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We sell only 100% genuine figures, no fake/bootlegs period. We offer quite possibly the best overall prices in the US on figures. We offer Free Shipping on all items within the USA!! When you factor in shipping/figure price our combined total is very good indeed. Also we have a 20% down payment feature on all Preorder items. Some of our items come out later than Japan so if you missed it via a Japanese site, we may still have it. Also if you have a big month already sometimes the extra month or so can be the greatest benefit to a collector on a budget. Stop by and try us out, you won't be sorry.

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03 days agoAnime-IslandAnime-Island
DeusExCalamus (4 days ago) #10662139Happy birthday, I guess? lol.

04 days agoDeusExCalamusDeusExCalamus
Happy birthday, I guess? lol.
04 days ago (3 days ago)Anime-IslandAnime-Island

Anime Island Memorial Day Sale!

We have over 300 figures already on sale at our amazing everyday prices, but this holiday weekend use coupon code: MEMORIALDAY and receive an extra 15% off all items in our Sale & Clearance Section [ext link ]. Choose from Great items from Alter, Bandai, Max Factory, Good Smile Company and many more! Hurry quantities are limited and this sale only runs until Midnight Tuesday May 31st!!!
Memorial Day Weekend Pre-order Deal!

This weekend only until midnight May 31st, pre-order any figure/s in our Pre-order section [ext link ] choose from multiple discount options below:

For USA customers - spend over $50.00 and receive 8% off your order, spend over $100.00 and receive 12% Off your order, and spend over $150.00 and receive 14% Off your order.

For customers outside the USA - spend over $50.00 and receive 5% off or spend over $100.00 and receive 8% off all pre-orders using the coupons below.

Sale & Clearance Coupon 15% OFF: MEMORIALDAY

USA Pre-order Coupons:

8% OFF above $50.00: MEMORIAL8
12% OFF above $100.00: MEMORIAL12

14% OFF above $150.00: MEMORIAL14

International Pre-order Coupons:
5% OFF above $50.00: MEM5OFF
8% OFF above $100.00: MEM8OFF

Don't forget we have FREE SHIPPING around the World now. Within USA all items ship FREE and outside the USA all orders under 4lbs ship FREE! See blog [ext link ] for details. There is no coupon required for Free shipping offers and coupons can be stacked with these offers.
012 days agoR_DorothyR_Dorothy
Anime-Island (12 days ago) #10270031Our cancellation time for non-payment is supposed to be 7 days (and that is without anyone emailing us or anything period) but we end up giving much longer than that on a normal basis and normally email customers a second time prior to cancelling. Did you receive an answer yet with the correct link, if not let us know?

Yup, got an email and paid. Thank you!
014 days agoAnime-IslandAnime-Island
R_Dorothy (14 days ago) #10190620Hey, I've got what's probably a stupid question. I got an email from you folks saying my order status has been changed to "Awaiting payment" and to wait for another email to pay. Just wondering how long that takes?

Normally it should be right away. Do a search for in case it came prior to the email you are referring to. We use Mailchimp and a couple times the send time was incorrect and it sent the emails too early compared to the website's notification of order status change. If you cannot find the link email, email us and let us know the order number and we can send you a new link (most times the payment link is searchable under the same name as the figure on the website i.e. Goku or Miku).

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