Bea-Bea- Keep Calm and Buy Figures

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011 months agoSetiSeti
Happy Birthday! ^__^
12 years agoDjibrilDjibril
Happy Birthday!! :3
02 years agoSetiSeti
Happy Birthday! ^__^
02 years agoRychiRychi
Bea- (2 years ago) #2845541i got nanoha ~
item #537

So cute!
Did you like her? c:
02 years agoRychiRychi
Bea- (2 years ago) #2775807since this month, what are u doing to do? :/ lend some money from ur dad?

I don't know, try to not buy anymore figure. XD And i'm never donna borrow from my dad, i have my own money. c:

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