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About! I'm Ami Miharu (◍•ᴗ•◍) I Love Collect Mahō Shōjo toys and figures. I'm a big fan of oldies Magical Girls like, Mahō Tsukai Sally, Magical Girl Lalabel, Majokko Megu chan, Minky Momo, Creamy Mami, Magical Emi. Also I love cute things, especially San-x and Sanrio characters like Cinnamorrol, Little Twin Stars, My Melody, Rilakkuma,Sentimental Circus and Mameshiba. favorites Mahō Shōjo are Sailor Moon,Card Captor Sakura,The Magic Fairy Persia, Magic Knight Rayearth, Ojamajo Doremi, Hime chan no Ribbon, Little Witch Academia, Creamy Mami, Corrector Yui and Pretty Cure Series like Mahō Girls Precure, Doki Doki Precure, Suite Precure.
My Favorite games are Touhou Project, Final Fantasy,Deathsmiles,Ragnarok Online. manage a little personal blog,I posting about my figures and making reviews of them Ami Miharu I love making new friends,add me if you want (◍^ᴗ^◍) Thank you so much for visit my collection! you can find me here too ♥FacebookInstagram Deviant ART

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025 days agoSailorVekiSailorVeki
Amimiharu (1 month ago) #18324859You'll love ff15 xD! I like Noctis and Lunafreya *-* did you see the movie? and from ff7 my favorite are Zack, Aeris and Tifa from FF8 my favorites are Squall, Laguna, Rinoa and Selphie. I played ff4 too my favorite are Rydia and Edge and from ff13 Lighting xD
You have another favorite game?

Sorry for the late reply. I didn't watch Brotherhood and Kingsglaive yet, but I plan to watch them soon. My favourites from FF13 are Snow, Serah, Hope. From FF10 Yuna, Lulu, Paine. From FF9 and FF12 I don't have any favourites. I didn't finish playing FF13-3, it's kinda hard because of the time limit. But I plan to finish it.

My other favourite game is Fatal Frame. I only played 1,2,3 because 4 and 5 are for Wii, and I only have Playstation. Also I like Magna Carta a lot, but I only played 1 because 2 is for Xbox. One day I will own all this consoles so I can play the games I like. It's my dream. XD I also like Devil May Cry a lot. I played 1,2,3 and I haven't finished 4 yet. From Fatal Frame my favourite game is 2, from Devil May Cry my favourite game is 3. What are your favourite games other than FF?
01 month ago (1 month ago)SailorVekiSailorVeki
Amimiharu (1 month ago) #18290682Hello!! Sorry for the late answer xD!
Aww thanks for recommendation! I'll see this anime *-* Aww you must have to play ff15 is awesome, Noctis is amazing *o* from ff8 who's you favorite character?

I will play FF15 one day, but not soon because I don't have enough money for a PS4 yet. I can't wait to see Noctis, I think he will be my top favourite character from FF. ^o^
From FF7 my favourite characters are Zack, Cloud, Tifa. From FF8 my favourite characters are Squall and Rinoa, but I also like a lot Quistis and Laguna. Who are your favourite characters? I started playing FF7 but I never finished it. I will play the remake. I played Crisis Core and I wached all the anime related to FF7. ^^
01 month ago (1 month ago)SailorVekiSailorVeki
Amimiharu (1 month ago) #18152948hello!!! (▰∀◕)ノ you're welcome!! I like both, but Sailor Moon has more nostalgic feelings xD I watched princess tutu, but pretear no yet, if you recomended I'll see! (・ω・)
and about FF I love 7 and 8 *-* and now I like 15 did you play ff15?

I recommend Pretear, it's 1 of my favourite magical girls anime. <3 I also recommend Mai-HiME and Uta Kata if you haven't watched them.
I didn't play FF7, only 8-13. I can't play 15, I don't have a PS4 (only PS1,2,3). T_T I want to see Noctis. T_T
01 month agoSailorVekiSailorVeki
Amimiharu (1 month ago) #18082812Hello!!! Thanks to you for accept my friend request!( ◠‿◠ ) I see your collection and I love it *-*
Yes I like Magical girls seinen and shounen, I like Madoka Magica, Galaxy Fraulein Yuna, Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha,Cutie Honey, etc xD but my favorites are always the shoujo girls.(^ω^)

Thanks for liking my collection. ^^ I also like shoujo magical girls the most. Do you like old Sailor Moon more or Crystal? I can't decide. ^^; Did you watch Pretear and Princess Tutu? I like those 2 anime a lot. Which is your favourite FF game? For me it's 13, after that 10 and then 8.
01 month agoSailorVekiSailorVeki
Hello. ^^

Thanks for the friend request. It's nice to meet another mahou shoujo lover. <3 Do you only love shoujo magical girls or also shounen and seinen magical girls?

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