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Hi all! My name is Nate and I live in Dublin on the Emerald Isle ie. Ireland ^^

I started out helping organise anime cons here in Ireland since 2005 and was doing it until 2015 ^^ During that time I helped found some of the cons in Ireland such as Eirtakon, Nom-con and Anime Dublin and delighted to see them getting better and better. I still help out a bit and currently enjoy selling some anime merch in the trade halls. :)

I was a fan of pokemon, Dragonball Z, Gundam Wing, and what few anime's I saw on TV for a few years previous but my obsession really took off when I started studying in DCU in 2004 and met some friends whom I leached anime off. After that my obsession grew until 2007 when I started collecting figures ^^ It's become a major hobby for me and mu SO and we have maybe too many figures but we just love collecting them.

In 2010 my girlfriend introduced me to Dollfies which I wasn't that interested in until she showed me Dollfie Dreams (more specifically Louise) and have been collecting them as well ever since.

Anyhoo feel free to chat and I'll get back to you soon ^^

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013 days agoChloe-tsundereChloe-tsundere The louise otaku
Archeotech (13 days ago) #4766803You can search eBay for a 3m superfine sanding sponge. It's like sanding paper but very fine so you don't see scratches. They're good for taking paint transfer from figures too. ^^ stain doesn't look heavy but the sanding sponge probably wouldn't work. Other two options good though.

If It is like fine sanding paper then i got it since i needed fine sanding paper for my cosplay as well :) oh thats good to know i had a very small spot on one of my taigas so will try that out

Well i got no money to buy such stuff atm so i hope the sanding papee works.. Or else i need to wait a bit
014 days agoChloe-tsundereChloe-tsundere The louise otaku
(mfc link)

It is a bit dark sadly.. But as you can see there are light spots, 2. And there are some parts on her butt area too where you can even tell she had pants on, so rlly a pattern... Anyways im not sure when it is considered rlly bad but i think this might be light.

And i can prob try it on her feet too which she already had when i bought her
014 days agoChloe-tsundereChloe-tsundere The louise otaku
Archeotech (14 days ago) #4766347Yeah no problem :)
Ok if a minor light stain or mark just on the surface then you might be able to sand it off with a 3M superfine sanding sponge.
If still just a minor stain and not too deep it'll come out with Volk's dollfie dream rescue cream.
Best and most sure way though of get rid of stain's is Twin Pines Remove-Zit cream. Just take a few days it'll get rid of even deep stains. If very bad you might have to re-apply after a few days or just leave a week or two. You can google search it. Think it's around $25 or $30 shipped but it'll last ages. Just keep it sealed and stored in a cool place. I have to get a tub again soon myself.

Sanding sponce as in sanding paper? Or the part of the sponge you use for dishes as well but the rougher side? It is a light stain at least it seems so to me but i took pics so i will upload it. The rest of the stains are all the same so i took just one pic
014 days agoChloe-tsundereChloe-tsundere The louise otaku
Hey can you help me? One of the clothes stained on my doll -_- stupid ebay.. Anyways how could i remove thrm? Theyre around the butt area lol
03 months ago (3 months ago)Chloe-tsundereChloe-tsundere The louise otaku
Archeotech (3 months ago) #3324629If looking for Louise's exact colour the only option I've ever seen is the Volks Dollpoint exclusive wig
(ext link)
I got one in Akiba but you might be able to get it on YAJ?
Part of the reason Louise is so nice is that she has a really beautiful wig with almost unique colour.
Depends on the Quality of their work but if they can make the wedding dress well, then I guess anywhere from 100 to 200 depending on difficulty and detail. Have they got sample pictures of their work?
(ext link)
If it's that version of the wedding dress then I'd personally say about €100 is a good price as it's simple enough but it would need to be well made. When is your wedding? o.o

Oh no no no it is nowhere near that price! It is in thai baht =P i think it was about 25 euros for the pyjamas and wedding dress would be 40 or so ex shipping? I just asked for the shipping :) dont think it would be more than 5 euros i hope.

Yeah indeed well ok not exactly the same thats prob impossible but the ones i saw there are extremely light.

As for my actual wedding it is on the 2nd of november :)

And yeah she showed me their fb page with samples, here:

(ext link)

And the fb page: (ext link)

And no it was the anime dress :) but i could ask for the other dress yes since i prefer another ver of louise ^^

As for that wig, it looks almost the same as louise's and no twintails or ponytail so I dont think i need one

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