AnselmminjootAnselmminjoot B-Baka!! Moyashi! :3


Back in action with my love for nendoroids & scales!!! :D

Just an average guy collecting figures he likes^^

Started Collecting Figures: November 2013

You can find me & my photos below^^
[ext link ]
[ext link ]

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02 years agoxReixRei
Anselmminjoot (2 years ago) #2678135Its cool dude :)
DO PM me if you want more details about her ^^

I pm-ed you already. do check your inbox.
02 years agoxReixRei
Hi i'm interested in your yoshino nendoroid , is it still available ? sorry that i left a feedback instead of commenting .
02 years agoWonderWaffleWonderWaffle
seen ep 4 yet?
02 years agoWonderWaffleWonderWaffle
THEY DID IT!!!!! OH they SUNK a ship girl in Kancolle anime! The taboo act in kancolle! Things just took a dark turn. On that note I wonder how many Kisaragi fans got angry
02 years agoWonderWaffleWonderWaffle
Anselmminjoot (2 years ago) #2620038item #282278
Tadaa!!! Feast yo eyes on dem expensive scale :3
fucking HUGE 14 in figure looool nope nope and NOPE

but still can't beat this item #199344 480k yen

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