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I collect things that gather my interest, whether it be the characters personality in their source material, or their looks.

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01 year agoTheySayMoopTheySayMoop
Hey! Have you seen my message?
01 year agoItsaTimmyItsaTimmy
Still looking at selling item #287672 without the spoon but with the extra hand. Would like to keep the book as well. let me know if you are still interested as I am willing to negotiate a little.
01 year agoTheySayMoopTheySayMoop
KasaShade (1 year ago) #6418643Would really like an update on these (mfc link)
There has been 0 contact for almost 10 months!

11 year agoKasaShadeKasaShade
Would really like an update on these (mfc link)

There has been 0 contact for almost 10 months!
11 year ago (1 year ago)TheySayMoopTheySayMoop
TheySayMoop (1 year ago) #3472165Hello! I tried messaging you a little while ago, and wanted to check if you got it ^^
Stiiilll waaaaitiing. You've been on, you've been updating your collection, you've been adding things to lists, you've been selling things. Why can't you just send me a message?

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