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07 days agoMitsunaMitsuna Little Busters Saikou!
I am very much into philosophy and such, but have not studied it a a school subject. All of the literature I read comes under that category though. It's wonderful that Key games have such thought into them ^o^
Nope not yet! It has been greenlit but that is all, you can come and join the rest of the Key community at if you'd like! It's the best place where all the Key fans outside of Japan know eachother and we discuss things and keep up with news :D I'm very shy but it is very fun reading everything!
Benny- (8 days ago) #21164917Oh, okay, that explains it a bit more. I didn't know he studied that though. Have you studied it at all to better understand the Key visual novels?
Is there anymore news yet as to when the English version of Little Busters is coming out? I'm not sure where to keep up with it. XD
07 days agoAmatsukitsuneAmatsukitsune
Benny- (8 days ago) #21165103Well I hope they all go well!
Yeah, I love it, haha! And I even made a friend there! It's at a pizza place. I only work there on Friday's and Saturdays, and I usually don't stay the full five hours I'm supposed to, but it's still better then no money, and the concession stand helps make up for it, so it's not the end of the world yet.
I understand what you mean though. Sometimes when I have to go to the concession stand, I really, really don't wanna go, haha! I never feel like that with the Pizza place though!
I don't know how my mother can forget her passwords when she's the one who made them, but she does! XD
I watched Sunshine. I was really, really excited for it, but then I kinda ended up hating it. XD Hopefully that won't happen to you.
I never really got into clothes that much, but if that's what you want to spend your money on, then that's what you should do! Is the UK store you use to buy figures cheaper then buying it from a Japanese store like Amiami? It's cheaper for me to buy things from Amiami, but I don't know if it is for you.

Ahhhhh i did 3 exams today! They went fairly okay but im sure i got some questions wrong haha
Ah im so happy for you are they nice? And a pizza place wow! Do you waitress or do you get to make food haha I cant wait to get a job just so i can buy stuff xD
Yeah I can get that like id probably be too lazy to go
I just always forgot since i have too many
Yeah I watched the first ep a while ago haha i liked some of the characters but i like school idol project more!
I dont know why but i just love buying clothes haha like i dont buy expensive clothes i just buy lots!! I use middlerealm I like it cause its sort of a little bit cheaper, its easier cause i dont have to pay for custom taxes and the shipping, I just wish they were cheaper haha!
08 days agoAmatsukitsuneAmatsukitsune
Benny- (9 days ago) #21110225You get out of school later then when school gets out here. Sorry it's not going by quickly though. Hopefully it'll start going by faster!
Yeah, I've been kinda busy too. I got a job about two months ago, and I'm working at the concession stand again too. I only work at night for both of them, but it still kinda makes me forget about everything else, haha!
Yeah, that's happened to me before, and it happens to my mother all the time. We know all her passwords though, so if we ever want to get into some account of hers we know what the options are!
Yep, I've watched Love Live, but I bought the figure before I finished it, 'cause I really liked Kotori, haha! Luckily I didn't end up hating her, and she's still my favorite, haha! My sister's favorite is Rin too!
You could always just per-order it, then you won't have a choice! XD

Aaah I know I just hope it goes by quicker, my first exam is tomorrow so im stressed out haha but Im excited for when i finish
Ah wow you have job! Is it fun? I have to get a job once ive finished which im okay with but im also like I just want to sleep haha
Oh my mum does the exact same thing haha I always have to help
Yess I lovw kotori so much too! Ive been meaning to watch aquors but i have no time haha,,,, too many exams!!
Id order it but I want to spend all my money on clothes haha and its not in the uk store i use so hopefully it will soon haha
09 days agoMitsunaMitsuna Little Busters Saikou!
It's mostly based on more complex philosophical and psychological ideas, as Maeda Jun uses both of those in all of his work. It takes a lot to fully understand everything that he creates, and he studied psychology at university which is why his works are so full and in depth about such deep thoughts and being connected with others
I'm happy about it too :D
I bet you will love it! Hinoue Itaru's art was so pretty at the time, and the story is wonderful.
Benny- (9 days ago) #21119122You're welcome!
It doesn't really make sense on HOW they were able to make a new reality, but who cares! I'm just happy in the end everyone lives!
Thank you! I'm very excited to play it!

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