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We have been collectors for about 5yrs now. We own well over 250 figures/statues. We got started on this hobby when James saw a review of Alpha X Omega 1/8 Queen’s Gate Alice on the "" site and we just had to have it.

When we happened to be going thru different shopping malls nearby our apartment (Beijing at the time) we found a whole floor dedicated to Anime items/figures at a mall named So-Show on Chongwenmen in Beijing. There we started to purchase & collect all the amazing/beautiful figures we could find. James bought mainly Gundam style figures (we still have boxes galore not put together yet) while Yuan bought others including the "Alpha X Omega 1/8 Queen’s Gate Alice" which we still have on the main shelf above our computers today.

We moved back to the US (Pennsylvania) in 2010 and we have been adding to our collection. James has been coming to MFC for years trying to look up new items/where to order them from but sometimes we over paid on the figure (some Chinese dealers only ever got just one period) or high shipping or got our orders cancelled. So James came up with the idea to start a website to sell figures. So together we both spent many hours coming up with ideas/ways to build our site If you stop by, we hope you enjoy our hard work so far and continuing hard work going forward.

We sell only 100% genuine figures, no fake/bootlegs period. We offer quite possibly the best overall prices in the US on figures. When you factor in shipping/figure price our combined total is very good indeed. Also we have a 20% down payment feature on all Preorder items. We receive alot of the items sooner than most of our US competitors. Some of our items come out later than Japan so if you missed it via a Japanese site, we may still have it. Also if you have a big month already sometimes the extra month or so can be the greatest benefit to a collector on a budget. Stop by and try us out, you won't be sorry.

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013 days agodare2dreamdare2dream
Best packaging I've ever seen! Thanks for taking such good care of our precious figures!
013 days agosandigabisandigabi
Purchased Aoba nendoroid. Arrived on expected delivery date and packaged nicely so he came to me safe and sound! Thank you very much!
06 months agoASH-HikariASH-Hikari
Bought the 6-piece Naruto chess set from you. It arrived quickly and in perfect condition. Thank you so much!
07 months agoDelicateThunderDelicateThunder
Thank you for the link you sent me, as well as for all of your help! Order completed! I look forward to doing business with you again in the future.
08 months agohugoddhugodd
I've been purchasing my Saint Seiya Myth Cloths from AnimeIsland for years. Great prices, great service and fast shipping.

Great store!

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