BeaniBeani (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻Available in pearl white, light blue and mint green.

04 hours agoaeonblueaeonblue
Beani (10 hours ago) #2281069I just can't believe I found such a perfect image without having to commission it :p
You don't like the sexy pants last picture? D:

:O I didn't see the last picture before! The second picture in the spoiler moves! Stupid uni internet! That is some damn fine sexy pants Izaya *q* your Izaya taste is impeccable huhuhu.
010 hours agoaeonblueaeonblue
Beani (11 hours ago) #2280965
There are too many good Izaya birthday pics so here's the other ones I was considering.
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Aaahh thank you for the wishes again and the wrapped up Izaya 8D it's perfect! Also the barrage of more Izayas! I love the art in the first image in the spoiler too :3
01 day agoOeKintarouGOeKintarouG
Beani (1 day ago) #2279293But it's not my birthday lol. Posted on the wrong profile?
I appreciate the sentiment regardless :p

LMAO, I'm tired I think ... ^_______^
01 day agoOeKintarouGOeKintarouG
Happy Birthday!
01 day agoRisaylaRisayla ◔‸◔
Beani (3 days ago) #2273652Happy Birthday! \o/
Thank you! :)
How has Japan been treating you?
02 days agoWindsorSevenWindsorSeven
Your inbox is full D:
05 days agoNuramoonNuramoon
you love Senjougahara? ^^ i will try to get all shinobus
08 days agotheyasminshowtheyasminshow Technicolor Terror

(mfc link)

010 days agoCielExoCielExo
Beani (10 days ago) #2257514Yep! Rush over here for details! :D (mfc link)

Eek, I hope I haven't missed it! (I've asked for a confirm on Clear and Ren)
010 days agoCielExoCielExo
Heyo Beani! Wondering if you'll be doing another order for DMMDplushies since they're getting a re-release?
011 days agokidkaitokidkaito
Wow you have an really amazing Collection and I like the design of your profile ;3
011 days agokumaleinkumalein
Hi Beani~ Could you check my PM about COMIKET86 yet? Just making sure :D
017 days agoghirahimghirahim Needs more Kyouko
Beani (27 days ago) #2230893First priority is a UX/UI Designer job then if that fails I'll hunt for an English teaching job to tie me over. I got an interview for Wednesday so wish me luck! *nervousssss*
Lol our prime minister. Never have I been happier to say I didn't vote for someone. Ugh.
Aw no D: Who ended up being your favourites? I didn't play the game but from the summaries I liked Clear's character the most but probably Koujaku's character design is best for me :3

Oh wow, that sounds really awesome c: How did the interview go? I always get really worked up about those kind of things :<
Same, although I've only voted once :')
Clear was definitely my favourite but I also really liked Noiz. Koujaku was my favourite to begin with because of his design but as I played the routes I started liking other characters more >.<
019 days agoPsy00xPsy00x
Hi, sorry to bother you. I wanted to ask about one of the items you have for sale, but it seems your inbox is full.
020 days ago (20 days ago)retixretix
Hallo~ Can you believe I just picked up my plushies today? haha Brazil post always fast xD thank you once again, you saved me ;*
021 days agoMilkbiscuitMilkbiscuit ¥¥~~\(´Д` ) \ NOOO
Beani (21 days ago) #2240476The work hasn't even begun yet ahaha. I managed last time and that was with like 50+ users. So far this time looks like a breeze in comparison user wise. :p
I can't really draw at all. I'm trying but failing miserably. If I ever get half decent I'll try to remember to send you a pixiv link lol. Why do you ask? Do you have a deviantart? Wait wait is it possible you are the creator of your glorious avatar? Cause that thing makes me giggle every time I talk to you.
Fifty+?? I hope you don't reach those numbers again. The convention people will label you The Plush Merchant or something, coming everyday, dragging back mountains of plushies. Or maybe half the buyers are actually proxy ppl
Ah, and I have several deviantart accounts but I only remember one. I haven't drawn a fully coloured pic in years, if I ever get motivated I'll send you the link once I bulk up my gallery too(or maybe my tumblr, I haven't decided on a blog platform yet) Actually yes I'm happy it makes people laugh! The Squall avatar was one of the last pieces I drew before the artblock. And lol sorry but it's actually half the drawing. The other half is of Seifer (they're buds!)
021 days agoMilkbiscuitMilkbiscuit ¥¥~~\(´Д` ) \ NOOO
Dude, much as I appreciate you doing the whole plush proxy thing, please don't collapse from overwork. That said, thanks once again for doing this.
And and I'm curious, do you draw? Enough to have a deviantart gallery?
021 days agoCluttercrashCluttercrash
Great seller! :3
023 days agokazumahazukikazumahazuki
hi beani
i got plush today
so excited
025 days agoSR-71SR-71
Beani (25 days ago) #2233705Hey,
I just noticed you deleted some info and changed the images on the original Chibi Panzer figures. These items were not bundled together, the girls and their tanks are two separate prizes that must be won separately. I'll be reverting back what info I can and swapping the images back. Please don't treat them as bundled items.
Thanks for adding the newer info though!

Yeah I noticed your comment on the item page after I did all that. Thanks for swapping it back.

It sucks that they aren't bundled since the figures are so tiny.

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