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About Final Fantasy, One Piece and many more

A huge Final Fantasy Fan (both videogames and merchandise). I also like other Square-Enix's franchises such as FMA, Kingdom Hearts or Dragon Quest. Not really fond of the Play Arts KAI line lately, especially the price-quality ratio. I also like a lot of RPG's: The Legend of Zelda's franchise (First4Figures is doing a great job with this franchise), Lost Odyssey, Nier, Chrono Trigger and others. Of all, my favorite game is Final Fantasy VII, but I have to say that the FF VIII figure's made are quite impressive, especially the Trascendental's Artist ones that I try to find all (2 remaining). I'm also trying to get the Ragnarok clear version, which I'm only missing Diabolos/Nosferatu.

Appart from videogames, I also collect lots of anime's figures. Such as One Piece figures (POP's mostly), Tsume's Bleach, Soul Eater and Fairy Tail HQF/HQS and now I guess I'll have no other choice to get their One Piece figures too. I'm a big fan of First4Figures and Tsume's work even though I don't collect all their figures.

The figures I'm hoping for are FF VII's Turks, a nice Shiva statue (from FF IV) with her ice "throne", Lost Odyssey's characters (if not all at least the immortals), Buggy's POP and many other things.

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08 months agoDjibrilDjibril
Happy Birthday!
01 year agoDjibrilDjibril
Happy Birthday!!! :3
02 years agoinfectedqtinfectedqt
hey I WISH you are willing to sell zaraki kenpachi HQS PM ME
02 years agocacalove1cacalove1
yes big fan of tsume:)Bakours (2 years ago) #2694068Hi, thanks for the friend request. I see you're also a big Tsume fan ^__^
02 years agocacalove1cacalove1
yeah very big fan i try to get all tsume figure Bakours (2 years ago) #2694068Hi, thanks for the friend request. I see you're also a big Tsume fan ^__^

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