Saving up:
Cosplay Stuffs - Kuroneko wigs, costumes, etc.
Figurines - alot nendo / few figure (slowly to save money)
Nendoroid Accessories - Saving money

I rearranged my figure list (some other figures are bootleg, so i remove it from now on)

Follow me up on Twitter (ext link)
and my D.A. (ext link)

p.s. i had to make my own blog.

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04 months ago (3 months ago)RychiRychi
Bea- (4 months ago) #2047068Aww ~ but ur parents dont mind, for you buying/order figures? since they expensive :x

04 months agoRychiRychi
Bea- (4 months ago) #2047017when did you become supporter? :o did you pay or something?

I paid for being supporter, but that was because i want to support the site and so i can lay out more of my figures i'm selling. c;

That has nothing to do with my figures i'm buying, i sold some figure/books and my teve(because i don't need it anymore) and brought some figures instead^ ^
04 months agoRychiRychi
Bea- (4 months ago) #2046545its not like that, coz cosplay stuff are very expensive. :/ wig, costumes, props.

Yeah i know, figures are expensive too. I saved up money to buy some figures for this month. c:
04 months agoRychiRychi
Bea- (4 months ago) #2046525Yes ~ i think i should stop buying cosplay stuff then.. back to collecting figurines~

Wait, you have to stop cosplaying to be able to talk to me? :I
04 months agoRychiRychi
Bea- (4 months ago) #2046484been busy this college. :/ project, etc. and final exam is coming up

Aw, work hard~! c:
We should talk more!

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