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An aging anime and manga fanatic who just started figurine collecting in Feb 2012. ^_^

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010 days agoLeosachLeosach Born this way
just now I noticed I forgot to edit my message and add Annie gifs between spoiler tags so now you will be forced to look at her beautiful laugh whenever you go in your main page haahhahahaahahah (laughing like annie now)
010 days agoLeosachLeosach Born this way
View spoilerHide spoilerAtheist1 (10 days ago) #3096720View spoilerHide spoiler
Leo! OMG! Yes! I fell into the damn trap and the most amazing (stupid) thing is I don't even play the game! OTL
I'm currently going nuts over this garage kit - item #321667
But it's a garage kit. OTL again.
My SnK shrine is ok, I guess. I didn't get all the RAHs, just the dudes. He he he
But I think there is a sudden surge of P.O.s in the recent weeks and I seem to want every one. And I'm running out of Detolf space....and money. What should I do? OTL again.
And I'm hoping for Jean and Marco or maybe Mike for Sentinel's next announcement. I'm sure I've mentioned this but I really dislike Annie the most. Unforgiveable for what she did to Levi's squad.

hahahahahahhahahah I try to NOT fall into it but how to resist? definitely I wont play it! but some nendos are so much appealing... example if that GK (by it really SHLD be a crime creating such a perfect GK!!!!) If I ever see that in AmiAmi front page it will be an insta buy! dont need to know the chara to buy such a beautiful (and hot as hell thing)

Shingeki only owns Eren by Koto and his nendo... the charas I like the most dont have figures! Annie (a VERY expensive RAH and 2 chibis hard to find) and Jean (no figures, Only suwarase which I got!) ....... I guess I have a twisted mind but I do love strong bitch females... that very crazy psycho laugh she gave...

was enough for me fall in love instantly for her LOL... so much pain and crazyness involved... S2

Haikyuu Im very excited about Oikawa!!! dont know if I should thank gods but in Haikyuu The only thing That I consider are aoba Johsai boys and completely ignores everyone else LOL ... Also im excited about this: item #311699 look at this perfect ore-sama pose saying obbey me you fools! LOL

btw watched ore no monogatari because you said so... but really was not my piece of cake :/
010 days agoLeosachLeosach Born this way
did you make yourself that wallet suicide and went into Touranbu fandom too? pls dont do it to yourself! LOL Im avoiding so much... so many friends playing and trying to convince me... but I run but I run!... even though I ended up falling in love and spending money with foxy white haired cheeky guy S2.. bought his nendo disliked his scale! are you excited too with orange route? S2

btw checking your collection... SnK rocked your world more than I thought LOL amazing shrine you build there!
027 days agoLeosachLeosach Born this way
Atheist1 (27 days ago) #3052872View spoilerHide spoiler
Ahahaha...Thank you so much for your vote of confidence. I hope I did not make a wrong recommendation.
That's so true. You're still so young hence life is still so exciting. Things are pretty much slowing down for me so I can afford whatever that's not spent on work on anime & fan fiction. Ha Ha Ha...
Your pursuit of a MBA as well as moving house sounds like exciting challenges. Ganbatte!!

STAHP sounding like a 150yrs old lady please? you're not! hahaahhaha I know you always say you're "aging" but thats only in your head, your one of the most youthful woman I know! ;) ... so seeing my new pursuits it makes you wonder why I had "disappeared" from MFC last 4 months ^^
027 days agoLeosachLeosach Born this way
Atheist1 (27 days ago) #3052845View spoilerHide spoiler
View spoilerHide spoilerI have to agree that the MH 1/12 seems more like trading figures to me too, just with better quality control. I guess I'm lucky that I did not quite get into Daiya. Suddenly there are sooooo many figures to p.o. - Undertaker, Ginoza and Touken Ranbu (I don't even play the damn game!!). Ugh!!!
I really think Ore Monogatari is good. Watch the 2nd episode. If by then you still don't like it, it's probably not your cup of tea. I was already hooked at episode 1.
You're addicted to American series, and I'm addicted to anime. I'm up to my neck following this season's anime (FSN UBW 2, Danmachi, Seraph no Owari, Kekkai Sensen and Yahari 2, just to name a few) and fanfiction from multiple fandoms. Sorry - yaoi literally rules my life. I simply have no time for other stuff. :(

Ok Just because it is you saying Ill give a try in Ore no monogatari... but heeeey im addicted in Anime too! hahahah thats why sometimes I need to to choose... Animes, Series aand having a social life! going to bars and Drink! hahahaaa in order to get all that and even Study (Just started a MBA) I need to sacrifice... this season was anime only pick the ones I was already seeing, and new Which I Really liked! also Books... If see all my romances Piled there you'd go nuts... damn..

I know the feeling... So many figures... but Daiya it is a Must buy for me! always was always will be LOL will def get those two! ........ I reduced severaly my P.O quantity... too much money And I got dif priorities right now (including this year will change home) so with U$100,00 I can buy new domestic stuff for example! .... all kuroshitsuji figures will be bought... one day When I be able to really spent money on the hobby... rest? just buying those things I TRULY "need" to buy like daiya (they are made to order)

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