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http://i54.tinypic.com/kdjtdz.gif Hi I'm April (´ ▽` )ノ ♥ A sixteen-year old snorlax whose hobbies consist of watching horror movies, reading and sleeping.I've been collecting Japanese and anime goods for the past five years but I only began collecting figures the year before last. (I'm on a ~hiatus at the moment though). Due to travelling I've lost a number of memorable figurines and if I weren't so lazy I'd probably get a part-time job to increase my collection and earn them back. Yet I hope to steadily increase my collection nonetheless! Though I'm broke all the time orz

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03 years agoThunderThunder
Happy Birthday!
03 years agoXellosXellos
Happy birthday. :*
04 years agoOphexisOphexis
Happy birthday! :3
04 years agoThunderThunder
Happy Birthday! ^_^
04 years agoXellosXellos
Happy birthday. :*

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