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if anyone can tell me where to look or buy or if you are selling yours, even the whole original Vol. 3 set, please PM!

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023 days agolaketicalaketica
omg finally able to get back on... so ehem, sorry, I replied your PM via email directly cuz MFC was down >< here, these are the can badges I got from Jump Store, soooo cuuuuute~~~~

I totally failed to get Dino, so sad...
01 month agolaketicalaketica
holy crap! did you see, the consolidation fee will be ZERO after Aug 15!!! yes!!!
01 month agolaketicalaketica
agreed - manga art over anime art, but I'll take anything Hibari XD omgggg Dino scale,
I wouldn't be able to stop myself from getting that either...!!!!! his tattoos are wonderful~
and yeah, the Naruto Nendos gave me HOPE because it means Jump IS a possibility!!! XD
01 month agolaketicalaketica
[ext link ] that's not bad at all!! birthday set...
01 month agolaketicalaketica
yeah Hibird is adorable, I have a lot of Hibird stuff too <3 but my collection is overwhelmingly Hibari... lol... I have... a lot of... Hibari... XD like. a lot. I SAW THAT PILLOW IN YOUR COLLECTION!!! And I was hella wondering about that LOL!! But yeah, if KHR makes a comeback or has a remake and starts coming out with more goods I AM SO SCREWED. I watched KHR really late in the game cuz well, I only started watching anime maybe 6 years ago...? so KHR was long over by the time I got around to it, so it was difficult for me to find Hibari goodies, I always had to hunt eBay... I mean, I know they release stuff every now and then but still not the same as when it first came out and people were going all crazy over it.

I agree that it'd be nice if there was more Dino stuff including 1/8 figures! <3 above all, I really want KHR Nendoroids...

I think I'm mixing my PM response with my comment response lol... I'll reply the rest in PM later. XD

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