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We have been collectors for about 5yrs now. We own well over 250 figures/statues. We got started on this hobby when James saw a review of Alpha X Omega 1/8 Queen’s Gate Alice on the "" site and we just had to have it.

When we happened to be going thru different shopping malls nearby our apartment (Beijing at the time) we found a whole floor dedicated to Anime items/figures at a mall named So-Show on Chongwenmen in Beijing. There we started to purchase & collect all the amazing/beautiful figures we could find. James bought mainly Gundam style figures (we still have boxes galore not put together yet) while Yuan bought others including the "Alpha X Omega 1/8 Queen’s Gate Alice" which we still have on the main shelf above our computers today.

We moved back to the US (Pennsylvania) in 2010 and we have been adding to our collection. James has been coming to MFC for years trying to look up new items/where to order them from but sometimes we over paid on the figure (some Chinese dealers only ever got just one period) or high shipping or got our orders cancelled. So James came up with the idea to start a website to sell figures. So together we both spent many hours coming up with ideas/ways to build our site If you stop by, we hope you enjoy our hard work so far and continuing hard work going forward.

We sell only 100% genuine figures, no fake/bootlegs period. We offer quite possibly the best overall prices in the US on figures. When you factor in shipping/figure price our combined total is very good indeed. Also we have a 20% down payment feature on all Preorder items. We receive alot of the items sooner than most of our US competitors. Some of our items come out later than Japan so if you missed it via a Japanese site, we may still have it. Also if you have a big month already sometimes the extra month or so can be the greatest benefit to a collector on a budget. Stop by and try us out, you won't be sorry.

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020 days ago (20 days ago)Anime-IslandAnime-Island
CreeperBlocks (20 days ago) #2773914I haven't been able to get in touch with anyone via the emails listed on your website. I just had a question regarding an order..

You can PM us your email address thru here and I will check for your emails. Right now we answered all emails before March 3rd, currently we are finishing up the 3rd and moving to the 4th later today, so not sure if you email falls after those dates. Normally we are always 24 hours behind on email at least due to high volume and at most 72 unless there is a weekend in between or holiday.
02 months agoLetters77Letters77
Just received the figure that I ordered from Anime Island. First time buying from them and I got to say that they are an amazing place to buy figures from if you're living in the US. Shipping is great, ordering from them is easy, pretty quick responses to Emails, and their site is pretty easy to navigate through. Also they have THE BEST prices on Kotobukiya figures. Going to be shopping there quite frequently now.

Anime Island how do you guys get such good prices on Kotobukiya figures? Is it a secret...
03 months ago (3 months ago)Anime-IslandAnime-Island
aaronthebearin (3 months ago) #2497892Will you be able to guarantee to get items on pre-order, I want to buy Heavy Armament Musashi from you, but worried about being canceled on, you have a great price for her and I would love to become a customer.

This figure is no issue as it is early in the pre-order cycle. The only time we have issues ever are when a company cuts shipments to/allocate dealers. But even then all early customers get the figure no issue, it's the ones toward the bitter end near release who would be cut if such an issue happened. Also since this is a GSC product this rarely ever happens as we buy direct.
03 months agoaaronthebearinaaronthebearin
Will you be able to guarantee to get items on pre-order, I want to buy Heavy Armament Musashi from you, but worried about being canceled on, you have a great price for her and I would love to become a customer.
03 months agoAnime-IslandAnime-Island
New feature / Option:
Combine Order / Add figures to an existing order:

In an effort to make the adding of figures to an existing order or combining orders for more figures with an existing order that release similar times much easier, we ask that you pre-order the items / figures in a new separate order then email us the order number of the new order and ask us to combine it with the existing order (include that order number also). We will then combine the orders and refund shipping back the same way you paid for the new order (PayPal, Amazon, Credit card etc). This way a customer does not have to wait for us to email them back about a combination and possibly lose the figure or miss out on a pre-order offer. Note that when we combine orders, the shipping from all the figures are estimated and then what was paid is deducted and the remaining refunded. *EXAMPLE: This means if you ordered 2 figures in the first order and shipping was $8.60 and then order 1 more in the second order and the shipping was $7.20, we would combine the order and estimate the shipping based on weight and size for all three, this would result in new amount say $10.40, for which we would deduct the $7.20 & $8.60 already paid (total shipping paid between two orders $15.80) and owe you a refund of $5.40 , $15.80 paid - $10.40 cost = $5.40 overpayment which would be refunded (*remember this is only an example). Requests for such changes / combinations should be sent to after the second order is placed.

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