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An aging anime and manga fanatic who just started figurine collecting in Feb 2012. ^_^

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02 days agoLeosachLeosach Born this way
Atheist1 (2 days ago) #2360881Yes, I did. But I prob will not have time to check it out for now. Just changed jobs and also busy planning the itinerary for my Japan trip on 1 Oct.
I'm also struggling to decide whether I should just read the Tokyo Ghoul manga. I've only followed the anime. Whaddya think?

I would like that! but someone told me the manga is SUPER SLOW ... it made me think twice about reading it... plus I'm literally too lazy and dislike reading things on the computer... :/ even Daiya I just read like 6 tankos and stopped LOL... the only ones I do read online are now Shimauma ♥ and Teahouse a webcomic that drives me crazy, but I just follow teahouse because has a new page every wednesday... a PAGE... so from 3 and 3 months I go there and give a look LOL...... Kuroko for example I'm just NOW reading the manga because is being published in Brazil, currently in tanko 2 so finally I'm reading it... future plans include reading Haikyuu as well ... maybe I'm just too old fashioned but I like holding the books instead of using my mouse to switch pages :3
02 days agoLeosachLeosach Born this way
Did you see my previous message about shimauma? *-* im still in tanko 3... need moar lol
02 days agoLeosachLeosach Born this way
How not to ship them SO HARD?

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03 days agoLeosachLeosach Born this way
Recently I found out about this series encyclopedia #71947 and in the next day ooops they are in AmiAmi with Figures expecially from the main who IS ABSOLUTELY AWESOMe (in a VERY disturbed way) item #249876 anyway the best description for the story is this

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Horror, torture, x rated sex, drugs and completely fucked up......... LOL

if you got interested heres a link so you can read online: (ext link)

I can tell you its a must check LOL
011 days agoLeosachLeosach Born this way
Atheist1 (11 days ago) #2347332Oh my!! Is it disturbing that I am now all hot and bothered by Sousuke?? LOL!!
Oh dear... I have yet to watch the latest episode of Tokyo Ghoul. Will there be a season 2 cos I really like this anime. I don't particularly dislike Kaneki. In fact I feel so bad for him to be thrown into his current situation. I bleed for him. Heh heh...
Not a frequent FB follower but you referring to the emotional confrontation between Makoto and Haru? Yeah!!! I was screaming "JUST KISS HIM ALREADY!!" throughout but it didn't happen. DAMN!!!

ahahahhaahhaahha well you're not the only one all hot by sousuke I'm hot since his first preview! ahahahahahahahhaha

Yeah I dislike Kaneki... But now I kind feel sorry for him too... well lets see what will happen!

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