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Hello everyone on here :) my favorite anime always been Cardcaptor Sakura since 2007 even those I love a lot of anime, Cardcaptor Sakura still hold a place in my heart since it the anime I first ever love :D and also I make AMV too :)

Here my anime list page if you like to add me and see what anime I have seen :)

[[ext link ]|[ext link ]]

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010 days agobuttburglarrrbuttburglarrr
Thanks for the request, new friend
01 month agoPrismVoicePrismVoice
AnimeGirl1350 (1 month ago) #18818946Happy Birthday :D

:DD Thank yoooou! ~ <3
02 months agoPrismVoicePrismVoice
Oh yes! I've seen your collection has grown! It's lovely so far!

I'll have to check out that new Honeyworks album! <3

My collection is going very well! I just got the Hanairogoromo Miku figure from Stronger and I'm loving her so much <3

Who's the newest member of your collection? :)
02 months agoPrismVoicePrismVoice

How have you been? :) Hows the figure collecting coming along? :D
04 months agoIrahIrah
Hey, love your Cardcaptor Sakura collections. :)

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