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An aging anime and manga fanatic who just started figurine collecting in Feb 2012. ^_^

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01 day agoLeosachLeosach Born this way
uooooooooooooow this wonfest T_T ... how was your wallet treated? me?

Must Gets
- Noiz Nendoroid
- Fate Stay Night Rider Nendoroid (Dream came true she will come to my Rider Shrine! will need to update this photo real soon: (mfc link))
- Fate Stay Night Archer Nendo and Altair Scale
- Altair Rin Matsuoka (not a big surprise)
- Kuroshitsuji ARTFX Sebby, Ciel and Undy (THAT almost made me cry, so perfect)
- Kawoshin Prizes that poster from EVA Q in figures... tears
- Bishoujo Anna Williams (fav character must buy)

Shown Protos
- Dmmd Ren (Must Buy/Must Get)
- Zoe from Sentinel hope she turns out good!
- Mami Maiko (she was a must buy since the illustration)

- ARTFX Sakura card captors just a maybe I'm not a big fan of the series
- Sakuya 1/6 new seraphin it will cost 30k but I guess it will worth it lol
- Zankyou no terror figures although its union and I HATE with all my strengh union they always seems to disapoint me
- yuyu hakusho hiei by Alphamax

- every single shit (sorry) union did or shown... I was excited for yowapeda Shinkai but... what the hell was that?)

- Kawoshin by vertex! great Idea it will cost like 20k and it has a bad quality and I really disliked everything... if one day I see in bargain I might buy it just or completionism but seriously nott excited

- This: (mfc link) how could they do that with my dear? so... 0 of glamour! nooooo mami is a diva and she turned out to be very boring... I truly smell bargain bin! so after release if I see her for 3k I might get... not even a single penny more! hunf

and you? lol how was your wonfest? lol
011 days agoLeosachLeosach Born this way
Atheist1 (11 days ago) #2254939Leosach (12 days ago) #2254119
My fave is still Levi, then Erwin. LOL!! My Shingeki OTP. But I like Eren, Jean and Marco too. I was pretty upset when Marco died. Armin, not too much cos he's a wuss but heard that things are different as the manga continues. And I have zero idea why people like Annie. I'm still pissed she took out Levi's squad.
The next Free episode seems to be about Rin & Sousuke so yay to that. If I have to choose between Makoto & Sousuke, I'd go for Sousuke too. There's just something appealing about a hot, bad boy. LOL!!
Zankyou no Terror seems pretty good too. I'm thinking Nine is doing all this to lure the policeman, Shibasaki, out but let's see if I'm right. I'm not touching the manga in case it spoils the anime for me.
I'm with you on Sengoku. I was hoping for something different. Rehashing and expanding the Last Party is kinda dull and confusing for me. It's not as entertaining as the 1st 2 anime series but I'll keep watching just so I can hear Mitsunari go, "Ieyasuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!". LOL!
I really hate this version of Hanbei - like a sick concubine pining for the king and then dying of heartbreak. Lame!! And in both series, he got very little airtime. I would have loved to see more of his purpur mask.. Ha Ha Ha
As for Kenshin, urgh!! I always had the impression that Kenshin's a woman cross dressing as a man. I have totally no connection with this character - no love, no hate. Whatever....
Did you get to check out Barakamon??
Lastly, totally anticipating the upcoming Wonfest. Getting ready to kiss my credit card sayonara. *gulps*

Still didn't watch Zankyou this week later today I'll catch up all animes (if I don't go out gotta a friend who will kill me if I don't go), for all other animes we really neeed to give them a few more episodes so far those are our impressions and won't leave us except if something different occurs

yeah.. Iyeasuuuuuuuu that angry yell is making the best part of mitsunari lol, Also always thought Kenshin was a crossdress woman... Poor Kasuga... if I were her I've already hold Sarutobi sasuke between my legs in that forest they always seem to meet.

Don't even say anything else of Hanbei I'm still pissed they did that to my Diva!

And i'm really NOT anticipating anything from Wonfest, this time I'm even scared of what they will produce, wanna safe some money you know? lmao! hahahahahahaa
012 days agoLeosachLeosach Born this way
Atheist1 (12 days ago) #2253652Rin is getting hotter by the episode.

Nice Jean fan art. Here's to hoping that Sentinel announces Jean as the next in the Brave Act series. I really want a Jean figure.
Ohh!! I saw the Sousuke fan art in tumblr too. Oh my!! He is so yummy ne. *drools*
I wonder if Alter will announce more Free! boys. I want Rin so badly. *sobs*
BTW, only 3 episodes of Tokyo Ghoul and I'm loving it. And out of those that I'm watching, the list I shared last week, the most boring to date has to be SAO. I hope things pick up soon. I'm falling asleep. Zzzzzzz

hahahaaa I NEED a Jean figure, he is my fav chara from the series! ^^ Eren goes in 2nd place! Hanji and Annie and don't really care for any of the others :/

and Sousuke... goooood.. so freaking hot! lol although am I the only one who thinks he is kind yandere to Rin? hum.. lets see... and oh Yeah this season the name is Rin! the anime director loves Rin and Never hided it! so of course he got a new boyfriend even hotter than Mako-chan (sorry Mako you're a stud, but brunette sky blue eyes and all masculine won me lol), all samezuka is getting love also Nitori and Minishiba! got how not to love minishiba? hes too adorble! LOL

Rei-chan continues being my fav chara from the show but I must admit samezuka boys are rulling my world in this second season!

Yeah I feel you, Im really liking Tokyo ghoul and its the only show with a progressive story kind cliché that dilenma of being human or a ghoul etc... but it is the best so far! dropped Bakumatsu Rock btw... all others are kind keep going..

Sengoku I still did not swallow that reboot ¬¬ hated seeing some characters acting differently of what I used to and btw everyone is really going to die sick??? WTH? no more glorious battles? they did not found out nice killing MY diva coffing and sick in the middle of nowhere they're trying to kill Shingen! fucking Shingen sick too???? what are they thinking?? also Yukimura did not know that Old man with huge sword? so all those boring episodes of yuki in the beach were for nothing???? what happened to Mourio fortress? so yukimura never fought with Mouri then? aaaaaaaaaaaah I'm hating this new season!

Las comment: since when ex turtle ninja now stud is so strong (Iyeasu)? and combo Fucking Date + Kojuurou are so weak? both of them were sliced like butter and weakened even to Diva Vitorian Nun (kenshin)? ¬¬ argh! Argh Aaaaaaaaaaaa (hate screams)
013 days ago (13 days ago)LeosachLeosach Born this way
ahahhahahah Free 3: (ext link)

sharing is caring:

Beautiful realistic Jean Fan-art: View spoilerHide spoiler

And now the best part of the cake... intense nosebleeding ahead... (almost head explosion)

View spoilerHide spoiler


Well I always were a Rei-chan anyway but with Sousuke? good bye Mako chan (as best looking male lol Sousuke is quite better for my eyes for reason)
017 days agoLeosachLeosach Born this way
Atheist1 (20 days ago) #2242182LOL!! Gonna make mine longer than yours!!
View spoilerHide spoilerStill going with Haikyuu!! I love it so much.
I’m definitely going to continue with Daiya no Ace and Yowamushi Pedal at my own pace.
I’m also continuing with Mahouka Kooukou no Rettousei. The storyline is not exactly boring but it’s not exciting either and every episode seems to end at the weirdest moment. But I still find myself watching it. Must be the protagonist. I’m a sucker for cold dudes.
Thinking of dropping Captain Earth cos it’s getting too kiddy and repetitive for me. Every episode shows the awakening of a bad guy without fail. It gets boring after 3 episodes of the same. Yawnnnnnnnnn
I watched 2 episodes of Kiniro no Corda Blue Sky and kinda stopped there. Same goes for Kamigami no Asobi. I think otome themed animes are so not for me. I’m more into yaoi. LOL!!!
1) Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki Kun – Yes, I watched this. Very cute, I must agree. How many authographs does he intend to give Sakura??
2) Kuroshitsuji Book of Circus: Big, big fan of the anime. Cried my eyes out when Alois Trancy died. So I’m definitely gonna watch this tonight. I never really caught up with the manga cos in a way, I was influenced by the anime hence I tend to go, “Sebastien’s gonna kill him in the end so why bother?!”. If only we can get decent figures of Sebastien and Ciel. Grrrr!!!!
Edit: Somehow I feel the artwork is not as good as Season 1 & 2. :P
3) Sengoku Basara: Judge End: Fuck yeah. Just watched it last night. Totally love Mitsunari and his obsession with Hideyoshi. I actually like Mitsunari more than Masamune. LOL! Though the 1st episode kind of confused me cos it’s sort of a recap of Season 2 but is not quite right??
4) Free! Eternal Summer: I’m so freaking excited. Totally love Sousuke – he looks so good and I’m curious why he has a bone to pick with Haruna over Rin. And the ending theme, Rin in policeman uniform. Gyahhhh…. *nosebleeds*
5) Tokyo Ghoul: I feel so bad for the guy (can’t remember name yet cos only one episode. LOL!) But so interesting. I just hope he does not eat his best friend. Or the other ghoul doesn’t eat his best friend. Ha Ha Ha
6) Zankyou Terror: Have not checked it out but it’s on my list. The school kids look creepy as fuck though. Kind of a psychotic look..
7) Bakumatsu Rock: Not really interested. I don’t think I’ll be checking it out.
8) Dramatical Murder: I’ll definitely continue watching but really hope it doesn’t turn out to be a dud like Togainu. Which bloody animation house is it from? The movements don’t look at smooth or natural. Grrrrrrrr!!!
9) Love Stage: OMG!! I watched this last night. So cute!!!! I’m already in love.
10) Sailor Moon Crystal: Errr…. Just no. I won’t touch this with a 10 foot pole. Nope – never was a Sailor Moon fan, never will be.
11) Re: Hamatora: I nearly hammered my laptop when I thought Nice kicked the bucket. LOL!! Then I was worried that it’s Art pretending to be Nice cos I have no idea what happened to Art. Art was shot full of holes – we thought he died – but the biatch of a florist saved him for whatever reason which we don’t know yet. I really liked this anime though season one had a shitload of filler episodes (filler to me cos it did not serve any purpose to move the story forward.) But high hopes for some good angst and action.
I’m also watching:
1) SAO II – No particular feelings yet but I really hope to see less of Asuna. That’s all I can say for now.
2) Barakamon – Oh my!! I was shocked when the protagonist (who is a calligrapher) punched an old man in the face for criticizing his calligraphy. Anger management required. Ha Ha Ha. Dad sends him to an island in Japan where he meets this precocious kid. She is sooooo cute. I’m definitely sticking to this one. Definitely a feel good anime.
3) Ao Haru Ride – The pretty artwork got me. The 1st episode is not too bad but manga fans were complaining about how they changed the story completely. Never read the manga so I’m fine with it. Anyway guy & girl have a crush on each other, guy asks girl out for a date but it did not work out due to a misunderstanding. Before girl can set things straight, guy transferred schools and after 3(??) years, their paths crossed again. I love high school romance. Brings out the OLD teenager in me. Ha Ha Ha
4) Rail Wars!! – Undecided. Story line a bit weird. About people who like trains and wants a career in thetrain company O.O I will need to watch a few more to decide.
5) Glasslip – kind of like Nagi no Asukara meets Hyouka but I may be wrong. Slice of life with good looking teenagers. I’m sold. Ha Ha Ha
6) Akame ga Kill – Undecided as well. A country kid (like Naruto cos his “master” has the head gear just like Naruto series. LOL!) who goes to the city to strike it rich and save his poverty-stricken village but ends up betrayed and yadda yadda yadda.

I forgot to add I'm also watching SAO II and Shounen hollywood! lol SH I liked a lot! SaO II hum... lets see how the season will develop untill now nothing to comment, I like Asuna but I only like her because I believe she and kirito are a cute couple! so thats ok but I'm really interested in seeing Kirito fully diva and trap! ahahahahahah

SEngoku... ¬¬ I'm pissed MY diva... Hanbei! WHAT?? why they started as a reboot from second season and it is the same story of the movie! but I hated the fact hanbei died sick! Nooooo on second season he died after a fight throwing himself in a cliff with sunset behind him! THATS a Diva way to die! not coffing and laying in a middle of nowhere...... Also I dislike that freak silver bird (Mitsunari) I know he is very strong but he beated a lot Kojuurou and Date and... what? How? No!!! those were my reactions... and for last ex ninja turtle now Stud (Iyeasu - Proof everyone needs to work out and become hot - true inspiration for me keep going in the gym) defeating toyotomi with one single blow? WHAT? ¬¬

I'll give a try in barakamon since EVERYONE is commenting about it so... might be at least interesting.

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