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02 days agoMay-May-
The Box. item #364200
07 days agoMitsunaMitsuna Little Busters Saikou!
Ahh I'm so sorry for the late reply!!
In primary school they did, only very briefly and not properly XD it was very fun though!
I play Clarinet, have done for 6 years. I used to also play piano, oboe, recorder and treble recorder, but that's long in the past now XD
Yeah, she is pretty cute though, let me know if you order her :D I saw that the entries for Snow Miku 2018 are rolling in. I hope we get a nice unique design :D
Ah? The bottom part comes off?? Ahh I tried that though and the bat broke ;o; oh well, maybe I'm just too clumsy XD
Well Clannad costed about $50 on release if I remember, not sure about how much it was in my currency. I know at the moment it is about £29-ish, I think it will be affordable but maybe around $40 or more since it's long and detailed. Either way I want to buy it for myself and gift it for my two close friends.
As for Komari, the plastic does not come out under her skirt, so you're kind of just left with remnants of plastic in her skirt XD
Her hair piece for her face plate? For me it was fairly okay, but maybe it differs from figure to figure.

Benny- (14 days ago) #19721264Wow, they used to teach you in school? That's really cool! It doesn't seem like the type of instrument they'd teach in school.
It's seems like the type of instrument that would be really fun just to play around with for fun!
What instruments can you play?
Haha, yeah! Them taking off the constellations really bugs me too, 'cause it was the theme and all! I still think I'm gonna get her though! XD
Do we know how much it will cost? I'm thinking about getting it, 'cause I want to know more about Saya.
She has different bangs that go with the helmet. I can't get the normal ones off though, and it's not worth the risk of breaking her just to see it.
Ah, sorry to hear you broke yours. It's actually pretty easy to get the bat in! The bottom part of the bat comes off, and then you just have to move it back in forth in her hands until it goes in. It can take a little while, but it's not that hard.
And I got Komari the other day! I really, really love her figure, but it was such a pain to get the plastic off! I still feel like her body's supposed to come off so you can get it out, but once again , I wasn't gonna risk breaking her to find out. And I couldn't get her bangs off either! XD
And sorry for the late reply!

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