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020 hours agoMitsunaMitsuna Little Busters Saikou!
Since visual novels are usually over 100 hours long or more, there is so much detail that is impossible to be adapted into something as short as an anime. Plus an anime is animated, and it's impossible to animate everything from a visual novel. It is better having a VN first, as that is how most anime came around in the first place. Most anime are usually adapted from a manga, light novel or visual novel. The original is always better because there is so much that gets taken out in the anime version. Once you get to play the VN and actually understand each character properly and find out their full stories, it is then a nice thing to be able to watch them animated even if the anime version does not have all of the original content. You would already know the whole story, the better part is being able to see parts of it animated. You would know more about the characters from playing the game first because, for example, in anime versions a lot gets left out and so you won't know very much about the character at all if you didn't play the VN beforehand. Sorry I wrote a lot, I get a bit wordy when it comes to VNs XD

Charlotte's story was a bit muddled and Maeda was very tired at the time. I don't really think anything can be done to it, as the whole process from the first concepts was all a bit confusing.
Ah right! ZHIEND is amazing, especially since it's Marina. She is one of my favourite singers of all time, her work in Angel Beats and in ZHIEND is wonderful. I wish ZHIEND were a real band but at least Marina is a real singer so I get to listen to all of her normal stuff XD
My favourite ZHIEND song is Heavy Rain, I love all of them but Heavy Rain is my favourite. I also love Blood Colour and Scar on Face. Back when the Charlotte CDs first came out on order, which was before the show even started, I pre-ordered all of them and received the limited edition CD box for them. It's one of my favourite things that I own :D
Sadly we know nothing at the moment, currently we are waiting for the what seems to be delayed release of Little Busters English Edition. Everything is always very unknown XD
Benny- (21 hours ago) #22644763I completely forgot about the Miku and Gumi one! XD
Why does things being an anime first make them not as good if they get a visual novel later? I'd think it woul make it better since there's more time to learn about all the characters.
Oh yeah. I forgot that Japan's all work, work, work. That's too bad though. What do you think they could've done to make Charlotte better?
I'm not that big on rock music, but I don't hate it. I listened to some of ZHIEND's songs though, and I really like it! What's your favorite song of theirs?
Do you know when we're gonna get pictures of the characters in color?
06 days agoMitsunaMitsuna Little Busters Saikou!
Awesome, and it's no problem! ^o^
I really like that illustration too! :D I definitely think the Miku and Gumi one on your CD is one of my favourites though :D
Yeah, since it was an anime first like how Angel Beats was, which is why 1st Beat did not do as well either. Things don't really work like that sadly, first off Maeda would not have stopped working anyway, but also he can't stop. In Japan especially in this line of work they have to get things done, and postponing is quite unheard of. It was just a bad piece altogether and did not do well, everyone has their lesser works and Charlotte was that work. ZHIEND was the good thing to come out of it though :D Waaa you haven't? You must! It depends if you like rock music, but it's some of the best music I have ever heard.
Yeah it's really exciting! I'm particularly interested in how the clashing art styles is going to work.
No problem! I hope it works for you :D

Benny- (7 days ago) #22359053That sounds really fun! I'm really excited to hear them now!
Ah, thank you so much! That's so nice of you! I don't want to trouble you though, so I'll just wait until I can understand them. Thanks so much for offering though!
Thank you! I'm glad you found the illustrator! The Love Live! picture they drew is really nice, and I really like the first two pictures in here! [ext link ] I like her with the pink color scheme better though. What pictures do you like the best?
Oh, okay. I know it doesn't seem as good as the visual novels (Although I've only played one. I'm still sure the visual novels are all better though.) If Maeda wasn't in very good health, then why didn't they just postpone the project? It might've come out better then.
I haven't really listened to ZHIEND, but if you say it changed you life that much, then I'll listen to them and see what I think!
I want to know more about Summer Pockets. It looks like it's gonna be really cute, so I'm really excited for it! I gotta hurry up and learn Japanese faster so I don't have to hope they make an English translation, haha!
Ah, thank you! I'll try that and see if it works!
014 days agoAmatsukitsuneAmatsukitsune
Benny- (16 days ago) #22015732It's been raining a lot here too! My father said it's a rainy season this year. I don't mind rain, but if it rains too much I want it to go away.
Yep! I don't like messing stuff up. Whenever I do I end up crying, haha! So it's better if I ask a million times.
Nendoroids are a lot cheaper! You could mainly get idol nendorois. They mostly have to Co-de ones, so you'd save even more money!
I don't know if I can pick a favorite, haha! But maybe Kotori, or one from the IDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls. (I'm not sure which one though, 'cause I love them all, but I like Cinderella Girls more then Love Live.) Ah, Lala's really cute! I might get her figure one day since she's an idol. If they make her other outfits as co-des then it won't be as bad, 'cause you can have multiple outfits!
Yep! Their outfits are (almost) always really pretty! And sometimes they have a lot of more casual ones that you can try and make in real life!
What kind of phone do you have? I looked for the app, but I couldn't find it.
Yes! IDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls is really, really good! I still have to watch the second season though, and I usually don't like second seasons that much, but we'll see. I really, really loved the first season though, so there's at least that.
I think View spoilerHide spoiler is really pretty, and a couple of the others are pretty too, but I still think I'll like μ's the best.
I think poofy dresses are cute! (Although I don't have any, haha!) Oh, wow. I thought you'd be done growing by now. I stopped growing at 12 or 13 I think. I'm 5'1 and I don't want to get any taller, so I hope I don't end up growing more.
Well my friend did it for me, and she said it's kinda hard, haha! I tried doing it with my younger brothers help, but we couldn't figure it out, haha! So instead I'm gonna wear it like the new Love Live girl I put a picture of above. Originally I was just merging what hairstyle I felt comfortable in with bows like Kotori, but now I see that it's that new girls hairstyle, haha!
Thank you!
I wear the same two outfits back and forth, so I understand, haha!
Yeah, I keep on buying figures! I don't care though, I love them!
Yay! How was your birthday? Did you get anything good?

Gahh i know, its not even as rainy now its just windy all the time, its summer but its cold!!
Haha yeah i understand or when you dont know what youre doing wrong- its frustrating
Yeah im sort of getting into nendoroids but now theres too many i want! For idols i dont know, i really want all the pripara ones or at least all the ones to for solami dressing, i also kinda want the rin one but i wish theyd chosen a nicer idol outfit.
Ahh have you started watching idolmaster then? Is it good- i might add it to my list of stuff im binge watching over summer haha
Yess i wish they would make more pripara nendoroids, or just more ones of lala, i still wish they gpt actual nendoroids
Yeahh! I would love to cosplay them //cause im cringey haha and there are just so many love live outfits you can get and theyre all so nice
I think i have a samsung galaxy s7 //samsung ftw lol
Oooh it sounds good i want to try to watch it, ahhh i want to finish school quicker so i can just sit and become a couch potato!
Ahh shes pretty, i really like View spoilerHide spoiler she looks super cool!
Yes i just want to buy more dresses and skirts, i mean im gonna need a ton for college because knowing me ill wear the same jumper for like 3 weeks in a row haha
Oh my goodness youre super tiny!! Ahh sometimes i wish i was smaller bht at other times im glad im tall
Ahh well im sure it looks really nice either way! My hairs always messy but its always windy so no matter how hard i try i end up with slicked back hair haha
Youre welcome!
You just find some clothes that are really comfy and then you just dont want to find something else haha
My birthday was good i got cake!! I got a camera for my birthday which is really cool! Im using it for my college course on filming so i really love it!
016 days ago (16 days ago)MitsunaMitsuna Little Busters Saikou!
Yeah ^o^
It's just them talking about various subjects and stuff to do with Little Busters and the characters and whatnot. Lots of fun talk :D
Awesome! If you ever want any of their conversations translated then feel free to ask, since some of them are really really funny XD
Ahh that is so cool! I really adore the art, do you know who the illustrator is? It should say somewhere on the sleeve, I would love to know as their art style is really beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing it with me!
Charlotte was a real mess because Maeda was not in a very good health condition and since it was an anime first rather than a VN, everyone wants to forget about it. The soundtrack is good though, ZHIEND changed my life in a huge way and I have the special Charlotte CD box that came if you pre-ordered every single CD. Whilst Charlotte was not very well acclaimed or recieved, the CD box happens to be one of my most favourite things I own :D I'm looking forward to Summer Pockets though, Maeda seems to be doing well with his new album and I bet Summer Pockets will be good old Key back as themselves. Thank you! It's nice to finally hear her actual talent and not something that kind of took that away.
Ooh yay! Ahh sometimes older figures or if a figure has been stored in box for a long time they kind of sweat in a way, and sticky residue is left behind. It should be fine if you wipe it off, my Nagisa scale figure had some since she was old and kept in box for quite a well. It should be no problem though! ^o^

Also I just found the artist from your CD :3 encyclopedia #60592
I'm definitely going to take a closer look at their work :D
Benny- (16 days ago) #22014526Okay, that's what I thought, seeing as it's coming out soon.
Do they talk in character, or is it just the voice actors talking about the characters and stuff?
I'm looking forward to listening to them though once I get better at Japanese!
I literally just got it was I was writing this! XD It has one picture in the booklet. It's on the official website, but I don't care! I really, really love the picture, so it's fine with me! [ext link ] The picture is the one by the tracklist of Miku and Gumi sitting next to each other. The only difference is that the one in the booklet doesn't have all the extra pictures above their heads, and you can see their feet.
Wow, he sounds amazing! To be able to keep on coming up with so much stuff is awesome!
Ah, okay. I personally really like Charlotte. Except the ending sucked 'cause the main guy (I forgot his name, sorry) lost his memory and him and Nao didn't completely end up together. Other then that though I loved it. I hope this album makes you like her better!
Haha, it's fine! I really like talking about Key, so it's fine!
Yeah! I really, really like that song! I think it's really super pretty!
You're welcome! I really hope she goes up for pre-order soon!
Oh, and I got the Rin Natsume nendoroid last week! It's super cute and I love it! She has this weird stickyish? stuff on he hair, but I'm hoping if I wash it it'll come off. Other then that though she's perfect!
020 days ago-Panda--Panda-
Benny- (20 days ago) #21814895Happy Birthday!! Thank you soooooo much!!!!!!!

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