BeaniBeani (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻Available in pearl white, light blue and mint green.

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Beani (1 month ago) #10620694Happy Birthday! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧.
My sincere technicolor thanks (๑♡⌓♡๑)
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Beani (2 months ago) #9837184I spoke with someone who is pro on die cast figures and they said the price jump is correct. Die cast manufacturing really has jumped in cost unlike other manufacturing methods used by certain other companies that choose to gouge.
I keep seeing BDs of it around already even on Amazon JP but I'm guessing those are bootlegs.

Oh, well, that DOES make me feel better about the price. I ordered Nyagoking! Though I haven't paid mind to Action Toys/Art Storm to know how well they are with delays, so I hope that if I pre-pay him on BiJ it doesn't turn into "I threw cash into the abyss"...

I only got a BD player a few months ago *glances at PS4* so I haven't paid mind to BDs before then, lol :<
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Beani (2 months ago) #9554447Currently figuring out if I want to order from Amiami or Suru, Suru saves me a few bucks but if I'm not still in Japan at release it becomes a bit of a nuisance (I hope to be though). Hmmm..
Was the original release really only 4800 yen? It makes me want to buy him a little less cause that type of hike would have been in response to the after market and he's more likely to bin orz.
I never really liked Polly much but if I get the other two I guess she's a necessity. I hope they do eventually make all three.

[selfish] nooo don't leave [/selfish]
I'm not totally sure, the person who added the entry says so... ¥4800 seems a bit cheap for him but then again I'm not at all well versed in pricing for die cast figures. If his price was lower I'd just get another lol. Looks like the show is getting a BD release next, and it's streaming on Crunchyroll.
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Beani (2 months ago) #9286440FUCK
I'll probably skip the new one but I have a need for Speedy. God I hope he doesn't somehow sell out before I get an order in.
You gonna get Nyagoking?

The quality on Speedy is so good I have no doubts about Nyagoking. Plus, I'm sure he will also skyrocket in the aftermarket like Speedy did.
They're already on Ami/HobbySearch/BiJ/HLJ so I think you should be set at one of those.

Loudly praying they follow up with Guido and Polly...
EDIT: [ext link ] @_____@ I will sell most of my nendoroids for these
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item #146809 !!!!!
item #430034 !!!!!!!!!!
02 months agoJi-chanJi-chan
Thank you for accepting my FR request <3 <3
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Beani (3 months ago) #8514810Happy Birthday!
Thank you beani~
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Beani (4 months ago) #7478895Happy Birthday :D
Thank you very much \o/ It was happy indeed ;-)
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AAAAHHH it was your birthday days ago and I knew but I kept forgetting to wish you a good one o(_ _;o)

Hope you did something fun, and of course ate lots of cake!
04 months agoTakeTake Virile Insatiable Beast
Happy Birthday :D Enjoy your day!
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Technicolor birthday wishes to my favorite Beani! (♥ω♥ )~♪
05 months agoAtra776Atra776
Happy Birthday Beani! All the best and have a good one. =]
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Happy Birthday, Beani! ♥
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ஜ۩۞۩ஜ BEANI ஜ۩۞۩ஜ
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Beani (6 months ago) #5966779Almost better I think, of course I was sick over the long weekend but at least I didn't have to feel miserable at work. Sad I couldn't go out though :(
I had to borrow money for her body and then they pay out Christmas bonuses in Japan so I bought the clothes that way. I felt too bad having her in a plastic jar. She's not a custom as in a character I built, just a faceup I bought off YAJ cause I love the 09 sculpt and her eyes are flipping gorgeous (but never show up properly in photos). I don't have any proper shoots of her yet, just shitty phone pics but here she is: [ext link ] [ext link ] [ext link ] And yeah Wayfinder has had his longer, he got the first one mid way through 2014 and Sinon in mid 2015. He has a flicker with a few pics of them [ext link ]
We entered the lottery for Tohsaka but seems the notification window is actually until the 15th so we have to wait until then to know..
Yeah I got an anmi for myself, it's very nice. Can you PM me with the shipping method and address you want it sent to and I'll send you an invoice.

See, there's always an upside..
Haha, I would too! I always feel bad keeping Mami boxed up when I'm gone but there's no other option. She looks so good with the black hair! Her frilly cardigan is nice too. I bet the options there for doll clothing and accessories must be insane. Sinon with red hair? Interesting choice. "In that sweater" made me laugh a bit. I like her poses there. Tohsaka!?!??! I really hope you get her!!! That would be amazing! The TM dolls are my favorites, but I am biased. Did you watch UBW?
I'll do that now!
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Beani (6 months ago) #5849410I got sick just after New Year too actually, typical!
And of course I want you to buy one. It's Rin! I've wanted dolls for years but I've only had my girl for 2 months now (or well more like 3.5 months if you count the time she was just a head >.>). I don't have a custom Hitagi, if they make one I'd want her but I don't think I'll customise one for her myself. The family is just my girl and then Wayfinder's two right now (hoping for a third one for him, we find out in three days..).
I don't think Meiko will sell very well, unless she comes with alcohol and then people will buy her for parts only.. EZFG and Giga have been too busy doing stuff for other people. They need to focus on themselves again. At least I found Umetora to kinda fill the gap I don't keep up with what they are doing so much.
I did end up with an extra but not sure if I'm sending to you or if it's going with aeon's stuff? The book is flipping gorgeous but that comes as no surprise.

So I'm not the only one! I'm glad for that at least. Hope you're feeling better now.
Lolol, sure, let's count the time she was just a head. You did pretty well getting her a body and (I'm assuming) everything else in such a short time. I know there are people who just have a piece here and a piece there for ages. I'm fairly sure I would end up being one of those people. Even will small custom ideas I take forever and then end up giving up years later. Have I asked for pics yet? Show me show me! Has he had his two for longer? Did you guys enter a lottery? I think it's been three days or so, how'd you go?
Yeah this is likely to be true. I was just talking about this last night, but all of the Vocaloid figmas come with shitty accessories so she's likely to come with just that and a mic. ughghgh I know and it's driving me crazy. I like a few umetora songs, probably the ones everyone does, but I just can't get into all their stuff and I wish I could. Woo! You can send it this way! I'm glad at least one thing from C89 went online. Did you get one for yourself?
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Beani (6 months ago) #5706955Christmas was ok! Always a bit different here in Japan to back home.
I think there is a pretty good chance they will make Rin an MDD and those are more proportioned to a 1/4 so I'm afraid you have no excuse if that happens :p
Gumi sadly is probably never going to happen, fact is they have the Crypton license which is no good for my favourite Vocaloids. A Luka might tempt me though, and maybe Len if they actually do a proper body for him. Not sure how he would fit into our doll family though..

Yeah I would assume. It's way different here than back home too. I couldn't imagine Christmas without snow before, but then I moved here and lol. Actually, I've heard that even back home it hasn't snowed yet, which is super disappointing. I hope your NY was good too! I got sick -_-;.
Heh, you just want me to buy one don't you? I have to admit an MDD of her would tempt me way too much. Just imagining all the outfits I could get for her aaahhhh. Oh doll family! How long have you been into them? Do you have a custom Hitagi? Yeah I always forget Gumi isn't a part of the "main" family of Vocaloids since she gets so many songs and a decent amount of figs. Did you see that Meiko figma entry? I wonder how she'll sell... Oh! Someone told me that EZFG has finally done something new, but in the form of a new song for Ashikubi's upcoming CD. It's something right? Btw I heard you had an extra anmi _(:3 ?
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Beani (7 months ago) #5612572Ha that didn't take long at all. The one so far looks a bit odd for a petit but guess that is just the art style.
Btw the thing you ordered in Jan was going to be delivered to me right when I leave the country, Gift was pretty accommodating though so they will send to me in early Feb instead. Whoo!
Been meaning to ask, think you will get the Rin Dollfie?

Yeah I thought he looked kind of odd too. I feel like he's not very well proportioned, even for a petit. But still! I can be happy, yeah?
Great! Thanks for the update. I hope you have a nice time back home. How did your Christmas go?
Edit: forgot to mention the Rin dollfie. I'm so surprised and happy she's being made, but I don't want 1/3 dolls. If she was 1/4 I'd be all over it. I'm excited to see what the pair looks like, especially Len. What about you? Maybe they'll make Gumi someday!
07 months agoWindsorSevenWindsorSeven SHSL Vegone
Osomatsu petites(?) are being made. Guess that wasn't much of a wish lol..
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Beani (8 months ago) #4591218Happy Birthday! :D

Thank you so very much!

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