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Bio... what could i say, im a men of few words, i really dont know what to put in this place, i try to be serious when i talk/write to someone in specific, but rather than that dont take me too seriously, collecting is one of my hobbys, that i share with photography and guitar (still learning to play), if you have any question just ask....

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09 months agosaphire17saphire17
disculpa la tardanza, feliz cumpleaños y feliz año nuevo.
09 months agoLady-MegatronLady-Megatron
Thanks for joining the souls-club! Praise the sun \[T]/
010 months agoAlex_YagamiAlex_Yagami Eros, c'est la vie
I love your photos. A lot of good stuff. Thank you!
011 months agokronoblackkronoblack
AveragePerv (11 months ago) #15395771Felicidades por tu cumpleaños!

Muchas gracias!! :)
011 months agothorkastthorkast
gracias :3 !!!!!!!AveragePerv (1 year ago) #15090467Algo tarde, pero igual vale, feliz cumpleaños!

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