BeaniBeani (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻Available in pearl white, light blue and mint green.

02 days agoquilehquileh
Beani (2 days ago) #2639004Doujin Goods are allowed if they have a store link included. Mandarake is not sufficient for this but this cover is sold here (ext link) so you can use that for the link.
The circle is already in the DB encyclopedia #43883 however the artist is not. I'd suggest using this entry as an example of what to do for the new entry. item #270585
Try to always avoid Google Translate as it massacres names. The artist would be "Ohayou(^o^)" with the Japanese "おはよう(^o^)".

Awesome, thank you so much!!
02 days agoquilehquileh
Hi! I have no clue who to ask about this, but I'm hoping you can help me. I found a non-official (I think the term is doujin?) dakimakura cover, am I allowed to add it to the data base? If so, where do I plug in the circle/author?

(ext link) Mandarake link - warning NSFW.

This is what Google Translate told me the text says ^^;

"Circle name Fuji Asama-do
Author Good morning (^ o ^)
Genre manga and anime - Yūki Yūna wa Yūsha de Aru
Size 160cm × 50cm
Type pillow
Sales regulation 18 prohibited
Content Aqua Lycra made"

Again, I'm sorry for bothering you. I hope you can help me!
011 days agoGimmicksGimmicks
Hello~, just letting you know I received the Madoka straps today, thanks a bunch for your help! I knew they were going to be big but the jumbo size still kind of surprised me, lol :D
012 days agotanakatanaka
Hey Beani.
Since you live in Japan, where would be the best retail shops to go in Tokyo, for Figmas in reasonable prices?
How about Osaka or Nagoya?

012 days agoGetterDragonGetterDragon
Thank you for all your help my Lady.
020 days agotheyasminshowtheyasminshow rides again
Beani (20 days ago) #2595626Jesus you don't sound so good, get meds pronto with plenty of rest D: Perhaps Wooser medicine? View spoilerHide spoiler
Get well soon~

I have no appetite and I can't swallow but damn that looks delicious. I love lemony things ;___;
Thank you, I'll try my best!
020 days agoKotokoKotoko ✮ 銀河の魔女 ✮
Thanks for accepting my FR! I love your collection and profile! :)
020 days agoWindsorSevenWindsorSeven SHSL Vegone
Beani (24 days ago) #25892202/3 of it? How long is it? And it is still worth it even with that ratio?
Sorry I am mildly obsessed with Yuuki Yuuna right now due to this lovely goddess View spoilerHide spoiler so I bring it up whenever possible. It's a good example of the dark Magical Girl genre, people say it is a cross between Madoka and Eva but really I think it brings enough new to the table to not warrant comparisons like that (hyper Shinto Magical Girls are the BEST). The animation is top notch as well which helps things a hell of a lot, probably the most high quality animation of last year. Their transformations shit all over Sailormoon Crystal that's for sure (ext link) (I suggest avoiding looking up anything to do with this series and even avoiding thumbnails on youtubes cause spoilers are EVERYWHERE, especially Wikipedia).
Hmm whether I recommend Lisa or not really depends on what kindof stuff you like to play. It would be an acquired taste I think.
If you haven't heard of Princess Maker I guess you won't get why I look down on LLtQ so much. Yes that is the one in question, I wish more were available in English but alas we are still waiting. Currently they are working on a patch for PM5 which I really want to play but it looks like it stalled again. I just need to hurry up and learn Japanese.
I played too much Recettear.. though I was never crazy enough to go for the huge dungeons and secret characters at the end orz.. I'm guessing you played and enjoyed it? For the other games brought over by that company.. I found Chantelise was a total yawn fest but Fortune Summoners seemed great sadly I started playing it but I just couldn't get over all the delays and stuff that happened with it so I couldn't get into it..

I'm not entirely sure how long the game was and I've already deleted it so I can't check, but try asking aeon. I don't know if you've even played Mogeko Castle, but it's much longer than that. I do still think it's worth it, especially with the true ending. You know...I hope if you play the game you don't come back here like "Windsor, this is boring as hell!" lol.
She is quite cute :3 Her transformation was the best as well. A cross between Madoka and Eva? Just how much suffering can one show contain... If you say it's interesting though, then I might check it out. I've been trying to stay away from boring, run of the mill series lately. The characters' faces look a lot like the ones in SAO. Same studio? Hahaha, well to be fair it does not take much to be better than the new Sailor Moon. You watched it right? Man, my sisters and I were so excited for the reboot and then it turned out the way it did -_-. Needless to say, we went back to watching the old version. At least that has nostalgia going for it :p Spoilers on Wikipedia are the worst! A few times I've gone to look up what a manga is about, and the entire plot is just laid out in the summary! That ruined a few series for me.
I think I will try out Princess Maker for the time being, granted I can find a dl somewhere. My Steam account is being lame, so I had to send them a ticket. LLtQ will have to wait. I'm surprised you don't know enough to get through a VN or something. Do you watch your anime subbed or no?
I've actually never played it, but it seems like you and Katto like it! Just from the descriptions and screens it doesn't seem like I'd enjoy the others, which is why I only mentioned Recettear. Have you finished any games lately lol?
Btw I feel the need to tell you that it's gotten so cold here! Though I realize I'm probably not as good at dealing with "winter" as I used to be, that doesn't discount the fact that it's 'freezing' here.
020 days agobloopesterbloopester
Beani (21 days ago) #2594209While it might be amusing please don't edit the thumbnails on Draft entries to be anything but the figures face. Thanks :)

I'm so sorry about that!
I'm still new to this site and thought it was a personal change I could do D:
At least I know now!
021 days agokawaiiphandakawaiiphanda

I hope you are doing well :3

I just wanted to let you know that I have received the package you sent me and it's amazing *O*, thanks so much! :D I wasn't sure to write to you here, but hope it's ok. :)

I also really hope I'm able to use your services again haha :3 You're awesome, and wish this year brings you a lot of sucess and great moments x3

Regards, :)
021 days agoTakeTake Virile Insatiable Beast
Beani (21 days ago) #2593078I suggest looking at their shop location page one day and having your mind blown then lol.
O_o What an ignorant gaijin I was.
021 days agoTakeTake Virile Insatiable Beast
Beani (21 days ago) #2592959I was in Animate yesterday in Shibuya and they had like every plush except item #277511 -.-
What a shame -_- Thank you so much for checking though :D I didn't know about the Animate in Shibuya! I'm only aware of the ones in Ikebukuro and Akihabara.
023 days agoDorobbongDorobbong
Hey Beanie.

I just wanted to let you know, that the package arrived safely today. It took quite a while due to holidays as you mentioned, but it actually arrived in Germany after only 3 days from when you've ent it. Ha Ha.
So customs took its time, but I didn't need to pay any sort of customs. That was a relief.

Thank you very much again.
I will definitely use your service again someday in future.

Best regards.& Have a nice day. <3
024 days agoKattoKatto SHSL Magical Girl
WindsorSeven (24 days ago) #2585730Have you played Recettear?Capitalism, Ho!

... I'll go to bed now.
024 days ago (24 days ago)WindsorSevenWindsorSeven SHSL Vegone
Beani (25 days ago) #2585126Thanks for warning me about the beginning otherwise I may have not tried to go through it. That situation reminds me of Yuuki Yuuna which I marathoned recently. There were a couple of eps in the middle where I was like wtf is this but then the last 3-4 eps were glorious.
How did your exams go?
I had actually forgotten what I bought already ha.. I'm mainly trying to play Lisa right now when I have time, it is a bit grindy at the start but I love playing something that feels so much like Earthbound and the themes are really good. The ones I bought and haven't played yet were Shovel Knight, Freedom Planet, A Bird Story, Super Time Force Ultra and Noitu Love 2: Devolution. My mum bought a Steam card and only used like $10 on it then told me to use up some so I had fun with my wishlist lol.
I can't bring myself to play Long Live the Queen cause it's interface is a dog's breakfast and it seems to add nothing new to a genre it is aping that is like.. 20 years old. Just play Princess Maker or something.. LLtQ is actually nowhere near as deep or randomised as it claims to be.

I'd wager to say it's more like the first...2/3 of the game are a little boring lol. Cause now that I think of it, it seems like everything excited was much shorter than I originally thought. Ha, so I thought you were still talking about games and I was trying desperately to figure out what game Yuuki Yuuna was...and then I realized it was an anime. Even when you said "episodes" all I could think of was an episodic game lol. orz I am so out of the loop with anime. Would you recommend it?
They were alright :/ I haven't gotten my grades back yet, but I'm pretty sure I only aced one. The others...gah.
Lol that's Steam for you. I just saw a thread the other day about Lisa, though I didn't read it. Would you recommend that as well? Embarrassingly I have only heard of two of those games - Shovel Knight and STFU - and played zero. Haha lucky!
I'm surprised you've even heard of it, let alone have an opinion. But hey! I liked the demo (my sister did as well, which I found surprising) so I want it. I have to admit I've never heard of Princess Maker though. Are you talking about (ext link) (which I guess is the only one in English?). 74 possible endings...good God.
Have you played Recettear?
028 days ago (28 days ago)WindsorSevenWindsorSeven SHSL Vegone
Beani (28 days ago) #2580119Wada is currently on my to play list. I think I started it up a month or two ago but something interrupted me. I bought some stuff on the Steam sales so am playing those when I get time (which I don't seem to have all lately D:) so Wada will be in line after that I guess. Did you Steam at all over the holidays?
We just finished playing it, and it's good! The beginning is sort of slow, but I think the second half more than makes up for it, and the character designs and music just add to that. You'll like it, I think...I hope. My last exam is tomorrow (I'm studying right now...) so soon I will have all the time in the world, ehehe. What'd you buy? I didn't, but I want to play Long Live the Queen so I might buy that. Just need to remember my login info ._.
028 days agoWindsorSevenWindsorSeven SHSL Vegone
Beani (28 days ago) #2580113Dude I have two copies right here. Am I not good enough to edit your entries? Is that it? Cause too bad I edited it anyway.

LOL, oh man somehow I didn't even realize this. Yes beani, edit away :D! Btw aeon mentioned you saying something about Mogeko. Did you play Wada too?
029 days agotheyasminshowtheyasminshow rides again
Beani (29 days ago) #2570836Lol staying up all night on MFC with figures. You are such a wild thing!
The Kokkuri doujin is sealed so I can't look at it even if I am kinda intrigued. It is all packed away now, I'll be sending your invoice soon but take your time paying it if you need to recover from the wallet pain. Dare I ask how much they cost you?

If'n you want you can open it. Gaze upon the handsome young Shigaraki~

Ah geez. wooser set was I think ¥7750. Whoever that is bidding against me is mighty zealous, and even tried to snipe even though the auction had auto extension on. The AGF wooser set is worth ¥2000 and I gave up when they bid ¥6000. The straps, I got bundled from one seller for just over ¥5000. Works for me in the long run since I pay one commission and shipping fee. The highest I've seen a Wifey strap sell for is a little over ¥4000, but the average is ~¥2500.
029 days agororonoa_zoro69roronoa_zoro69
Beani (29 days ago) #2569596Sadly in cases like this you have to move quickly so general deletion is necessary at times rather than waiting for people to respond to PMs, thanks for being so understanding about it though :)

It's ok, that was quite rough, i felt concerned this is why, anyway i repost my comment properly so i'm ok :)
029 days agororonoa_zoro69roronoa_zoro69
Beani (29 days ago) #2569593I'm bringing this over here since I specifically wanted to avoid people dragging up the old topic..
I removed the entire conversation from start to finish, you were not being impolite but I didn't want to leave any remnants for people to drag back up and you were referring to what others were saying. People were misdirecting the conversation towards somehow blaming Kalas when they had nothing to do with the actual donation drive so it seemed inappropriate to leave any of it there. Feel free to post again if you want to speak generally about the original post rather than the way the conversation was heading. :)
(I'll be deleting the new post as well to try and keep the topic from having anything people can pull back up again, it's not a reflection on you in particular.)

If you let me know i would have erased the comment that talked about the rudeness of others, sure go ahead i'll repost my comment properly :)

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