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Hello everyone! ^ ^ My name is Hikaru, I'm a collector and a fan of anime, manga, cosplay. I will be glad to new friends and acquaintances ^ / / / ^

love anime: Kuroko no Basket,Free!Brothers Conflict,Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi,Togainu no chi,Prince of tennis,Gakuen Heaven,Weiss Kreuz,Amnesia,Karneval,Death Note,Code Geass,Reborn,Dramatical Murder,Hakuouki,Loveless,Diabolik Lovers,Golden Time,Meganebu,BlazBlue,Strike The Blood

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01 month agokisumikisumi
Asahina_Hikaru (1 month ago) #22002162I prepare for examination Т-Т and in the photo there is no time <_>
bag it abruptly *О* I still want a lot of things, but so far is full of preorders =\

oohh! me too!! Good luck っゝω・)っ~☆ i will wait for ur pictures~ they are always so nice~ ʕ≧ᴥ≦ʔ
01 month agokisumikisumi
Asahina_Hikaru (1 month ago) #21916856./
thanks))collection a little still I was replenished \*О*/ after the photo I will add replenishments ^_^

ohh!! I'm excited & can't wait to see it (b≧∀)グ I'm also planning a murasakibara ita bag~ ≧﹏≦
01 month agokisumikisumi
Asahina_Hikaru (1 month ago) #21913456Спасибо за FR ^_^v

you are welcome! u have a lovely collection! ∑d(d′∀`*)グッ especially ur murasakibara collection, i love it~(≧∀≦)b゚+.゚
18 months agoGodYagamiGodYagami
Asahina_Hikaru (8 months ago) #16138352Happy B-day!

Thank you!!
18 months agoKelseydelallaveKelseydelallave (눈‸눈)
Happy birthday! Hope you have an awesome day!

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