BeaniBeani (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻Available in pearl white, light blue and mint green.

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Beani (2 days ago) #2097003Yo~
Just to let you know Booth emailed me mentioning that they are trying to implement a lower rung for the warehouse shipping. Currently the 700 yen bracket is courier while it looks like they are bringing in a normal mail option as well at 320 yen. I went to cola's and a few other stores and the option is still greyed out at most places so not sure if they need to activate it (the store owner) or if it is only applicable to particular items (the one I found that did work was a metal strap and yet other straps were still greyed out..) but thought I'd let you know that cheaper shipping may be an option for warehouse stores in the future!

I'm so relieved! Hopefully the stores are just a little slow implementing it and more of them will offer the cheaper shipping later down the track. Thanks for the update Beani!
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Beani (9 days ago) #2085317Ah! I didn't know your birthday was so soon!
View spoilerHide spoilerHappy Birthday~~

Though I'm wondering whether you lied about your birthday just to share it with Otoya...

Those pictures are so cute! Especially Mami's (‘∀’●)♡
:o You wound me! In some great coincidence, we really do share a birthday! Lolol, how do you know when his birthday is anyway?
06 days agoaeonblueaeonblue
Beani (6 days ago) #2090191Just as an update these are now all paid for! :D
Awesome \o/ thanks for the update!
08 days agoaeonblueaeonblue
BEANIIIIIII (ext link) Can you get them for me? :D
015 days agoWindsorSevenWindsorSeven
Beani (15 days ago) #2074706item #208850

I can't believe it!! Of all the Saber gks they picked this one! Ahhhh!! This is going to be so unlike all other figs of her, in the best way. Hopefully they can do the kit justice.
017 days agoWindsorSevenWindsorSeven
Beani (17 days ago) #2070919I vaguely remember exchanging comments about her with my boyfriend but since we both aren't fans of Saber I think we were too busy looking at other things.
Don't make fun of me for being slow. :<
I hope both Isaac and Miria and Watashi are there so I can buy one of each and we can both have what we want :D

Oh yes, I remember you telling me once that you didn't like Saber D: I remember that conversation very clearly lol /still in disbelief :P
Lolol, you're the best kind of slow. There, does that make it all better?
Yes, that would be best! I think I might have asked you this before, as I vaguely remember your answer, but are you planning on painting Isaac and Miria yourself? Or Watashi?
Non is coming out with a new book! In May! I think. It's not too early to be excited, right?
017 days agoWindsorSevenWindsorSeven
Beani (18 days ago) #2070887So remember when you asked me about that Saber? She was there I must have just missed her cause I was too busy looking at the Baccano and Jinrui ones. picture #925249 I was looking at Wonfes pics and noticed her lol.
I'm laughing at the fact that it took you looking at pictures to realize you saw something, even though you were actually there lolol. I just noticed, but all their stuff is quite cheap! But somehow still very nice looking. Well, I don't really like their Aoko, but that's mainly because I find the pose to be strange. Ahhh I really hope Isaac and Miria are there next time.
020 days ago (20 days ago)WindsorSevenWindsorSeven
(ext link) That is going to be the only Kyousogiga doujin we get isn't it?
023 days agolucy4lucy4 Free! Lover

Your inbox is full XD Any news?
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Beani (25 days ago) #2057031I bought umaibo! Now tell me something to send with it :p
:D You did? :DDD What flavor is it? Or should I wait and be surprised lol?
(ext link) Is this something you'd be able to get?
026 days agothephotomattthephotomatt Xiao-Mei hunter
Beani (26 days ago) #2056344Yep that is it! Kimidore lol I didn't even see the sign on it when I went in. Guess they rotate what works they show cause while Kantoku was around they had far more Coffee Kizoku. Somehow he didn't get a single good shot of the giant scrolls.. Also he didn't shoot the autograph wall in the stairwell so either that's new or the usual rule of strictly no photos on original sketches applies to Danny too lol.
I found their twitter and they have quite a lot of shots on there of the art works they have items for and the shop (ext link) including the post cards I got! (ext link) (just noticed the shop name is on one of those too lol I'm a derp.)
All this reminds me Eshi 100 is soon! I am so excited. Maybe I'll finally buy one of the art books, how would you rate the ones you own?

I would absolutely rate the Eshi 100 artbooks a 10 out of 10. I'm still searching far and wide for the 1st Volume. You're going to really love Eshi 100. I've never been but definitely one of the things I'd like to time right and see during a visit there.
027 days agororonoa_zoro69roronoa_zoro69 ZORO HUSBANDO
Beani (27 days ago) #2055040View spoilerHide spoilerIf you feel you have been getting bullied you may be falling into a similar trap to one I was in many years ago. When someone singles you out online it makes you suddenly start seeing negative stabs from everyone, even if they were not intended. While I totally believe there may be someone out there having a go at you it may be best to generally just step back and not read too much into what others are saying to you. The user on Haru's page was not having a go, they seemed legitimately confused you were upset about joints on an action figure. That perception is fair enough given the way you worded the post they quoted.
Not meaning to lecture you or anything but since I was in a similar situation I can say that if you act negatively towards people you see as treating you badly it will only make matters worse, especially if you took what they say out of context. And it is very easy to misunderstand people when you have stresses from others mistreating you. It just ends up making you out to be "the bad guy" when really there was no need for anyone to be that.
Either way I hope whatever bullying you are suffering from others is resolved :)
As for people pushing their opinions onto others, I think that is just a matter of people not willing to actually discuss things. People tend to just post their opinion and then when people disagree they just state "well we can all have our own opinion and this is mine" rather than actually conversing with the person about their different points of view. I think there could be some interesting discourse on MFC but most people just don't bother trying to do it which is sad :(

Sometimes i try to not answer, or just let it go, this time i didn't, i think like you said i shall not take everything for myself.

It's also the way people comments and try to impose you their decision, like the one who comments telling us to calm down it's only a prototype etc... there is also this that bugs me all the time, when some can use the word IMO,they just don't, you wrong they're right, that is kind of hard to stay calm, but well i shall come back to my cool self, anyway thanks for listening to me ^_^
027 days agororonoa_zoro69roronoa_zoro69 ZORO HUSBANDO
Hi, i thought of talking here rather than on the haruka thread

View spoilerHide spoilerRecently i've been subject of bullying, the subtle one with smile and little hint, and i'm not the type of the one who gets bullied so i am just immediately telling what's on my mind or think.

it might look harsh but as i'm usually someone who don't like to be fooled, i end up looking like the bad guy in this, my answer wasn't toward you but toward those who always push me to answer harshly, it's kind of childish but even if sometimes i pass my way, some other time i just can't so i let myself going a bit overboard, nonetheless i noticed that recently there is a lot of people who push their likes, decision onto others so yeah, i might just not answer to this, i don't know...

Sorry for this long post =_=
028 days ago (28 days ago)WindsorSevenWindsorSeven
Have you set up your proxy service yet? I am in dire need of a new one, because FJ is really getting on my nerves with all their fees.

edit: I'm just going to squeeze this in here.

Beani (1 month ago) #2040705View spoilerHide spoiler
I have no idea where it does and doesn't snow, I thought it didn't snow in Tokyo for example >.> But it sounds like it got pretty intense in new England. Australia has areas that are prone to snow but the vast majority of the place never sees it. Where I grew up maybe had it snow twice the whole time and it was only a small dusting really. If you want to see snow you have to go south basically, areas of lower NSW and Victoria and likely Tasmania as well (though I have yet to go to Tassy). I didn't play in the snow here as I was busy being annoyed at it for being hard to walk in lol. I don't have snow shoes or anything.
Lol why do you want umaibo?
Honestly I should have learnt how to drive but I always intended to move to the city and just didn't really see the point. I now know how inconvenient it is for people that I can't drive but that is just how it is. I don't really like cars so I likely would be a bad driver anyway. Hmm well once you get over 20k people country town doesn't seem appropriate any more? I would have hated to grow up in that city so lucky for me I actually grew up in a tiny country town and we later moved to the country city when I was in high school. Country cities are the worst possible place to live, I am fairly sure of that.
He does tower over most people, how small is a "bit small"? I am about 5'9" or so. I'd say you are taking a long time to adjust cause it is incredibly different to back home right? I've been to America, parts of Europe and Fiji. I need to get to New Zealand one day given it is so close to Sydney lol.
Yeah we get free shipping now. I have yet to find any bonuses for EZFG so I am thinking they might not have any. They launched the official site for the CD but it didn't seem to mention store bonuses D:
LotLH doujinshi?!? Was it an art book? Oh god please tell me it was a comic or I will just die from not owning it.

It snowed more in NE this year than when I was still there. It only snowed once that winter! Can you believe it? The worst part was that we lost power because of it, as it was a really bad storm. Within a few days it had melted, but we didn't have power for more than a week orz. Lol you don't need snow shoes. Just step on that snow and let it know who's boss.
Once when I ordered something off of eBay the seller sent me some umaibo as well. I was hesitant to eat it at first, but I really liked it once I tried it. I can't find it anywhere though :( Wait, I don't have to explain myself to you lol.
It's inconvenient for other people? I mean, I find it amusing you can't drive, but if you're fine with it then it shouldn't matter for others.. Ahaha, I'm terrible at parking so don't worry. I always park in the back so I'm not near anyone lol. Why are country cities so bad?
Gah, I'm shorter than you ): I'm 5'7. M-maybe I'm still growing I'm not Yeah it's really different, but I should be used to it by now! Oh cool, you went to Fiji? I don't have any desire to go to Europe. Yeah I was going to say, shouldn't you have already been to New Zealand? But then again my first time visiting Canada was this summer, and that place is right there.
Noooo. I guess it's sort of understandable... Most bonuses are straps and mouse pads from their videos, so what would EZFG's be? A bunch of black mousepads with white text lol?
I think it's an art book? Well, if pencil sketches count as illustrations. It's this one item #204308 All the pictures I've seen are of sketches, but then again no one would really upload pictures of text now would they? Plus the description on Tora isn't really clear with google. I'll just have to wait and see. Speaking of LotLH, I noticed the first volume of the LN was number one in Amazon JP's light novel ranking and I got so excited! ...And then I clicked on the listing and it was for the free kindle version. GDI.
Remember that Tales book I asked you about before? Well I found it! Woohoo.
029 days agothephotomattthephotomatt Xiao-Mei hunter
Beani (29 days ago) #2050843I was in Akiba today and ended up in what I assume was the Petit Jeuness/E2 store and I couldn't help but think of you cause WOW was there a LOT of Coffee Kizoku stuff in there. They mainly seemed to deal with wall scrolls (from the regular size at 3000 yen all the way up to these massive ones for 10000 yen), clear files, t-shirts and pillows but it was really nice to walk through. We even got CK postcards as a present for visiting. Just thought you might like to know such a place exists!
Oh wow! That is truly awesome and thank you for sharing your fun experience :)

Have you taken any photos of your Akiba/Japan adventures?
01 month agomaraiatorimaraiatori
Hi, do you still have Prize C Rin Kagamine available?
01 month agoRisaylaRisayla ◔‸◔
Beani (1 month ago) #2029219Ah that is a shame but really I think you'll appreciate travel more as a grown up anyway. I mean Disney was cool as a kid but I think I'm more excited to go back now.
Well you use to have a big picture on your profile for Tangled so yeah I know :p Here's the lego! (ext link) though I have to say one of the things I love about Japan is how Disney and the like are aimed at adults as well. Much like the Sailor Moon bra sets (which go for a fortune now omg) Disney Princesses got sets too lol (ext link)

That's true, that's one of the reasons my sister is waiting for her little girl to get older so she can experience it better I guess. ^^ The only member of my family that's been is my Auntie and I think she said something along the lines of you need quite a few days to visit all the parks and stuff. I'd also like to see the Harry Potter park, that looks pretty nice too. ;3

I knew that >.> <.< lol. Oh! I don't think I've seen that before, it looks pretty cool not something I usually collect (I mainly collect the dolls and plushies etc) but still cool. Nothing surprises me any more XD I can't believe how much the SM ones are selling for now though. o.o Japan gets some really awesome Disney merch though I can give them that.
01 month ago (1 month ago)WindsorSevenWindsorSeven
Beani (1 month ago) #2029210Yeah I would have at least expected a beach queen but nopenopenope. My favourite animes never get figures, I should be use to this by now.
The snow has stopped here in Tokyo now but apparently northern Japan is getting some very bad blizzards today and tomorrow. Are you use to snow? I almost never usually see it.. And no we didn't leave the airport in Seoul, we almost missed our flight actually cause the time between transfers was so small and we had to pass through security again cause some security device failed or something (hard to know exactly what it was when it was all in Korean :p)
The Kyousogiga Kuji is starting on the 15th! I have to hope I'll be able to actually get to it in time, the Bakemono one sold out really fast and no stores near me seemed to have it. One shop near home will have Kyousogiga and they are actually still running Kara no Kyoukai so I should be in luck to at least try at the kuji.
A car wouldn't really work to replace Shinkansen travel. Keep in mind they cross distances very fast, I certainly wouldn't want to drive from Tokyo to Osaka for instance.. We don't own a car as you really don't need one in Sydney (or here), actually I never learnt to drive at all (even though I'm from a country city loll). Everyone is quiet on trains here except for late nights after drinking.
You count over 6' as quite tall? I'd say that is normal for a guy lol. I think he is 6'5" or so. I've been overseas for trips before (longest time out of Australia is 2 months) but never to live long term so it is a first for both of us. Guess you are use to living overseas by now :p
Umm almost there, kinda gone slack with the bank accounts until we can understand the transfer system properly. We might just have to go with a less foreigner friendly bank so we can get the benefits we need but that brings its own issues. I can imagine Saudi would be a whole different kettle of fish when it comes to setting up your life, I keep forgetting about you and Saudi. >.>
I tended to find CDJapan could charge more than 1100 but Amazon's great deal is that it is flat shipping so anything heavy you bundle with a CD would save you money straight away. I guess one CD wouldn't be worth it unless you specifically wanted Express though.

Of course I'm used to snow - I live(d?) in New England! Once it got so cold that each blade of grass had a layer of ice around it as thick as a thumb. It was bizarre, but really cool at the same time. I don't especially like driving in the snow, but what can you do. Oh right, I guess Australia wouldn't have that much snow..or any? I mean you must have some right? I've heard it even snows north of here, but only in the mountains. So you must have had fun playing in it righ :D? I hate that! Last time I flew I asked the line attendant to bump me to the front of the line because my connecting flight was leaving soon, and he told me I was fine. And then I missed my flight grumble grumble. It's good you didn't though, I can't imagine how bad that would have been, with everything being in a different language and what not.
:o Should I send you money now or...? and can I throw some extra in for umaibo Hopefully it won't be as popular as the Bakemono one, or GSC's latest.
I was shocked when I read that you don't own a car, but that quickly got overridden by you not knowing how to drive! What?! I!??! It must be really different living in the city then! Lol country city? Sounds like an oxymoron. I sort of wish I grew up in the country though. When we visited some relatives in Maine last summer, I couldn't help but notice how calm, quiet and slow everything was, but in a good way. Is your hometown like that?
Y-yes I think that's tall, since I'm a bit small (I take after my mother). My sister, on the other hand, takes after my father and both of them are very tall. 6'5! He must tower over everyone! How tall are you? I don't think I'll ever get used to it here tbh. I hadn't been overseas since I was a child, so maybe that's why it's taking me so long to adjust? I still miss home immensely :( Where else have you been?
Lol I still don't know how to transfer money to my US bank account from here. I think there's a hefty fee though, so it's not really that high up on my to-do list.
You guys get free Amazon shipping now don't you? Lucky. Did you find any store bonuses for EZFG's album? I'm disappointed there weren't any at CDJ. I've never bought enough at one time to get a 1100 shipping fee. I usually get charged 800 since Exit Tunes releases come with a poster, and this time it was only 500. I was going to order Glutamine's CD too, but I DO NOT want those bonuses lol. I hate hate hate the whole design of his CDs, so there's no way I want a poster or keychain of his my room.
I found a LotLH doujin on Suru :D I really wanted the first volume more, but I'll take what I can get.
01 month agoLirayaLiraya
Wow, I love your Senjougahara collection. <3 This is awesome! I mean you have many other great things but this really looks special. Congratulations! ^_^
01 month ago (1 month ago)ShaerilethShaerileth 「Alchemic Punk」
Beani (1 month ago) #2030857Well it actually isn't even on most menus. Japanese restaurants are very varied and specialised so a large number won't even serve fish at all let alone shellfish.
I'm unsure if they only just introduced this for these Graphigs or not so be careful with any others if you do try it haha.

Oh, wow...okay now I want to move there! Almost every resturant here in the US (even fast food now -.-) has some form of shellfish, tis evil I say.

Well, my remote controller Rin & Len and my other Rin & Len graphigs both do it! So now we know. :3 I was careful though, since I'd never noticed the head could be removed before. Wasn't until the new set I realised they even had different faces. Been missing out clearly! Lol

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