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Little Busters!
The Little Prince is the only good book in the world
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Mitsuna Little Busters Saikou!
Sorry for such a late reply ;o;
I suppose so, but now they seem to be working on Summer Pockets supposedly. I hope they are at least XD it has all been under wraps so far.
Me too! You can get the acrylic stands online or on after market, but the after market for Key items this year has been rather bizarre in that barely anything gets put on the after market anymore. I mentioned it on the Kazamatsuri forum and we assume that the Key fans of Japan must be asleep this year XD
Ahh I love Haruka's socks haha :D

LB English comes out on the 1st of November, as I'm sure you probably know by now though XD and I've been doing a countdown as part of Inktober on my Twitter.
Thank you so much! It means a lot, as having to keep it all to myself all of the time really does get me down at times.
As for Kud Wafter, your conclusion is exactly the same as mine XD I immediately thought, "but then there is no plot left, for that is all Kud Wafter was!".
Me too! Ahh I want to do all of the Key pilgrimages, particularly walking up the famous hill road thing in Clannad, and then Air and Kanon too. I feel exactly the same way :D

Benny- (1 month ago) #25124924Aww, that's too bad. Even if it wasn't the best thing they've done, I'm sure there were many people that enjoyed it and wanted it to get finished.
Oh... I saw that little stand of Idol Komari and Saya. I'd really love to get that if I could! I'm guess it's event only though, and it won't be sold online?
Yeah, what's up with the Red eyed Tenshi?
Oh, wow. I don't think I'd be able to pull outfits like those off. xD They're really pretty though, so I see why you like them so much! I just wear T-Shirts, shorts, and knee socks all the time, so I'm still trying to get used to skirts and stuff. I got Haruka socks a few months ago though, and I love those so much!
Yeah, it seems so! I thought it was supposed to come out this month. What's the hold up? xD
Ah, I hope it works out too! I know it can be hard when you don't have anyone to talk about the stuff you love the most. My sister likes the same stuff I do for the most part, so that's helpful for me. I understand though, 'cause I was really excited to have made a friend at work, but I couldn't really talk about any of the things I loved without feeling like I was being judged. (We're not really friends anymore either.)
So I really hope you're able to talk about the stuff you love for a change!
Okay, I can understand taking out the H scenes and still being able to have the Riki and Kud falling in love plot. But if you take out most of the romance too, isn't that kinda taking the plot out? xD
Tan? That's a little weird, but okay.
Like, he didn't even really do anything in the trailer, but you could just tell he was being his usual idiot self!
Oh my gosh! I want to go there then! When I finally visit Japan, I'm gonna go there! I'll be closer to the Little Busters that way.
(Sorry for any mistakes. I wrote this on a notepad on my phone, and I'm really bad at writing on my phone. xD)
6 days ago
Mitsuna Little Busters Saikou!
I love the new profile picture!! ^o^ Only 15 days to Little Busters English Edition now!
6 days ago
Benny- (17 days ago) #26718600Your inbox is full so I have to send it here, sorry.
She looks perfect to me! It was the first time I bought a B/B, and I was really surprised at how perfect looking she was!
I sent the request. What's the name and address you'd like me to ship it too?
Awesome, thank you so much! :) :) I got the request, I'll pay asap! and I'll send you a PM with my info
17 days ago
Benny- (2 months ago) #24748605It's fine! As we can clearly see, I took forever to write back too, so it's all good. xD (I'm really sorry it took so long for me to write back though. I come on here on my phone everyday to see if anyone's selling the 2017 Snomi, but once I see I don't have any notifications I just leave.)
It's good you're finally done! You're no useless though!
Aww, that's no fun! Hopefully it'll get better! It stopped raining so much here. I like it better 'cause it's not as ugly all the time, but it's even hotter now without the rain.
Oh, you went to Spain? That's really cool! Other then it being too hot, did you like it there?
I do that too, haha! I try to practice and learn all my words, but then I get really into something, and that's all I end up thinking about, so I don't get anything done. How many languages are you learning?
Yeah, I think she's a really cute character, and I really liked her in the game. I haven't watched the anime either. Pokemon's too long. I do want to watch it up to where Brock leaves, but that's too much work. xD
Is he the one you said you wanted them to make one of a while ago, but you didn't think they were going to 'cause he's a boy?
Either way though, congrats on them finally making your favorite character! You'll just have to save all your money so you can buy him! Was there anything else at Wonfes that you want? I saw a couple Vocaloid figures that I want to see done. I think that Caster Gilgamesh is really cool looking, so I'll probably buy that if it doesn't come out ugly, and finally they're making a nendoroid of Nagisa from Clannad. I'm a little upset about it though, 'cause this year is the 10th anniversary of Little Busters, so I really wanted a new nendoroid from that, but that didn't happen, so oh well.
Haha, well you'll eventually get them all!
Ohh, okay. Yeah, I think he Love Live nendoroids are good for mix and matching. Since they're idols, they can wear pretty much anything and it won't be weird!
I think I know who you're taking about. Didn't they show a figure of here unpainted at wonfes?
Thank you! I really like them, although it's still hard for me to wear dresses, so I don't wear them that often. xD
Yeah, I guess those things can be good. My sister hates when people point out that she's tall, so I'm sure she'd understand that.
Long hair's really pretty, but it gets everywhere, haha! I dipdye my hair too 'cause I don't want to dye my whole head, so I get it.
Oh, that's pretty soon. It's nice that you already met some people that are doing the same thing. It'll make it easier to start. I used to get along better with girls, but I think starting last year I got along better with boys. I've seen green screens in TV shows and stuff, but I bet it's much more sun to get to use one!
Ah, pen pals are really fun! I used to have one until I threw all the envelopes away, and then later realized I was an idiot for doing that 'cause I didn't know her address. xD
(I take forever too, so neither of us have to feel bad, haha!)
Here are the wonfes figures I want: ITEM #603993, ITEM #604620, ITEM #604385, ITEM #604575, ITEM #604555, ITEM #604420.

Replying after forever again haha were as bad as each other! I've started college npw though so hopefully ill be more active!!
And dont worryy!!! Its fine taking a while, i usually end up checking here and then going "ill reply in a moment" but i sit and play a game instead xD
Yep yep im so happy ive finished high school, i started college yesterday which is really good, im only in 3 days a week so hopefully o can get a good job! And haha thank you i may not be useless but i am a bit of a scatter brain
Its been sunny at times now but rainy at other, i think i wouldnt bw able to survive your weather! Like the weather in america has been crazy recently with two hurricanes and wild fires!!
In spain it was all right i didnt actually do that much haha i sat inside since all my parents wanted to do was sunbathe
Well im still trying to learn japanese after three years lol and im attempting french and russian! How about you?
Yeah i still cant afford the new game but i also really want lots pf psvita ones too, amd wait brock leaves?!?! :000 i love broc k haha i watched all the way up to uhhh i think it was sinnoh, i might have watched some of unova too, ive watched all the films though haha the original series will always be my favourite haha!
Yes arthur my boyyyy hes also only from a japanese only manga so i never thought hed be known enough but they put him in fate go so hes more known!!! Which is good, i still havent got him yet qq
I wanted him and there were a few other fate nendos and figma i wanted so im happy but ill be poor haha i want arthur the most cause i love him too much lol
Aww yeah there were so many nice vocaloid figures!! I really like that new cycling miku figma just cause her hair is really pretty, i also am really hoping they make some sort of sand planet miku figure,,, the gilgamesh is nice too but theres a pvc of arthur too i want really badly so i wont be able to afford it haha id love a nendo of that!!
That nendo is really nice and hopefully they might make a little busters one for the anniversairy as a surprise!
Yeah as much as i love love live i will probably only get hanamaru and thats only if i have money to spare haha
I think shes called koume shirasaka or something. I got the app and its sooo much funn!!! Ive played the app a ton and i love them so much, i love kirari, anzu, mirei, asuka and nina
Haha me too! Ive bought some skirts and dresses so hopefully i can wear them to college
Yeah haha im on the same wavelength as her im just glad im not immensly tall
Yesss i really just want my hair to fit in buns and stuff, i do get it caugbt on everything though xD
Yep more people have joined my course haha and theyre mostly boys lol but i ended up making friends with this girl with bright pink hair which was good! Im still really shy and awkward though so i get so flustered talki g to people it really suckssss.. ysp im so excited to use all the equipment
Those figures are all so cool i just wanted ITEM #603746 ITEM #604428 ITEM #604419 (her face looks weird though :( ITEM #603991 ITEM #604483 my holy grail omg
1 month ago
Mitsuna Little Busters Saikou!
Not really, it was just they only did three routes and never made the next 5 beats XD it was not well received so maybe that is why.
Sadly it ended up being a complete disappointment since they only made one 10th anniversary item which was a set of three small posters, and they were sold as VA Koubaibu items. This year's summer koubaibu items are very disappointing because Na-ga is the only artist left at Key, and he only drew two characters. One being Kud and one being the red eyed version of Tenshi, which is an incredibly strange choice.
I get new clothes sometimes but mostly I wear classical lolita from brands like Baby The Stars Shine Bright and Innocent World and such so I order it from Japan, and if not lolita I'll be wearing old 1930s style dresses. I wish that too, but I'm used to having to order everything these days because the UK does not sell what I want XD
Exactly! We think in such a similar way, I really hope the LB English Edition does well. It is my one chance to finally share my most favourite thing to people in the language that they speak, and I really want to finally have my turn to talk about myself for just once because usually I just listen to others. I really hope I can do that.
Well it is still following the main plot, of Riki and Kud falling in love and all that XD but just taking out most of the romance I am supposing and also the H scenes of course. It looks like they made all of the characters skin colour a lot more tan.
Yes! haha that is exactly what I said when the preview video first came out. I'll watch it for Kyousuke XD
And that is the actual background image from LB itself, but it is actually based on a real place so if you look it up you will find that same photo but taken in real life on the town it was based on :D

Benny- (3 months ago) #23670006Oh, okay. It's nice they tried to do something with it. Too bad it didn't work they way they wanted it to. So does the 1st Beat just end on a cliff hanger?
Oh, yay! That means more stuff! I'm really excited to see it! Will they be selling they new stuff on sites like Amiami, or do you have to go to an event to buy the stuff?
Oh, they do? Are they cheaper on there? I have a hard time finding stuff on there. XD
Do you not get new clothes very often? I'm trying to start dressing differently, but it's hard 'cause American clothes are really ugly. I wish we had nice clothes like Japan does.
Yeah, it's really amazing! Even if people don't understand it complexly, it can still make you really happy and help you a lot too! I'd be happy with just that.
I was gonna say they'd have to do an original story, 'cause people would flip out if they put Riki and Kud together. I just watched the trailer though, and that doesn't seem to be the case though. Is the anime a "What if" story? I couldn't read anything, haha! Kyousuke's gonna be in it though, so that alone will make it great!
Is this real? pbs.twimg.com/m... It looks real, but that's not how life works, haha!
2 months ago
Benny- (3 months ago) #22614528It sucks! You wait so long for warm weather, and then it's still cold! It hasn't been raining as much recently though. It's been raining at night, so it doesn't really make a difference.
Yeah, I wish I could get better at learning things faster, but I don't see that happening anytime soon, haha!
And they just keep making more and more! I bought ITEM #549348 last week. I wasn't going to at first, but then I thought I was gonna have to use a proxy to get the scale, so I picked the nendoroid. I don't think I would've had to use a proxy though! XD
The Pripara ones are really cute! They'd look really good all together! I still think this one's cute ITEM #273210, but I don't know if I'll get him. I don't know what he's like yet.
And is this the Rin one you're talking about? ITEM #218657 I don't think those outfits are the worst, but they definaly could've picked a better one. I really like the Snow Halation outfits, but they probably picked the ones that they did 'cause they're in the theme song.
Yep! I've watched The IDOLM@STER and The first season of The IDOLM@STER Cinderlla Girls. I really love them both, and if you like idols, then I think there's a pretty good chance you'll like them!
I think those fruit outfits in Pripara are really cute! I might buy those if they ever made them. I want more alternite Vocaloid outfits. I'd prefer scales though. I'm thinking I'm gonna start getting the ones that Max Factory are making. They only have four so far, but they're really nice! ITEM #198011, ITEM #331518, ITEM #464629, and ITEM #464608. I really wish I could just pick like one or two things to collect, but I can't! And the things I like are the stuff that has the most figures!
Haha! Yeah, a lot of the cosplays are super good!
Oh, that's probably why I can't get it, haha! Are you gonna play that new Fate/Grand Order (I think that's the name.) phone game?
Oh, she's really pretty too!
Wow! Three weeks in a row? Haha! Our clothes came recently though! My sister got one dress that I really, really like!
I like being short 'cause then you don't have to clean some things 'cause you're so short! XD What do you like about being tall?
My hair gets messy a lot too since it's so long. I wear it in a ponytail a lot so it stays out of my face, but if I wear it down it gets all messy really quickly.
Yeah, or they're the ones that you know you look the best in, XD
Ah, that's great! Do you know when you start college yet? (Sorry if you already told me.)
I'm so sorry I took so long to write back! And sorry I write so much!

waaaAaAAAHHHH im so sorry i took forever to reply, ive been on holiday so my internet's pretty awful, ive been on occasionally but never enough time to reply haa im sorry, im finished now thoigj so at least i can finally get back on schedule! Gah im so useless xD
The weather in england has apparently been awful (and its summer) its been stormy, i was in spain so the weather has been really nice although a bit too hot for me haha
I guess its concentration mostly but also memory, i learn languages as a hobby but im mostly useless since i end up procrastinating and reading about random things xD
Ah i love lillie, ive wanted to watch the anime but im too lazy haha
I just discovered its summer wonfest and they have made a nendo of my all time favourite chara and im crying cause i dont know how ill afford it haha (its the male saber nendo //ill attempt toadd a link haha)
I want all the pripara nendos but i keep wanting too many so im restricting my self to fav charas again xD
Im probably gonna go for the training rin and then i can mix and match it and she comes with really cute faces. I like the snow outfits but the cheerleader takaromonsahs or something outfits i would have liked too
Oooh i really want to watch it and those figures look really nice!! I really like the like ghastly looking character from idolmaster (one of them at least) she has short blonde hair, ill add a link again haha
Ive been playing the japanese fate go haha although i havent played it in a while xD
Awww cool i bet your clothes are really nice, i bought some clothes but theyre more like lounge ones, i really need to buy some dresses for college haha
Hmm about being tall, well i can reach shelves i guess xD and also its good in confrontation since you can like make yourself bigger haha, i do kinda hate being tall thouhh because almost everyone points it out and i even know people taller than me so it must be bad for them haha
I understand haha ive been growning my hair out and it gets everywhere, also my hairs sorta dipdyed where its white at the end (cause i try to hard to be cool haha)
I think ill start college around september, i met some people who might be taking the course and it was really awkward haha i got along better with the boys than the girls and we got to use a really cool green screen!
I dont mind that we both write so mucb, its really fun, like pen pals!!! //ijusttakeforeverahhhh

ITEM #603991 id genuinely duel for this
2 months ago
Mitsuna Little Busters Saikou!
Yeah that makes more sense :D
Angel Beats 1st beat isn't really different as such, but because it's a VN rather than the anime it has routes, which the anime could not show, but it was not done very well and who knows why they chose to try and do multiple games. It really does not look like they will be doing another five games. It's just not a very good game, story is not really there.
Ahh those are not the anniversary goods, those are just some new things. The anniversary merchandise will be revealed in the summer koubaibu later this month. Ahh yes I love that jacket, they show up frequently on Yahoo Japan Auctions but I still never bought one. I would love a new jacket even, or something clothing related XD
Yeah I really hope many many more people discover Little Busters, I'm sick of people not understanding or believing me when I try and talk about Key and Little Busters specifically, it's a work of art and one of the most beautiful and in-depth masterpieces. More people need to see that.
Yeah, Kud Wafter was ehhhhhhhhh except the music. Plus, they're going to be following an original story, so in actual fact they are not really adapting Kud Wafter XD but in the sketches they revealed one of the CGs was there. I have no idea what they mean, I think by 'original story" they mean everything from Kud Wafter except for the 18+ scenes. Kud Wafter was just a game of 18+ scenes, so when they take those away there will be nothing left XD
Suzuyu is singing some new music for it though so that's good :D

Benny- (3 months ago) #23210790Oh, okay, that makes sense. I forgot that anime's are usually something else first. It's better if it's not an anime first then so they can fit everything in they want, right?
Oh, I didn't know that Angel Beats 1st Beat was something different. Why'd they make it different? And what's wrong with what they did that people don't like about it?
They should've done both. Although I think that if they were a band they'd sound really bad. XD
Does anyone know when these goods are coming out? I know there's some new clear files on Amiami, but I don't wanna buy those yet if there's gonna be other stuff that comes out later that I'll want more. Or will you not be able to buy these other new goods online? 'Cause if that's the case I won't be getting any of them anytime soon, haha! I was thinking though. Wouldn't it be so great if they brought Kengo's Little Busters jumper back! I'll be so happy if they do that!
Aww, that's too bad. Hopefully it won't come out that bad. It's exciting when they make English versions of visual novels, that way more people can read them without having to download it. (Like me for right now, haha!)
I see people aren't too happy about Kud Wafter getting an anime either.
3 months ago
Mitsuna Little Busters Saikou!
That is an extremely uncommon thing. When anime is made, you need material to make the anime of. Original anime does not usually happen often at all unless by a huge company and they have a lot of time, but it is rare, anime is a form of adapting a novel or VN that already exists.
Angel Beats 1st Beat has nothing to do with the anime version, it was very different. There were meant to be 6 games, so there were only three routes in first beat, the project seems to have stopped for now anyways.
Ahh yes, Little Busters would make a great band. Kyousuke does mention it at the beginning haha XD
I'm super excited for part of the 10th Anniversary mission list being the summer Koubaibu goods this year, as there will mostly be new Little Busters goods.
Rewrite+ came out a while ago, it's Rewrite and Rewrite Harvest Festa on the same disc updated with new CGs. Sekai Project have taken it and are now working on an English release, but everyone is very very skeptical about Sekai Project being the ones picking it up, because most of us do not like Sekai. They aren't the best. That is why Little Busters is such a god-send, because Prototype are doing it and Prototype are actually a VisualArt's company, have been working there for around 15 years. Sekai Project are a bit frustrating for VN fans, especially with Rewrite because there were two fan patches made over the years and apparently they are using neither of them. People have various issues with one of the fan-translations and everyone is very skeptical about Sekai making a new one, as it's an extremely complicated game. I wish Sekai didn't have it, most people are quite unhappy with the news.
Benny- (3 months ago) #23000187That all makes sense, but I don't completely understand why you can't have an anime first and then get a viusl novel later. I get that it's probably nicer having a viusl novel first, but couldn't it also be really excited if an anime you really liked got an anime and you could learn more about everything? That's why I'm confused that the Angel Beats viusal novel didn't do that good. I'd think people would be excited to find out about everyones pasts and what really happened to them. Maybe it's just me, or maybe I'm missing something XD
And it's fine! I may not know a whole lot about Key and visual novels yet, but I love talking about them and learning new stuff, so write as much as you like!
Oh, okay, that's too bad.
ZHIEND has an album, right? So you can pretend they're a real band! XD I think the Little Busters should have a band. That would be great!
Ah, both of those are really good! I haven't listened to all the songs yet, so I'll wait on my favorite until I listen to the rest.
Wow, that's so cool! You get so much cool stuff! I don't really have anything cool like that, haha! I'm trying to work on getting as many of the figures I want as I can this year (they're not on my wish list), but you talking about those CD's and all this talk about the new Little Busters stuff coming out is making it hard to fo that, haha!
Awww! At least we have more of a release date for the English release of Little Busters! I'm so excited! What's this Rewrit+ thing though?
3 months ago
Mitsuna Little Busters Saikou!
Since visual novels are usually over 100 hours long or more, there is so much detail that is impossible to be adapted into something as short as an anime. Plus an anime is animated, and it's impossible to animate everything from a visual novel. It is better having a VN first, as that is how most anime came around in the first place. Most anime are usually adapted from a manga, light novel or visual novel. The original is always better because there is so much that gets taken out in the anime version. Once you get to play the VN and actually understand each character properly and find out their full stories, it is then a nice thing to be able to watch them animated even if the anime version does not have all of the original content. You would already know the whole story, the better part is being able to see parts of it animated. You would know more about the characters from playing the game first because, for example, in anime versions a lot gets left out and so you won't know very much about the character at all if you didn't play the VN beforehand. Sorry I wrote a lot, I get a bit wordy when it comes to VNs XD

Charlotte's story was a bit muddled and Maeda was very tired at the time. I don't really think anything can be done to it, as the whole process from the first concepts was all a bit confusing.
Ah right! ZHIEND is amazing, especially since it's Marina. She is one of my favourite singers of all time, her work in Angel Beats and in ZHIEND is wonderful. I wish ZHIEND were a real band but at least Marina is a real singer so I get to listen to all of her normal stuff XD
My favourite ZHIEND song is Heavy Rain, I love all of them but Heavy Rain is my favourite. I also love Blood Colour and Scar on Face. Back when the Charlotte CDs first came out on order, which was before the show even started, I pre-ordered all of them and received the limited edition CD box for them. It's one of my favourite things that I own :D
Sadly we know nothing at the moment, currently we are waiting for the what seems to be delayed release of Little Busters English Edition. Everything is always very unknown XD
Benny- (3 months ago) #22644763I completely forgot about the Miku and Gumi one! XD
Why does things being an anime first make them not as good if they get a visual novel later? I'd think it woul make it better since there's more time to learn about all the characters.
Oh yeah. I forgot that Japan's all work, work, work. That's too bad though. What do you think they could've done to make Charlotte better?
I'm not that big on rock music, but I don't hate it. I listened to some of ZHIEND's songs though, and I really like it! What's your favorite song of theirs?
Do you know when we're gonna get pictures of the characters in color?
3 months ago
Mitsuna Little Busters Saikou!
Awesome, and it's no problem! ^o^
I really like that illustration too! :D I definitely think the Miku and Gumi one on your CD is one of my favourites though :D
Yeah, since it was an anime first like how Angel Beats was, which is why 1st Beat did not do as well either. Things don't really work like that sadly, first off Maeda would not have stopped working anyway, but also he can't stop. In Japan especially in this line of work they have to get things done, and postponing is quite unheard of. It was just a bad piece altogether and did not do well, everyone has their lesser works and Charlotte was that work. ZHIEND was the good thing to come out of it though :D Waaa you haven't? You must! It depends if you like rock music, but it's some of the best music I have ever heard.
Yeah it's really exciting! I'm particularly interested in how the clashing art styles is going to work.
No problem! I hope it works for you :D

Benny- (4 months ago) #22359053That sounds really fun! I'm really excited to hear them now!
Ah, thank you so much! That's so nice of you! I don't want to trouble you though, so I'll just wait until I can understand them. Thanks so much for offering though!
Thank you! I'm glad you found the illustrator! The Love Live! picture they drew is really nice, and I really like the first two pictures in here! www.pixiv.net/m... I like her with the pink color scheme better though. What pictures do you like the best?
Oh, okay. I know it doesn't seem as good as the visual novels (Although I've only played one. I'm still sure the visual novels are all better though.) If Maeda wasn't in very good health, then why didn't they just postpone the project? It might've come out better then.
I haven't really listened to ZHIEND, but if you say it changed you life that much, then I'll listen to them and see what I think!
I want to know more about Summer Pockets. It looks like it's gonna be really cute, so I'm really excited for it! I gotta hurry up and learn Japanese faster so I don't have to hope they make an English translation, haha!
Ah, thank you! I'll try that and see if it works!
4 months ago
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