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I'm just a freelance figure collector (mainly posable figures). I am not just limited to anime stuff, but also Tokusatsu (mainly Kamen Rider and Super Sentai), American Action cartoons, games, and such. I've started collecting within 2007 with Transformers at first, then getting started on collecting Japanese figures in mid 2010 and onwards. The one figure that started me to get such items was my Figma Kagura Tsuchimiya. Though she was my second Figma, she is one of my most fav figma of all time, even today.

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03 months agoAbicionAbicion
Hi, other guy who owns a 1/144 Frankennui and has similar tastes in dumb Toku things as me.
05 months agoredshootredshoot
Thank you for having accepted me :)
01 year agoKajiMotomiyaKajiMotomiya
Happy Belated Birthday! ; A;
01 year agoAvalonUltraAvalonUltra
Happy Birthday man~
01 year agoTerrorhuntTerrorhunt
Hey man. Happy Bestday!

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