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An aging anime and manga fanatic who just started figurine collecting in Feb 2012. ^_^

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01 month agoLeosachLeosach Born this way
My darling! heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

Im sorry Im terrible late was super busy these hollydays... WISH YOU A FANTASTIC NEW YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAR Yeah!!! are you in JP? last year I guess you went there during hollydays isnt it? with your baby boy I remember a trip LOL

ahahhahahha happy New Year atheist!

May the old year take away all the sorrows and miseries as it goes by and fill up your upcoming days with sunshine and happiness now and always.
01 month agoLeosachLeosach Born this way
Atheist1 (1 month ago) #5262858I'm doing okay. Work has been busy recently despite the holiday mood. Grrrrr!!!
I'm really enjoying StarMyu which is kinda surprising cos UtaPri was so not my cup of tea. Did you check out One Punch Man?? It's so good. This feels just like Tiger & Bunny all over again. I wasn't expecting much but it turned out to be soooooo good.
Oh my! I realised you POed Toy Work's Sousuke. I'm dying for a Sousuke too but am hoping for an Altair version though. I hope I dun regret my decision. :P

hahahaaaha Im attending to so many social events this end of the year my "watching" scheduleis being affected LOL, yeah Im in love with starmyu too! but btw... I completely fell for Idols shows these days... and since they are a trend im screwed!... not only I like Utapri (collect Masato and Reiji), I did the most stupid thing I could have done... I watched Love Live... All there is to watch... dwnld the songs to my cellphone and fell for this T_T... (BTW Nozomi is the queen!)... and also I play Idolish7! a mobile game like Love Live of IDOLS... and I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!! S2 LOL too bad youre not into mobile games or else I wld drag you into Idolish Hell hole (There is a manga and novel already released, maybe if you are interested ^^ watch this pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeease its a new MV of the Song Memories Melodies (not my fav song but the Video is awesome (ext link)

About Sousuke... isnt him awesome? O.O but I dont know If I will keep him... thats why I Poed him in a store I could easily cancel and thats the greatest probability, this year I only see myself preordering these: item #317823, item #348411 and item #335258 I need to sabe money this year LOL the rest are some kuji or other figures in my wish I may end up buying if I find them in good and reasonable price like this: item #330970 C'mon I need this in my Life! LOL

02 months agoLeosachLeosach Born this way
Atheist1 (2 months ago) #4856901OMFG! Leo! Have you watched StarMyu Episode 7? It's insane!! Ha Ha Ha!! I'll put it under spoiler in case you have not.
View spoilerHide spoilerHow ridiculous is it that the member A of Hiragi Team bursts out of the shed, and the rest of his team appears from various corners and starts singing???

ahhahahaahh Just realized I didnt answer you! by the time you sent me the message I havent watched the show! thats Why I took so long, now that I watched... ahahahahahah from that scene! and Inumine eating hidden and all the bear thing? also they trying to hide things from their menthors? omg this show is so stupid that rocks! LOL ... and How youve been my dear?
02 months agoLeosachLeosach Born this way
Atheist1 (2 months ago) #4652828LOL!! How's work and studies? Catching up on anime or are you barely getting enough sleep? :P
The past 1-2 weeks were sort of a nightmare cos I was going nuts over how and where to p.o. this Ciel Phantomhive - item #297454. Finally got him at a reasonable price from Nippon Yasan.
The next p.o on my list is Touken Ranbu's Jiji - item #287697. I just hope I dun p.o. and some other company releases him with a better pose.
Oh! I've also been trying to sell off some figures cos I'm running out of space but don't seem to be successful. Maybe I'm asking for too high. Hmm... whatever. I'd revisit them when I have more time. Heh heh heh.
Anyway, tell me what has been truly going on with you, handsome. XD

Yaaaaaaaaaay! Miss ya! LOL these last past weeks were kind of a pain in my A** ahahahh But now its ok, I got some rest ^^ went back to work out so im full of pain, but Im determined to stop being so lazy and being more healthy, cmon lets bulid some abs! hahahah

Oh that Ciel... He is so beautiful and yet the same time so strange! but thats this artist way of doing things! his proce range though not for me! the only one im debating too hard its Jiji, he is SO AWESOME! but... I cant right now need to focus on other priorities T_T... but im suffering so much by not buying it T_T

And Dont sell your Figures! LOL humph ^.^ find more space cmon you can do it!

My happiness now was with Alter finally deciding to make quartet night figures! yaaaaaaaay Reiji my maracas prince will come to me! ok.. he will come only when im old and senile but he will evetually! ahhahah

02 months agoLeosachLeosach Born this way
knock knock.... Miss ya!

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