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Alright then guys and gals Ash's room is starting to overflow thus I need space...SO! Taking the opportunity to thin out my collection slightly. Various reasons why I picked what I picked, but yea this is it as far as what I'm willing to sell for now.

As for pricing method...Mostly random ahah...I'm not into overcharging for stuff so I tried to be fair. I originally was basing it slightly off market prices, but when you see figures like Nile selling average price as much as an incredible figure like Max's Shana or you see Koto's Sanya selling for an average of almost $200 while a beauty like Max's Miku is less then a hundred I just find that stupid...

So yea I'd say market price played a small part...the original MSRP a larger part, but mostly its somewhat how much to me personally as a collector and a somewhat prolific reviewer something is worth quality wise. (Sadly not the case in the real world where somehow low quality junk sells for as much as certain Alter figures...*shudders*)

Brand New - As the name says all of these figures have never been opened.

Lat Miku (Good Smile Company) - item #61333 ~ $50.00
Triela (Good Smile Company) - item #13765 ~ $70.00
Nanoha (Alter) - item #42270 ~ $35.00
Horo (CM's) - item #54014 ~ $90.00

Complete Box - These are all open box, but very well taken care of with no damage or wear whatsoever to figure or box. Basically when you take it out it's going to be near new.

Shana (Max Factory) - (mfc link) ~ $70.00
Pleinair-San (Enterbrain) - (mfc link) ~ $60.00
Skit Scooter (Beagle) - (mfc link) ~ $40.00 ~ Pictures [ext link ]
Ryomou (Uart) - item #663 ~ $60.00
Elizabeth (Beagle)- item #2136 ~ $30.00
Asuka (Sega) - item #36174 ~ $15.00
Mari (Wave) - item #12054 ~ $20.00
Racing Miku (GSC) item #42261 - $65.00
Suika (Griffon) - item #53398 - $60.00
WiM Miku (GSC) - item #9438 - $85.00
Fate (Cospa) - item #27664 - $35.00
Subaru (Alter) - item #5871 - $75.00
Yashiro (GSC) - item #4433 - Review: [ext link ] $45.00
Masou (Alter) - item #23306 - Review: (mfc link) $45.00
Koumei (Koto) - item #21454 - Review: (mfc link) ~ $40.00
Rinko (Wave) - item #41627 ~ Review: [ext link ] ~ $25.00
Ika-Musume (Wave) - item #57139 ~ Review: [ext link ] ~ $25.00

Prize figures - Opened, boxes are in fine condition. Can be bought in the original sets or separately.

Sega Ore no set -
Kuroneko - item #63221 ~ $15.00
Kirino - item #63220 ~ $10.00
Both ~ $20.00

FuRyu Angel Beats set -
Yui - item #63244 ~ $15.00
Tenshi - item #63272 ~ $10.00
Both ~ $20.00

Damaged otherwise complete box - Sadly this one I bought this way...has a dented corner otherwise the figure itself has no problems whatsoever.

Meiya (GSC) - (mfc link) ~ $65.00

Broken down box missing innards - These I basically ,because of space concerns, took and tossed the plastic trays out and broke the box down. If your into keeping your figures displayed inside (No idea why anyone would but I know you exist... :p) then this would probably not be an ideal choice I'm afraid. :(

Other then that though the boxes are in good shape as I folded them down neatly in piles and will be reassembled and used to ship the figure with. The figures themselves of course are in fine shape with no damage to them.

Nile (Beat) - (mfc link) ~ $15.00
Nana Mecha (Orchid Seed) - (mfc link) ~ $45.00
Sanya (Kotobukiya) - (mfc link) ~ $30.00
Rei (UpLark) - item #10200 ~ $25.00
Miku (Max Factory) - item #12053 ~ $50.00
Nanoha (Alter) - item #6437 ~ $110.00
Nia (UpLark) - item #11551 ~ $40.00
Vita (Alter) - item #58 ~ 60.00
Isoroku (Kotobukiya) - item #10277 ~ $45.00
Sheryl (AxO) - item #6426 ~ $65.00
Ranka Cinderella ver. - item #16107 ~ $60.00
Kenshin (FREEing) - item #5505 ~ Review: (mfc link) $80.00
Arawn (Good Smile Company) - item #10684 ~ $20.00

Damaged - Specifics of what exactly is wrong with each figure is listed for separate entries as well as a picture of said damage.

Teana (Alter) - item #3670 ~ $70.00 - Paint defect on her left twintail.

Ranka Nyan ver. (Megahouse) - item #10446 ~ $50.00 - Review: [ext link ] The only thing wrong with her is the handle on her meat bun steamer basically fell off. It wasn't attached well at all and just a small knock when I had originally photographed her made it come off and disappear. Other then this absolutely no damage to her (Meat bun steamer included. (mfc link) )

Rise (Alter) - item #10441 ~ $45.00 - Review: [ext link ] Her alternative glasses that fit into her hand instead of the phone are missing (Lost during her review shoot...Big suprise. *sigh*). Other then this there's nothing wrong with her and unless you really wanted to display her holding the glasses instead of the phone you'd never know anything was missing. ([ext link ] Missing item.)

I can provide quicky medium quality snap shots of any of the figures in question against a screen of the Tsuki (MFC I guess for the newer people...never liked the newer name tbh but whatever...) homepage to verify that I own everything I listed here and that they are indeed in good condition.

(Strike-through means someone has already layed claim to that particular one sorry. >_<)

If I don't respond to you right away I'm either too busy at the moment or I'm currently negotiating with other people about the item.

I will contact everyone that takes the time to send me a message when I sell it so if I haven't replied yet


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