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Just another newbie Figma collector with some tank plamo experienced modeler.
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Bayuro (9 months ago) #17800156Happy Birthday!
Thank you very much!
9 months ago
Bayuro (10 months ago) #17705907Happy Birthday to you!
Thank you
10 months ago
Hello! (´,,•ω•,,)♡ Thank you for the friend request! I love your collection of Love Live figmas. (〃∇〃人)
11 months ago
Happy Birthday !!!!! ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆
1 year ago
Bayuro (1 year ago) #12346335HBTY!
Thanks !! ~(^o^)~
1 year ago
Bayuro (1 year ago) #5142645Just asking, have you heard of the paint brands like Mr.Color, Tamiya or Vallejo? Those are the only brands I know and available in our country. I hope those paints can be a good alternative.

I have heard of the first two. I really like Tamiya actually. And I've used Mr. Clear as a sealer.
1 year ago
Bayuro (1 year ago) #5128408Thank you too StephieHerbert for responding my FR. By the way, I saw your blogs about your custom Figmas. Can I ask some tips on how to make custom Figmas like what paints to use, how to recast etc.? Your answer will be appreciated.

Sure! I just started collecting about a year and half ago. I've always loved action figures but when I discovered figma I just loved how customizable they were so I knew I wanted to try and make my own as well. Currently I've been doing the cheapest methods possible and using Silcone and resin from Smooth On. They are pretty easy to use and not too expensive. For paints, I use testors or citadels gamer workshop paints. I've recently started airbrushing and I love that. My goal is to save up for a 3d printer and really start designing my figma. I really started by handling my figma a lot, especially cheap ones from Mandarake. I got several for less than $10 a piece and would take them apart to see how they work. Now I can easily replace broke joints and repair parts of figma. Any questions you have I'd be happy to answer.
1 year ago
Rawr, chomp, chomp.
1 year ago
Hi there! THanks a lot for the FR ^_^ I hope you can keep increasing your Figma collection!
I was just collecting nendoroids but GSC decided to release CardCaptor Sakura Figmas so I HAD TO get them all lol so I got into that as well!
I know you will keep them inside the boxes but if you even have a chance/money, get 2 figmas of the same character or maybe get one of your favourite character for less value (Visit Mandarake) and then you can get that one out of the box so you can enjoy it and "taste" what it feels like to play and pose them (cos I adore to play with them!) XD Of course this is just mere suggestion ;)

Take care!!
1 year ago
Hi and thanks for the friend request! Always fun to meet another figma collector!
2 years ago
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