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An aging anime and manga fanatic who just started figurine collecting in Feb 2012. ^_^

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Atheist1 (3 days ago) #2413131Leosach (5 days ago) #2409893
View spoilerHide spoilerAhahah!! I really love reading your replies cos it's so witty and funny. Totally see your point about Haru's WTF moments but since I love him so much, he can do no wrong. He has his own reasons that we who do not swim free will not be able to comprehendo. He he he
My trip was really awesome, I'm now going through Japan Withdrawal Syndrome.
I spent 3 days in Takayama, 3 days in Osaka and 8 days in Tokyo.
Takayama is a quaint town with a lot of bridges. I reckon that's because there is a river running through the middle of this town. There isn't much going on here but it has it's fair share of touristy shops. I ended up making it my mission to take as many pics of the bridges which really pissed my son off. He kept asking how many pics I wanted to take of the same bridge cos I kept going around in circles. Ha Ha Ha
I visited Kamikochi which is a nature reserve park about 90 mins away. Leo, I tell you, The place was beautiful. I thought Nikko (which I visited in 2013) was pretty, Kamikochi was breathtaking. And I am not even a nature lover. See for yourself.
Then it's off to Osaka which I found it so-so only. If you've been to Tokyo, you'll find Osaka severely lacking. Nonetheless I made a point to visit Denden Town (the Akiba equivalent) and Dotonburi. While in Denden town, I managed to get a set of Free! Chibi Kyun-Chara Vol. 1 & 2 excluding Gou. XD
Also visited Osaka Castle and Shitennouji as well as take a ppic of the Glico man in Dotonbuti. But was really disappointed. Instead of Glico man, I got an onna. I was literally screaming, "WTF?? Whare is my Glico man?!". They're refurbishing/renovating the dam thing so in the meantime, we see the inna. Grrrrrrr
As this is my 3rd trip to Tokyo, I didn't take much pictures. Places I went to were Akiba & Ikebukuro (multiple trips) to hunt for anime related goodies, Shibuya and Tokyo Skytree (for the chocolate flavored Tokyo Banana). I also finally went to the observatory of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building in Shinjuku (Zankyou no Terror!!) to see the view of Tokyo (after 2 aborted attempts from my previous trips). Best part is it's free. Wahahahaha!!
Also went to Makuhari, which is outside Tokyo. has convention centers, a stadium, loads of shopping and some hotel.
I also managed to catch the annual Narita Hanabi in Narita and it was an eye-opener. We do not have fireworks display on such a grand scale in Singapore. 1.5 hours of fireworks. But do note that my son and I had to suffer waiting in the cold for 3 hours to secure a good seat. I did not know how to buy those paid seats (which was already sold out months in advance) so had to take the poor-man's route. Both of us, being smart-asses, thought the weather will be cool like Tokyo but it turned out to be fucking freezing. And poor me was wearing shorts and a zip-up jacket. Brrrrrr
Lastly, I have a 18 year old son. That's why my profile says aging anime & manga fanatic. LOL!!
BTW my pics are at the risk of being removed cos it may be I shouldn't be uploading pics for comments. If that happens, I'll upload the photos somewhere but would take a couple of days. I also wanted to share my loot but I have yet to take the pics yet. Procrastinate is my middle name. :)
Also found a couple of new animes that I may want to follow but still checking them out.

Your pics are fantastic! GOD I wish I can go soon to japan you just made me feel even more crazy about going there! *_* promissed myself my next vacation (don't really know when it will happen) it will be there! but first so many stuff on RL to fix... :/... an 18 years boys??? OMG! how cute! I also have two nephews one made 18 this year and my elder niece made 20... we are getting old right? BUT as soon as we keep going being the way we are (and fangirling for teenage 2d boys) we will never be really old LOL! I'm arriving in the sacy 3.0 in january T_T.... time to make reflections and several changes in my life! BUT it is time right? ^^ kiss!
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Atheist1 (3 days ago) #2414641Argh!! Terra-Formars!!
View spoilerHide spoilerCrap!! It's like Shingeji no Kyojin all over again. Everyone is dropping like flies. So frustrating!!!

Soon I'll reply to your other message but yeah! its totally like SnK but this time we have humanoid aliens creepy cockroaches Lol!.... but so far I'm liking it! (feel bad for Sheila! guess its the kind of series where we can't truly love any chara since it can die next episode LOL)
05 days agoLeosachLeosach Born this way
Atheist1 (5 days ago) #2409245Hello, my dear.
As promised, here is my super long & super boring update:
View spoilerHide spoilerCOMPLETED:
Haikyuu - One of my fave sports anime. I wonder if we will get season 2.
Mahouka Kooukou no Rettousei - I still dunno what to say about this anime. I don’t love it but at the same time I couldn’t find the will to drop it. It seems reading the light novel would be a better experience. One of the pet peeve is that each episode ends at the weirdest moment. It's as if they're going according to the novel and will just stop once the allocated time per episode is up, regardless at which point. Weird is all I can say.
Kuroshitsuji Book of Circus - Too short. As compensation, I will buy the Koto figures instead. I’ve p.o. Koto’s Ciel. Have you?
Free! Eternal Summer - Sigh…… Sousuke is so hot but there aren’t much of his merchandise. I guess the ending sorts of confirm that it’s Mako & Haru forever?? :)
Tokyo Ghoul - I love, love, love this anime so, so much. My son says I’ll hate it if I read the manga’s ending so I choose not to for now. Will wait tip Season 2 is over. I can’t wait for Jan 2015!!
Zankyou Terror - Fucking awesome anime. I tend to fall hopelessly in love with animes where the View spoilerHide spoilermain character dies, like Lelouch vii Britannia. CG will always be my all time favorite. I think this will be my fave anime in 2014.
Love Stage!! - Too cute but too short as well. Sigh…….
Barakamon - I can’t get enuf of Naru. She should so get her own Nendo!
Ao Haru Ride – I lurve this one so much. Like Say I Love You. I will kill for season 2 but somehow I don't think that's gonna happen. Will probably read the manga IF I can find the time. Sigh.....
Rail Wars!! – This one was surprisingly quite entertaining and I learned a bit about the trains in Japan. Ha Ha Ha
Dramatical Murder - Sigh!! Worst piece of shit I’ve watched recently. I just continued for the sake of the boys. Most of the time I wasn’t even paying attention.
M3 - Sono Kuroki Hagane - One of the most frustrating anime. It’s so draggy and the storyline seemed to be in an endless loop. Having said that. I watched 13 episodes of this shiit and I wanted to know wtf was actually going on. So still ended up finishing this. At least it had an ok ending despite the dumb plot. Grrrrrr
SAO II – It’s not too bad after episode 5?? Still following for now.
Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki Kun - Too funny. Haven’t had the time to pick up after my return from Japan but will do so asap.

Glasslip – A bit dull, honestly speaking. I stopped right before my trip to Japan and have yet to catch up.
Akame ga Kill – I'm midway through this one. It's not too bad but I can't seem to find myself looking forward to it. Not when the good guys keep dropping like flies every 2-3 episodes. I'd probably finish it at my own pace, which may also mean never.
Shonen Hollywood - Reminds me of UtaPri but not as “cringe-worthy” and does not have a stupid yellow-eyed bitch prancing around like a damsel in distress. (Sorry - just a personal opinion)
Aldnoah Zero- This wasn’t in my list when we first talked about it but I caught about 3-4 episodes and it seems quite interesting. So will definitely continue.
Captain Earth - Still think it’s a bit kiddy but I’d probably finish it since I watched more than 10 episodes.
Re: Hamatora
Kiniro no Corda Blue Sky
Kamigami no Asobi.
Sengoku Basara: Judge End - As much as I love Date Masamune, I don’t think I’ll be watching unless someone tells me that it’s a worthwhile to do so.
DUN DUN DUN DUN…This season’s anime that I’m currently watching:
Psycho Pass 2 - Fuck yeah!! But I doubt we’ll see Kougami appear this season. *pouts*
Log Horizon 2 - Continuation from Season 1 so nothing new here….yet
Garo: Honoo no Kokuin - Seems pretty interesting, The 3D animation in this anime is quite cool and the artwork reminds me of Cyborg 009 ( a bit??)
Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso - I can probably sum it up as a story about a couple of 14 y.o. students.. I tell you, I think deep down I’m desperately trying to hold on to youth. LOL!!
Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works - Honestly I hated Fate/Zero so I have no idea why I’m watching this. I tried watching the original Fate/Stay Night and stopped after 2 or 3 episodes. I guess I’m the type who don’t learn from mistakes.
Kiseijuu: Sei no Kakuritsu - One of my most anticipated anime this season. So much talk about it. Quitr gory but has some funny moments but too early to tell.
Trinity Seven - Looks interesting. IT's all about magic and spells. Reminds me of Witchcraft Works bit not really. LOL!! Sorry, not that clear cos I think I watched a poorly subbed version. The protagonist reminds me of Blue Exorcist’s Rin Okumura

ahhahahaahh not boring at all heres is mine:

View spoilerHide spoiler

Gekkan Shoujo: GOD I loved that series that was a long long time since I didnt watch such an entertaining comedy, really would like to see a second season, loved all the characters truly missing them

Barakamon: Ouuuunt So cute, so beautiful great words for everything, I truly miss the characters also specially the Fujoshi LOL

Sengoku Basara Judge end: Well Well... They screwed the movie story I prefere that version of the sekigahara battle than this one, Date was a Emo, and all the others were super annoying... BUT i watched till the end and believe me I won't miss the bird screamming Yeeeeeeasuu over and over ¬¬

Free eternal Summer: hum... yeah after all they done and transformed Rin i a super cool dude almost like a Otome where he was the protagonist in the end they fixed everything and let Mako and Haru married... but i have so many points to add... WTF Haru needed to go to Australia in a broke back mountain trip with Rin, see a few aussies ass, a different pool AND THEN he realizes his dreams were swin professionally??? WTF a few episodes earlier that was the same reason he decided not to swin professional (seeing a cheering crowd) and now he wants it? at least he married in the end... all the "couples were happily ever after, Reigisa, Makoharu, Momotori.... few comments I laughed when Niitori was proclaimed as new captain and Rin said to him please take care of the guys.. and EVERYONE else behind him was like YEAAAHHH (just 10 studs) I looked at Niitori and thought yeah I know how you will take care of them... LOL

Sousuke... WTF Rin? How can you keave sou-cha alone? ok he is little bit psycho and stalker But How could you? everyone was married and Rin decided to go back to australia saying a good bye to sou-chan? he will be the only one alone with his hand poor guy... and the bad part is that he has a bad shoulder not even his hand he can use properly... DAMN... SEND HIM TO US! LOL BTW for your fangirlism here a VERY NOSE BLEEDING COSPLAY: (ext link) OH LORD MULTIPLIES THIS IN OUR LIFES!

Tokyo Ghoul: I enjoyed so much the end when Kaneki was being tortured, wished ever MORE, die you useless brat! although at some point I felt bad for him that was really TOO much... hope he can be a bad ass now for season 2

RE: Hamatora: Still watching never was one of my priorities and stood for last, Im currently in episode 5

Shounen Hollywood: SUCH a DEPRESSIVE show indeed too many dreams and philosophy going on, but I truly liked the show and really got addicted with this song: (actually it seems shounen hollywood is a real group in JP all the boys songs are real songs performed by these boys, if you can remember for example this is the SAME coreography the performed in the TV show episode.

I loved this song and the Lirycs the best part is it came in a moment of my life I kind needed to listen to it, so the show became special for me, second season is announced!

Haikyuu: Well SO GREAT! ♥ can't wait for the season 2 it isnt confirmed yet, but its a MUST confirm after all HQ was a huge suceess... and I NEED more Iwaizumi and Oikawa in my Life1 LOL... BTW did you get hinata nendo? I don't im too poor and can't get it right now, plus Hinata isn't a prioritie...if was Oikawa... ♥

Kuroshitsuji: well Book of Circus is my fav arc from the manga! so of course I enjoyed every single moment of it! couldn't P.O CIel, but he is a must get! still reluctant don't know if I should wait until it releases or P.O... every single day I look at him and my mouse goes into the ADD to my cart button by itself LOL

Love Stage: ouwnt so short but so cool.... can't wait for a second season, they must give it to us! I need more blue and pink smokes of the censor! LOL

Jojo stardust Crusaders: the third arc of Jojo its the best arc, can't wait for the second part of it! I LOVE IT!

guess I covered everything right? still thinking Im forgetting something... oh well...


Daiya no Ace: Daiya is love, Daiya is Peace, Daiya is Life final dot! MUST watch show.

SAO II: GoOOOD how can the third arc be so slow and the lack of action makes me ¬¬ but I will continue watching

Sailor Moon Crystal: ♥ no more to say! although I still miss the old series atmosphere they are making like the manga and the mangá of sailor moon well its NOT GOOD (my opinion) everything is TOO fast without character development which makes you wonder how those girls are really friends if they just met like 5 min ago? LOL

Terra Formars: Well giant aliens humanoid cockroaches! yeah! I wonder how much of herb this author had smoked before creating this story! but I can tell you please watch it! is really good!

Yowamushi Pedal: When you think they can't... they DO can animate Midousuji to be even mmore disgusting and creepy... really nothing else to comment except this he takes all my attention in HORROR!

Psycho Pass 2: well ♥ but wheres Kagami!? I can't stand seeing that stupid (hate her) girl being a bad-ass... no I can't

Orenchi no Furo Jijou: Its a 2 min show! LOL... well seeing a Merman in a bathtub... its cute! LOL haven't you watch it?

Fate Stay Night UBW: Well Im a Huge fate fan so... Im loving this series really loving it seeing the new animation style... can't wait to finally see my DIVA and LOVE in action again... Rider!

Nanatsu no Taizai: hahahahahah ENTERTAINING! looks like a old RPG the way the story is being told! Meliodas is so cute! pls watch it too! guess you will like it!

And thats was my "short" reply! LOL

BTW you did not told me how was your trip to JP... AND for LAST....wait... a Son? are you a MOM already? :O Didn't know! How cute! how old is he?

HUge Kisses

011 days agoLeosachLeosach Born this way

What terrible friend I Am... You're in JP right now isn't it? How is your trip! ENJOY! LOL later I want a full report ok! (will you into a BL Cafe? *_*) LOL when you come back and reach all your anime watching we must review the season ending and this new one that started! send me news! ^^
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Atheist1 (1 month ago) #2360881Yes, I did. But I prob will not have time to check it out for now. Just changed jobs and also busy planning the itinerary for my Japan trip on 1 Oct.
I'm also struggling to decide whether I should just read the Tokyo Ghoul manga. I've only followed the anime. Whaddya think?

I would like that! but someone told me the manga is SUPER SLOW ... it made me think twice about reading it... plus I'm literally too lazy and dislike reading things on the computer... :/ even Daiya I just read like 6 tankos and stopped LOL... the only ones I do read online are now Shimauma ♥ and Teahouse a webcomic that drives me crazy, but I just follow teahouse because has a new page every wednesday... a PAGE... so from 3 and 3 months I go there and give a look LOL...... Kuroko for example I'm just NOW reading the manga because is being published in Brazil, currently in tanko 2 so finally I'm reading it... future plans include reading Haikyuu as well ... maybe I'm just too old fashioned but I like holding the books instead of using my mouse to switch pages :3

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