BeaniBeani (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻Available in pearl white, light blue and mint green.

038 minutes agoMisaMisa27MisaMisa27
Beani (10 hours ago) #2104664Older plushies are not available at the Gift event. Izaya was also distributed by Alter so I think he was sold differently to begin with. I think you'd have to try hunting in secondhand sites and hope for the best! Good luck!

Okay, i understand. Thank you for your fast reply, i see you have a lot pm to read and to reply.
Ah and of course i confirm Ren!
08 hours agoMelKeigoMelKeigo
Ahha okay no prob! I see, our timezones are that different >.<
Beani (8 hours ago) #2104823Yes I got your PM. :) I went to sleep around when you sent it so please give me some more time to respond, currently sorting through PMs now. Thanks!
08 hours agoMelKeigoMelKeigo
Hey there! Did you get my PM? I'm sorry if I made any confusions xP I want it setled ASAP and correctly (^_^)/ sorry for sending so many messages xD
016 hours agoMisaMisa27MisaMisa27
Hello Beani, i know you can't accept anymore requests, i understand this i'm too late. But i want to ask you if it's possibile to get an older plushie? I don't know maybe in Japan it's possibile to get some older stuff, like the Izaya plush? I really want him, but damn on ebay his price is totally if you maybe can help me please let me know! Thank you :)
023 hours agoInnocenceShiroInnocenceShiro
Hi hi~~!(lol)

Thanks for accept the fiend request!:)
01 day agoyuuichisanyuuichisan

I know you're busy with the many requests, but I'm just dropping by to ask if you got my pm? And if I need to send you any more info for shipping (:
01 day agojuliannafavelajuliannafavela
hello, I heard I could tell you about plushes in case you go by the event again or if you have one. I was interested in the evil Ukyo if you coudl get him
01 day agodexter89dexter89
No problem, that is understable considering the popularity of the item you are helping to get. @.@
Beani (1 day ago) #2102888Haha done, sorry! This is what hapens when you get over 100 PMs in a day I guess!
01 day agodexter89dexter89
Hi, please clear your inbox, need to send pm to you @.@ Thanks
01 day agoIcePowaIcePowa
Beani (1 day ago) #2101979Hi!
Sorry I managed to miss your comment :( I have no Clears available right now but can add you to the list in case I can go buy more?

Well, ok, but I don't understand. The dmmd plushes are available from or to June 2014? D:
01 day agoCupsCups
I hope you don't mind me asking but I was wondering if you have any spare available as I would be very interested in purchasing one? :O
01 day ago (1 day ago)roronoa_zoro69roronoa_zoro69 ┐( ̄ヮ ̄)┌
02 days agoIcePowaIcePowa
Sorry, but I have read you had a Clear plush! QQ And I'm interested! (Sorry if my Enlish is bad, I'm French, and this is really important.)
03 days agoConaeConae
Beani (5 days ago) #2097003Yo~
Just to let you know Booth emailed me mentioning that they are trying to implement a lower rung for the warehouse shipping. Currently the 700 yen bracket is courier while it looks like they are bringing in a normal mail option as well at 320 yen. I went to cola's and a few other stores and the option is still greyed out at most places so not sure if they need to activate it (the store owner) or if it is only applicable to particular items (the one I found that did work was a metal strap and yet other straps were still greyed out..) but thought I'd let you know that cheaper shipping may be an option for warehouse stores in the future!

I'm so relieved! Hopefully the stores are just a little slow implementing it and more of them will offer the cheaper shipping later down the track. Thanks for the update Beani!
09 days agoWindsorSevenWindsorSeven
Beani (12 days ago) #2085317Ah! I didn't know your birthday was so soon!
View spoilerHide spoilerHappy Birthday~~

Though I'm wondering whether you lied about your birthday just to share it with Otoya...

Those pictures are so cute! Especially Mami's (‘∀’●)♡
:o You wound me! In some great coincidence, we really do share a birthday! Lolol, how do you know when his birthday is anyway?
09 days agoaeonblueaeonblue
Beani (9 days ago) #2090191Just as an update these are now all paid for! :D
Awesome \o/ thanks for the update!
011 days agoaeonblueaeonblue
BEANIIIIIII (ext link) Can you get them for me? :D
018 days agoWindsorSevenWindsorSeven
Beani (18 days ago) #2074706item #208850

I can't believe it!! Of all the Saber gks they picked this one! Ahhhh!! This is going to be so unlike all other figs of her, in the best way. Hopefully they can do the kit justice.
020 days agoWindsorSevenWindsorSeven
Beani (21 days ago) #2070919I vaguely remember exchanging comments about her with my boyfriend but since we both aren't fans of Saber I think we were too busy looking at other things.
Don't make fun of me for being slow. :<
I hope both Isaac and Miria and Watashi are there so I can buy one of each and we can both have what we want :D

Oh yes, I remember you telling me once that you didn't like Saber D: I remember that conversation very clearly lol /still in disbelief :P
Lolol, you're the best kind of slow. There, does that make it all better?
Yes, that would be best! I think I might have asked you this before, as I vaguely remember your answer, but are you planning on painting Isaac and Miria yourself? Or Watashi?
Non is coming out with a new book! In May! I think. It's not too early to be excited, right?
021 days agoWindsorSevenWindsorSeven
Beani (21 days ago) #2070887So remember when you asked me about that Saber? She was there I must have just missed her cause I was too busy looking at the Baccano and Jinrui ones. picture #925249 I was looking at Wonfes pics and noticed her lol.
I'm laughing at the fact that it took you looking at pictures to realize you saw something, even though you were actually there lolol. I just noticed, but all their stuff is quite cheap! But somehow still very nice looking. Well, I don't really like their Aoko, but that's mainly because I find the pose to be strange. Ahhh I really hope Isaac and Miria are there next time.

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