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Hello there! You can call me Azure I'm a self-proclaimed collector stationed in the USA.

I started collecting back in 2009, but have been a fan of Anime for quite some time. Aside from obvious things such as Pokemon, Digimon, DBZ Etc. I took interest in many genres of anime. Although, I did watch almost everything Toonami had to offer back in the day.

I'm also a big fan of video games. I collect retro and modern videogames, this is why figure collecting takes a back seat for the most part xD Some of my favorite types of games are: JRPGs, Strategy, Rythm, FPS (Mostly old school), Fighters, Simulation and PLatformers. That being said I have a wide array of games in my collection and am willing to give anything a chance. On top of all that, I also consider myself a fan of horror movies, often collecting merchandise for things relating to that also.

The last to talk about here is Tokusatsu, I'm a big Tokusatsu fan as well :D. Like most others in the fandom residing in the US I got my Toku love from Saban's adapted shows from the original source material from Japan. Like Beetleborgs, Power Rangers, Masked Rider, V.R. Troopers. Big fan of Sentai, Godzilla, and Kamen Rider (Ultraman to an extent too).

Anime: Higurashi, Gundam, Attack on Titan, Evangelion, Code Geass, Medabots
Games: Pokemon, Doom, Shin Megami Tensei, Disgaea, Megaman, Sonic, Monster Hunter, Resident Evil, Survival Horror
Movies: Evil Dead, Alien, Donnie Darko, Stephen King, Horror, Scott Pilgrim, Godzilla
Geners: Horror, Mecha, Action, Comedy
Shows: Kamen Rider, Super Sentai, Cartoons, TMNT
Books: Attack On Titan, Blue Exorcist, Scott Pilgrim, Stephen King
Music: Classic Rock, Metal, Metalcore, Pop Punk, Chiptune, Punk
==========Mai Waifu==========

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111 months agoWario54Wario54
Happy birthday~! Congrats on adulthood! ;D
111 months agoLhancatLhancat
Happy Birthday! :)
01 year agoCinnamonSwirlsCinnamonSwirls
Hello! I like your Higurashi collection. You have a lot of figures!
Also, SOAD and Iron Maiden are awesome. Yup, yup.
01 year agoLhancatLhancat
Azure (1 year ago) #1506535Hey, thanks for the FR! I see were into the same things, you play BlazBlue often? xD

Often, I play it at every chance I can get. XD Currently going through Continuum Shift 2 for the 3DS. I have Extend for the PS3, but other console games have taken up my time so I haven't played with it much. That'll change once I get a Vita though. :3
01 year agoRKTRKT
So higurashi friend person
Do you have Skype or something?

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