2 (13 episodes) so a ton of material to look at. Be advised all those are linearts/shadings, so if you're looking for full blown colorful pictures, it wont be a great investment for you.

Would you actually have an email address i can send you those pictures to? Might be just easier to take a couple of shots, put it in a .ZIP file and send it over. :)
1 month ago
ja das ist halt die Sache... deswegen überlege ich auch immer so oft...

jap leider. aber Koto finde ich da wircklich am nervigsten... aber kostet gsc nicht immer 2000?

hmm ja kommt drauf an, auch darauf ob man ne Wii U hatte oder nicht.. ich hatte z.b eine und hab mir trotzdem eine geholt inkl BOW dann noch MK8 Deluxe usw. für mich ist das Teil eh nur so nebenbei und dafür reicht das mir ausserdem bin sowieo N-Fan seit ich 7 bin : D, hatte seitdem ausnahmslos alles was nintendo veröffentlicht hat, um am 27 Okt. kommt Mario Odyssey das wird ein Fest, das einzigste was dem Teil evtl. mal zum Verhängis werden könnte ist mal wider die mangelnde Hardware-Power.
nice, also ich finde das sie sich auf jeden Fall lohnt : D. nice .. naja es gibt ja auch nen Pro-Controller :).
zu Pokken DX, das ist halt leider auch nur ein "Remaster" der Wii U version, aber da ich es nicht gespielt habe werde ichs mir evtl auch holen.

also mit Vr kannst mich ja jagen, so null Interesse daran :D und Skyrim hab ich immer noch nicht gespielt xD.

ja da freu ich mich auch drauf, ist ja deswegen so oldschool weils eigentlich nur ein Remake von Samus II vom Gameboy ist :D.
glaube bei so nem Game wie Ni no Kuni kann man nach nem kurzen Anzocken eh wenig sagen.. auf FE Warriors freu ich mich auch, aber wer braucht das für den 3DS rofl.. das ist wie damals mit Hyrule Warriors...
nice das gleiche Oppai Mousepad hab ich auch ^^.

jap danke :). habe meine mittlerweile auch und hatte zum Glück keine Probleme, das mit der Brille war bei ihr auch schon so... ITEM #212495
ist wohl neuer Standard mit den Brillen... ne ich denke auch nicht... zumal ich ja die andren 2 schon habe... ja das stimmt der Pre order war ja auch wieder vor Ewigkeiten :D.

übrigens, habe mir doch spontan Jibril geholt, NY hatte noch welche.. ist schon echt nice.. bin doch froh sie geholt zu haben.. denke es wird eh wenig alternativen geben..

hoffe auch noch das ich dann Albedo zum Realese bekomme...

np, habe ja jetzt auch viel geschrieben ^^

achja das neue MFC Design ist ein Graus...
1 month ago
AkibaMelon (1 month ago) #25729587Wow, getting all the luncheon mats is quite a task - considering how many there are to this point o_o I remember seeing an awful lot of them in some resale shop in Nakano Broadway back in April when I was lucky to be in Tokyo, but damn those prices.. considering they are just... place mats after all ^^;; They are really lovely though, the art is usually very pretty and the quality is really nice so I totally get why you're after them :D
I'm actually with you on the creepy plushie thing XD Nothing weird there XD I'm really not big on the plushie front either :p I think I own... like two from Sailor Moon? And those were actually gifts XD But yeah, since I can't say no to SureMiku I really had to have these two and I surprisingly look forward to them :) There are two more ITEM #51441 and ITEM #61408 that are super odd but I'm rather desperate to obtain them XD I've seen Flynn go for 100+ bucks though 0_0 Uhm... just no O.o
I'd absolutely take advantage of your offer for additional snaps if that's ok with you :) I've had a couple of Zestiria artbooks in my hands when I was in Japan but eventually refrained from buying because they were still sealed and I didn't really know what I was getting. Wouldn't have been too thrilled to spend 2k+ yen to find out there's only line art in there (not that there's anything wrong about that, but who wouldn't prefer the gorgeous ToZX art instead <3) If I dig through some that interest me and I let you know, would that be fine? Thank you so very much in advance <3
I keep my Tales whishlists here list/91334 and here list/66435 If you recognise anything on there that you feel like parting with, feel totally free to let me know <3 Especially if it's SorMik and YuriFlynn related, since these are kinda my priority rn *^.^*
Do you actually have any favourites from the Tales series e.g. certain characters, specific games etc.? Are you hunting any special characters or is it the overall franchise that attracts you? If you don't mind asking of course ^^ (I saw that you have a lot of Zesty stuff as well ^_~)

Clear files are my main addiction after artbooks, i knew i was over 100 solely on "Tales of Series" nearing the 200, but when i actually sat down to count them i was quite shocked to arrive at ...347. And there's so many I STILL dont have, it's insane...

I did see the Flynn and Yuri plushies going around, they pop up quite often on YAJ but as i said, not a fan!

Let me know which books you'd like pictures of and i'll gladly take them. It's just hard to post book pictures on MFC because the limit is 5 per books, or at least used to. Im guessing it's for copyright issues or else people could just post the whole book.

I've seen you have some Es Nino strap in your wishlist which isnt a problem to part with because they're right down creepy. The koto exclusives i keep though. As for the Petit Chara land i'd rather get rid of them as a set, but im sure my pricing can be reasonable. I've also noticed you have some Banpresto figures such as Luke and Yuri, not sure why you want the variant version, but hey whatever floats your boat. :) Im trying to now stick to one character for my scale figures, so having 2 Yuri and 3 Luke is bugging me. The only thing i'd be afraid of is how much the shipping fees would be considering which part of the world map you're from. ~o~
1 month ago
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