BeaniBeani (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻Available in pearl white, light blue and mint green.

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Beani (2 days ago) #2533522The fact the shirt is mofu is just beyond brilliant. I think people will be unable to hold themselves back from tummy rubs with such an adorable Kokkuri staring at them.
Tiny figures yelling at each other would be amazing. Kinda reminds me of when I was a kid with Furbies and one night they just started chattering at each other in the middle of the night for no reason and I thought they were gonna come get me or something.
Why did the Wooser thing have to be Makuhari of all places. Why not Shibuya or Shinjuku or something..
We bought wine so ended up taking an accidental break from the sake so we will have to get stuck back into it now to finish it off.
Your butt avatar didn't last long :(

You had furbies? Ok that night story is a little really funny.

Because Makuhari is desolate and they thought this would be a good idea to drum up business, is what I'm guessing. Thing is, wooser is a niche market so that wasn't the smartest idea. I love Portal 2 and I was desperate to get the gun replica, but the idea of hitching a ride out of state to get one in a physical shop was a no-go for me.

wait WTF wooser is going to be there for 2 days. I'm going to stalk Twitter to see if they have a big turnout or not.

Ah no worries, just don't spill on the doujinshi and all is well :p

The booty will be back after the holidays! Either Asuka, Meme, or something fresh. Leaning toward Asuka, a lot of people have Meme avas (and mine got uh, borrowed a couple of times -_-)
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Beani (6 days ago) #2522502Yeah that one, I regret not getting it. I was considering the Netsuke as well but I think I can live without it just cause it will be difficult to display, the tiny figure would have been easy to just have sit on my desk and be adorable.
I'm liking Shigaraki more and more. I'd love if they made a plush of him in his Kohina outfit when he is in animal form lolol.

I just checked and omg the shirt is mofumofu: (ext link) ;_; I'll get more tummy rubs this way, right?

New product idea: those little 2 inch figures you press and it talks. I want a set that just yells at one another LOL. We need to break into the merchandising team. Episode 11 was adorable, but episode 12 is the last... *sobs* I'm not ready for it to be over!

(ext link) >:(
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Beani (7 days ago) #2520779Omg that shirt.
Have you seen how much they want for the tiny figure of him these days? I was going to buy it back when it came out but was like nah I don't know who it is... I regret that now.
If you don't hear from me with PMs in a couple of days you might want to send a reminder PM or something about the wooser merch and what not cause I'm currently drowning in plushie PMs and things get knocked off the first page of my Inbox within hours orz...

The one that came bundled with a manga volume? I bought it because foxes are my favoritest. I've only seen it once since then and... (ext link)
You're not alone, I see a lot of people want the little guy now and I can't blame them a bit. I'd be mighty bothered myself.

Next May is the netsuke item #251321 I ordered right away to avoid heartache.
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Beani (8 days ago) #2519034I saw some of the straps on YAJ and the price is not nice.. those plushies actually look surprisingly good.. I'm kinda tempted even if they are unofficial but I guess I should wait and hope for Gift.
I don't think he will still be in Akiba considering how old the photo is :p I wish I could have seen him though that suit is way too adorable.

I think he'll be back in Akiba considering how his popularity is rising. In the meantime: item #273271 Waiting for BiJ since I think they'll have the best price. I'm gonna be so cute :B
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Beani (10 days ago) #2511946I want to go cry (ext link)
It's so easy to miss shit here, I'm so angry ;_; I was excited thinking I'd caught the onsen event in time (ext link) but the items are no where near as good and the onsen is expensive to get into whereas this other one would have been free orz...

View spoilerHide spoiler

*drags over to Y!JA*
...nope. There's a lot of cosplay stuff (Tama outfit looks mega cute though) and look, someone's beating them to the punch: (ext link) (ext link) (ext link)

012 days ago (12 days ago)kawaiiphandakawaiiphanda
Hi Beani, this is the first time I ask something like this, I really do not know well how it works (proxy fees and what is a proxy), but I was wondering if you could please help me get DRAMAtical Murder re:code limited edition with Sly Blue plushie, sorry I wanted to put the link, but didn't know how so I can only place it like this View spoilerHide spoiler
I'm dying to have it, if this can be possible, could you please let me know how much would you charge me or how can we make any arrangement? I'm sorry, I hope don't bother you :(
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Beani (13 days ago) #2501058One thing about Japan is how stupid easy it is to get Rilakkuma stuff, freebies too from all the store giveaways and what not like my blanket and bowls. I found a great Rakuten store that is chock full of Rilakkuma and Sumikko goods.. one day I'll go on a spending spree there I think.
Most people haven't announced their Comiket goods yet, Tora is probably the last place they will crop up anyway. Pixiv and usually get details first then it spreads. For instance Anmi is definitely going to be there and given they haven't released a new book since C86 it seems likely they will release on at C87. Lool at that Homu book.
I'm glad to hear the package was found :D
Gah why does it have to be Makuhari exclusive. There's nothing bloody at Makuhari except Wonfes when it happens. I guess they wouldn't still have that item there come Feb though..

My friend got a Rilakkuma blanket for ¥2000 while in Japan and I was immensely envious because that same blanket would probably cost me $80+ domestic. The goods are there, they just cost way too much. Otherwise I'd have Rilakkuma everything by now...

I'm just gonna stalk Suru/Y!JA for the wooser containers. I think he's of lukewarm popularity to be honest, so I don't think a huge lot of people are going to trek to Makuhari just for that. When I browse for wooser goods on Y!JA I notice the price is very much "how much do you want to pay?" for a lot of things. I've seen the blu-ray set for season 2 go for as little as a li'l bit under retail and as high as ¥10K+, within a short time window. The only thing that pushes me to bid is if the item is rare and might not crop up for a long time.
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Beani (16 days ago) #2495677He would make an awesome pillow butttt if they bundled him with Inugami I would probably skip him, I'm not a big Inugami fan at all. What happened to your Rilakkuma? D:
Yeah I wouldn't trust myself with a custom base at all, back home in Aus I had a friend who could repair broken begs and was into modding minis so he'd probably be awesome at that type of stuff. He seems unwilling to paint full size GKs though which is a shame cause I think they would look stunning with his painting skill.
GSC's prices alone should show they are now catering to a more premium market who have space to begin with. Apartments aren't quite as tiny as you may think though in all places so I think for many it wouldn't be too much of a problem to squeeze in a Detolf (we could if we really wanted to) and the cupboards are massive here cause they are designed to fit futons. I am sure there would be storage solutions somewhere but I have noooo idea about that whatsoever.

Inugami is my least favorite of the three but I have a huge suspicion that the next episode will make me feel a ways about him and then immediately snatch it back. Let's see what happens. My Rilakkuma is fine, it's just that I start out hugging him and end up using him as a pillow a lot. :p I got him from a LiveJournal seller for a steal some years ago. Domestic Rilakkuma goods are marked up at least 3x as much -_-

I decided to flick through Tora to see if anything interesting is coming up for Comiket so far. No dice but (ext link) bahaha what

On to the good news, I went to the PO and got my package. I don't know how things go MIA within the confines of the postal unit, but my wife album is home and that's all I care about now.

Immediately, the universe spits on me again: (ext link)
Not like it wasn't bad enough the pink edition was an AGF limited item, nooooo.
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Beani (16 days ago) #2495666Ah that is good to hear you like Jinrui, you must watch quite a bit since a lot of people seemed to miss that and Tatami Galaxy. They are fairies though, not dwarves :p
Oh if you meant recommendations from this season then Bahamut, Denki-gai and Kokkuri-san are probably my favourites. Bahamut was quite the surprise.
It's getting quite cold :<

askdjhfkjlhad Yojouhan Shinwa Taikei?! * A* ah yesh <33333 I love that serie~
and oh yeah I forgot they are fairies not dwarfs =//w/=; oops~ xD;
:'O kay~ I will watch those series then ^ w^
well, here is 22F/-6C so is much colder..I guess?
016 days agofuwacchifuwacchi
Hi, I heard from a mfc user that you are a good proxy ;w;
Is it possible to get item #261453?
I am willing to pay for transport fees, proxy fees and such.
Thank you so much!
017 days agoPulgaPulga
Beani (18 days ago) #2493902Looking at your profile I have a feeling our tastes in anime may differ a little but when people ask I usually recommend the ones listed in my favourites (right side of my profile just above the last pic). :)
hahaha~ xD not really~
:'D I love Jinrui wa suitai shimashita <333~
especially those chickens~ LOL and those cute dwarfs (>O<)/ ah~
:^D I watched all those shows in your profile ~
I miss the old ones~ right now I am not seeing an interesting anime show yet..; w ;
by the way how's the weather in Japan? c':

018 days agoescape_ropeescape_rope
Hi, I wanted to ask if you're going to Comiket this month? Your inbox is full so I decided to leave a comment. I hope it was ok :)
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Beani (18 days ago) #2492698Gah just the idea of a fluffy little Kokkuri plush gahhahhhhsduahdsi. Size accuracy would be amazing but then Shigaraki would have to be pretty big.
Receiving figures these days basically means look at figure through window, toss in cupboard. So no we didn't check for defects or anything. A broken hinge sounds mildly fixable at least and I find people always complain about figures not fitting onto bases cause they don't understand how tension is meant to work (though who knows maybe it is a legit problem this time).
I have no idea what the Japanese like to use for their collections actually, just going with what I know.

Shigaraki would be the 'pillow' of the group. His size and shape would make for the perfect head and neck support, especially for a side-sleeper. I'd have to keep him away from my bed or else he'll suffer the same fate as my giant Rilakkuma. Maybe he should just be bundled with tiny Inugami to balance it out.

What would be awesome is a nice little custom base (hers is plain white anyway). People suggested I do that for Asuka but the idea of a 'homemade peg' is scary, and she wears flats so making a wedge to fit a heeled shoe is out of the question. Add to that her delicate neck and it would have to definitely hold her up or else.

All I know is Japan is a country of limited space and I wonder how collectors do it. When I see a figure with an unnecessarily huge box *glances at GSC* I can't help but think "did you forget who you're catering to?" When figuring out storage for my figure boxes I considered renting a storage but it's pretty pricey. Does that option even -exist- in Tokyo?
018 days agoPulgaPulga
Beani (18 days ago) #2492244I'm.. not really sure how to answer that? Like any other city really but a bit cleaner haha.
xD; yeah we could say that they are very neat~
:'D do you have any recommendations of any anime series? or movies? OVAs? x''3
019 days agoPulgaPulga
Beani (19 days ago) #2491044No worries at all, thanks for the compliments :D
:'D by the way what Japan looks like? when you're in the city ? (o u o)/
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Beani (19 days ago) #2491051Jimeko didn't make much of an impression on me at all. She just seemed a little misguided. UGH while I like Tama's design it would be very disappointing to have her made over all the other characters in the show. I can see them trying to pull that bull though..
I tried watching that one but 3 minute shows just fail to grab my attention most of the time so I tend to just pass over them.
We haven't opened any of the new cats yet so I can't really say much beyond they look good through the packaging. There sadly just isn't anywhere to display figures here and it isn't really worth buying a Detolf even if they are cheaper here than in Australia.

A Tama plushie would be adorable though... with the way this merch is selling SOMETHING has to give. I'd buy a set of Kokkuri plushies in a flash. I wonder if they'll go with size accuracy though, and make Shigaraki bigger and Inugami into a tiny little beanbag...?

On the item page I read that a lot of people had problems with Tabineko's base fitting and I think at least one person had a broken luggage hinge. Did you at least make sure the parts are all intact? D: I think her body is bangin' but I'm wary of buying her at this point since I would have to find a shop that'll offer support for figure defects, cough cough. That and of course SPACE...

...are Detolfs the collector's choice in Japan for cheap display as well?
020 days ago (19 days ago)minty710minty710
Hey Beani! I wanted to let you know that the pens have arrived! They arrived yesterday, oddly enough on a Sunday (CP doesn't normally deliver on weekends). Not quite sure what happened during transit but it was 'en route to Canada' for about a week and a half >_> Defeats the point of EMS but I'm just glad they actually arrived safely.

Thank you sooo sooooo much for helping me acquire these! They're very pretty and a bit big bigger than I expected, haha (which is dumb when I think about the fact that it's supposed to be in scale, haha ^^;) Now, to look for a proper gift box for the Mars and Mercury pen :) Again, thank you so very much~<3
020 days agoPulgaPulga
I just wanna say thank you so much for doing this Gift shop event ; u ;) /
pretty profile~ Q AQ) / *sparkling eyes*
I will never regret it and by the way >w< awesome collection~
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Beani (21 days ago) #2487259The theme song has been stuck in my head for hours now as we just caught up on everything. I am growing to quite like Shigaraki which is surprising for me. So many of the goods are bloody amazing and it is taking all my strength to avoid spending money on them. The pass cases especially since I currently just have some seethrough thing from the 100 yen shop..
A PVC of Kokkuri in any of his forms would be amazing. I can imagine a company trolling and doing the female version and not the male one though orzzzz.
Hmm really I'm unsure if either of them would stand up next to an MF figure as a good companion figure. I love Diabolus and she'd probably be the most suited between the two but Embrace's finishing is quite rough compared to MFs more smooth finish so I guess Olivia would be better?

Shigaraki ;_; My least favorite so far is Jimeko, the stunt with her and the flowers was boring to me. I'm getting weak on the Kokkuri goods. Why why WHY are 95% of them due next month? Only a handful are set for January. If they have a re-release I'll bite, I hope they do seeing as everything is selling out everywhere. I even peeked on Suru :(

Female Kokkuri... or maybe female Inugami, or skip them both and go for Tama. -_- The sad thing is I'd probably bite if the price is right and it looks good.

(ext link) Seen this? Pretty funny~

I don't think anything stands up to Benten quality-wise, he's so lovely ;_; How are the new Neko no Wakusei figures? I was tempted by Tabineko and miniNeko. I'm hearing Tabineko has some base-fitting problems though?
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Beani (22 days ago) #2485370I think that's kinda the impression she is meant to give.
I need to catch up on Kokkuri-san sadly. I look forward to seeing the cat girl though! Maybe I'll catch up tonight then I can discuss with you.
For goods with two items in the set they should usually be split up and then linked together as "Bundled With" this would actually affect the strap sets you already added as well since there should be an entry for each strap.

The Kokkuri theme song is soooo catchy D: I like to think the popularity of the goods will lead to
- more goods
- rerelease of sold out goods
- PVC Kokkuri-san ;______; *nudges Altair*

Ok, I can fix that~ Offtopic question. I'm looking for a complementary figure for item #166923
item #166816 or item #233043 ?
I have Olivia, but I never unboxed her.

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