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An aging anime and manga fanatic who just started figurine collecting in Feb 2012. ^_^

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06 days agoLeosachLeosach Born this way
Pleeeeeease tell me im not crazy for desiring A LOT to cuddle Adolph? Omg forget that bitch and come to meeeeeee with you my cellphone will never be out of battery! Completely in love right now for him and his whole sad story... poor adolph baby :'(.... what can you expect of an episode called too sad to die anyway? Too sad Terra Formars will only have 13 episodes dafuq? Gimme more adolph! And more cockroaches wearing egyptian skirts!!! (Wtf is that anyway?)
018 days agoLeosachLeosach Born this way
Atheist1 (20 days ago) #2447617Hi hi, Just an update. I preordered the WH version of Ren. Also POed Koto's Sebastian & Ciel, MH's Midorima & Sebastian. Now considering MH's Yato. OMG!! I am so broke cos I tend to pre-pay. OTL
Also a bit pissed cos I just found out RAH Levi & Eren is going on sale BEFORE release. So why dafuq do I pre order shit?? Grrrr!!! I wanna hit something!!
Anyway thanks for the Terra Formars recommendation. It's so good, But I also watch a new episode with caution and fear. Do you have the same feeling? LOL!!!
Also really excited about the new MH KnB additions. Hoping for Hanamiya or Teppei & Hyuga. Actually I think the GoM shold all come with their sidekicks, not just for Midorima, just to fulfill our yaoi fantasies. Like a Himura to go with Murasakibara. That I don't mind going bankrupt for, Wahahahaha!!
Also what do you think of the latest Alter Rin? So hot, right? Yummy, yummy. I really hope there is a Sousuke, He is sooooo hot and the fanfics that I am reading is not helping. :P

OMG LOL... If I were you I wouldn't P.O Yato figure, it do looks like his price will drop, I know we share the same feeling that its better P.O so we don't need to bother stalking pre owned shops, but some figure really can wait, are you 100% sure about yato? If I were you I would wait, price range is SO HIGH these days not even each day is getting hard keeping collecting but also I believe not even JP PPL can afford the price stores are charging for figures, it explains why we had so much price drop after release... I decided to wait, my finances are in a rollercoaster right now LOL, So urgh I need to wait, but Koto kuroshitsuji figures are a DEF must buy for me, will own them for sure but I'll wait.

I'll envy you FOREVAH for getting WH Ren... I just got the economic version and guess I'll be forevah frustrated LOL

I totally freaked with Takao announcement! OMG I swear I need MOAR knb, I'll buy them all (no I won't buy Hanamiya LOL I refuse to have him in my home and swear it would be a bad omem LOL) Can't wait for Kasamatsu, who got a figure announced! but I truly hope also for a MH scale of my baby ♥ (you noticed I have a thing for hot tempered stupid guys right? LOL)

Now RIN! OMG from all poses Alter could have chosen do they really needed to make Rin like that!? OMG, so much fan service, so much perfection, so much bitch like attitude like saying come on sou-chan! I died 1000 times for it and look how they look together! (mfc link) THIS totally looks like a Gay porno DVD Cover! like "Wet boys" or "dig in the pool" or any other stupid tittle porno movies receives LOL really! I WANT IT NOW!

this AGF was very exciting BUT No news, only a bunch of painted protos which is already great, god knows I DON'T want any exciting news since Im Planning to spare my wallet LOL (you know Im lying right? why we do that with ourselves? LOL)

BUT I have a disapointment ... truly sad with item #166992 not liking so far... Alter made a strange paint... don't know I disliked his face... BUT I'll keep my faith and wait for new/better pictures winking face looks cool at least... Lets wait...

Easter Egg for you: We should always wash our cars here LOL: (ext link)
029 days agoLeosachLeosach Born this way
Did you P.O ren? which one? The rich version or the economic one? yeah... i only can afford and i refuse to pay 20k in a figure! (although i bought benten) but 2015 will be a different year for me I wont ! lol if only he was standart release with the discount I could start thinking but... full price + EMS or in my case Proxy or fowarding... I Can't... So I have to be happy with economic one... No cristals, no demon hand, no matching base, no cloak... only a simple Sand beach and a smile on his face like laughing at your face reminding you HOW POOR YOU ARE

I hope that this line doesn't become tradition for DMMD, I can already Imagine a Noiz! A holy Noiz surrounded by computers (apple ones Rich$$), Rabbits and Cubes!.......... for 30K... and the a Economic version with NO Rabbits, no cubes and no computers only a tablet (chinese version) ....... GOD> SO SAD...

At least he is without clothes on economic (who need clothes anyway?)
01 month agoLeosachLeosach Born this way
Atheist1 (1 month ago) #2413131Leosach (1 month ago) #2409893
View spoilerHide spoilerAhahah!! I really love reading your replies cos it's so witty and funny. Totally see your point about Haru's WTF moments but since I love him so much, he can do no wrong. He has his own reasons that we who do not swim free will not be able to comprehendo. He he he
My trip was really awesome, I'm now going through Japan Withdrawal Syndrome.
I spent 3 days in Takayama, 3 days in Osaka and 8 days in Tokyo.
Takayama is a quaint town with a lot of bridges. I reckon that's because there is a river running through the middle of this town. There isn't much going on here but it has it's fair share of touristy shops. I ended up making it my mission to take as many pics of the bridges which really pissed my son off. He kept asking how many pics I wanted to take of the same bridge cos I kept going around in circles. Ha Ha Ha
I visited Kamikochi which is a nature reserve park about 90 mins away. Leo, I tell you, The place was beautiful. I thought Nikko (which I visited in 2013) was pretty, Kamikochi was breathtaking. And I am not even a nature lover. See for yourself.
Then it's off to Osaka which I found it so-so only. If you've been to Tokyo, you'll find Osaka severely lacking. Nonetheless I made a point to visit Denden Town (the Akiba equivalent) and Dotonburi. While in Denden town, I managed to get a set of Free! Chibi Kyun-Chara Vol. 1 & 2 excluding Gou. XD
Also visited Osaka Castle and Shitennouji as well as take a ppic of the Glico man in Dotonbuti. But was really disappointed. Instead of Glico man, I got an onna. I was literally screaming, "WTF?? Whare is my Glico man?!". They're refurbishing/renovating the dam thing so in the meantime, we see the inna. Grrrrrrr
As this is my 3rd trip to Tokyo, I didn't take much pictures. Places I went to were Akiba & Ikebukuro (multiple trips) to hunt for anime related goodies, Shibuya and Tokyo Skytree (for the chocolate flavored Tokyo Banana). I also finally went to the observatory of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building in Shinjuku (Zankyou no Terror!!) to see the view of Tokyo (after 2 aborted attempts from my previous trips). Best part is it's free. Wahahahaha!!
Also went to Makuhari, which is outside Tokyo. has convention centers, a stadium, loads of shopping and some hotel.
I also managed to catch the annual Narita Hanabi in Narita and it was an eye-opener. We do not have fireworks display on such a grand scale in Singapore. 1.5 hours of fireworks. But do note that my son and I had to suffer waiting in the cold for 3 hours to secure a good seat. I did not know how to buy those paid seats (which was already sold out months in advance) so had to take the poor-man's route. Both of us, being smart-asses, thought the weather will be cool like Tokyo but it turned out to be fucking freezing. And poor me was wearing shorts and a zip-up jacket. Brrrrrr
Lastly, I have a 18 year old son. That's why my profile says aging anime & manga fanatic. LOL!!
BTW my pics are at the risk of being removed cos it may be I shouldn't be uploading pics for comments. If that happens, I'll upload the photos somewhere but would take a couple of days. I also wanted to share my loot but I have yet to take the pics yet. Procrastinate is my middle name. :)
Also found a couple of new animes that I may want to follow but still checking them out.

Your pics are fantastic! GOD I wish I can go soon to japan you just made me feel even more crazy about going there! *_* promissed myself my next vacation (don't really know when it will happen) it will be there! but first so many stuff on RL to fix... :/... an 18 years boys??? OMG! how cute! I also have two nephews one made 18 this year and my elder niece made 20... we are getting old right? BUT as soon as we keep going being the way we are (and fangirling for teenage 2d boys) we will never be really old LOL! I'm arriving in the sacy 3.0 in january T_T.... time to make reflections and several changes in my life! BUT it is time right? ^^ kiss!
01 month agoLeosachLeosach Born this way
Atheist1 (1 month ago) #2414641Argh!! Terra-Formars!!
View spoilerHide spoilerCrap!! It's like Shingeji no Kyojin all over again. Everyone is dropping like flies. So frustrating!!!

Soon I'll reply to your other message but yeah! its totally like SnK but this time we have humanoid aliens creepy cockroaches Lol!.... but so far I'm liking it! (feel bad for Sheila! guess its the kind of series where we can't truly love any chara since it can die next episode LOL)

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