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Hi all! My name is Nate and I live in Dublin on the Emerald Isle ie. Ireland ^^

Started out helping organise anime cons here in Ireland since November 05 and been doing it ever since ^^

Currently working on an Irish anime convention for August called Nom-con. It's a lot of fun and I love doing it.

Got into anime many years back and only started collecting figures in late 2007 ^^ It's become a huge addiction since and has killed my poor wallet lol

Anyhoo feel free to chat and I'll get back to you soon ^^

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06 days agotanasinntanasinn
I most likely won't be there to take you up on that offer but thanks a ton for the pointers (`・ω・´)ゞ
06 days agotanasinntanasinn
yes and yes, I didn't expect in a million years to get lucky in the auction, especially not for Ilya
I'm super paranoid about doing anything with her though
023 days agoshadowheronshadowheron
Hi, i saw that you wished for the Levi Brave-Act figurine, would you be interested to buy mine? Im selling it for 94 USD+ Postage, its new, unopened and sealed, with the Kodansha authenticity sticker on it.
Please PM me when you are interested! thanks!
sale #46764
01 month agoChloe-tsundereChloe-tsundere The louise otaku
Archeotech (1 month ago) #2018245If you have a good proxy then use it on the Mandarake Louise? o.o You're likely to pay about 70-80k at auction anyway.
The Rin doll has a silicon body (Tokyo Doll) and have to warn you they require a bit more maintenance and are quite delicate. It has to be displayed on a saddle stand (can't stand on their own) and inside a glass case (dust sticks to the body and requires a wash/powder to renew it). Also you can't do dynamic poses for very long as it can crease the body. That said they do like nice and are really good for taking photos.
Well it's normal for DD's to go up in value and it's fine when it's a genuine collector but not happy with people who just buy to resell as they're sometimes very hard to get ahold of because of scalpers buying up dolls >_<

Wwll shes already sold out so .. Well guess it was meant to be then..

True i font like resellers either unless you sell it for retail to let other ppl enjoy her..

Thanks for the advice! I guess i shall be veeeery careful with her if i ever find her again
01 month agoChloe-tsundereChloe-tsundere The louise otaku
Archeotech (1 month ago) #2018191Awww that is sad news =/ Just keep an eye for one on YAJ and you'll be able to undervalue through a proxy or you could use a proxy to order her off Manda? Maybe use the BIJ forwarding service?
I got Kos-Mos myself ^^ They were only released in the last few months which is why there's so many on the market right now. A lot of people seem to think they can make a huge profit on reselling pre-order DD's but that's rarely the case. The previous year before was the Saber pre-order project.

Im thinking about that but wouldnt manda exclude me from buying her now through the same account?
And i dunno how BiJ forward works o.o

Ohh that explains it.. Well im thinking about buying my fav charas as dolls.. I want the kokonoe rin one too, sadly missed her for 80k on manda..

I will keep an eye on auction, my proxy is super sweet and charges me only 1k at max if its above 10k

Why would ppl resell it with profit..
I never see why ppl desperatly want to make profit.. I never do actually yes max of 10 wuros
Or of i have a loss on another fig i back it up with a rarer one increasing her price..

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