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Hello! My name is Erin, I am 21 years old & I've been collecting figures and other kawaii/anime merchandise for a few years now. I like to collect for fun!♡ I live in California. I spend most of my days working and enjoying other pastimes.
Anyone is welcome to send me a FR ♡ Sadly some items I do own are not listed on mfc, but this is the majority of my collection >.< I post lots of photos on my IG & tumblr! Links below ~[ext link ][ext link ]

I ♡ Galko-Chan


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shikishi takara_tomy_a.r.t.s pripara manaka_lala mini_shikishi pripara_autograph_shikishi_board_collection_4vocaloid megurine_luka hatsune_miku badge movic crypton_future_media chiho

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