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01 year agovictorvipervictorviper
AlexV (1 year ago) #10282267You couldn't get the straws in on the new Alter Sanya Eila fig either huh?

I found that the easiest way to get the straws in was to put them in first, followed by the ice cream parts. I didn't set up the straws until I was ready to put Sanya and Eila on display.
01 year agoValderonceValderonce
AlexV (1 year ago) #8655782HOW ARE THE FRAME ARMS GIRLS

01 year agospasepeepole026spasepeepole026
AlexV (1 year ago) #8102341i spent hours with heide im pretty sure it didnt even match the lil instructions book but yeah shes GR8

Ha yeah she took me a minute too. I probably had her up in 10 minutes, but she was tough for sure, especially her delicate magic antennae. When I finally put her up though I was in love; she hasn't been back in her box since she arrived.
01 year agospasepeepole026spasepeepole026
AlexV (1 year ago) #8099281yeah i always have mad trouble putting these sw scales together
Some are pretty tricky; Alter's Lynette and Heidemarie are pretty tedious. But damnit if they aren't two of the best figures ever made, witches or not.
01 year agospasepeepole026spasepeepole026
AlexV (1 year ago) #8056788gonna be on ur level some day!!
also i got this volks marseille and tryin to put her together, any advice on how to get the base in there without causing breakage?
Ha you're pretty much there already :)

Getting Hanna on her base isn't the issue as much as keeping her from breaking once she's on it. The base can't hold her weight for a long time; mine broke clean off while she was displayed. I'd be sure to support her some other way once she's on her base to take some of the stress off that tiny plastic piece that fits into her striker.

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