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04 years agoremiliasremilias
Ah, I just tried to PM you but your inbox is full.
I was just wondering if you were still wanting to sell your Takano (or if you still have her)? Thanks!
04 years agoreverse-goliathreverse-goliath
Hi, I tried to send you a PM, but it says your inbox is full! lol
04 years agoKierAngelKierAngel HERPADERP
Bepbo (4 years ago) #1134048Oops, sorry about that. I should clean it out xDD; Okay! I will send over a refund later tonight for you. Send me an email cofirming your paypal again (i'll clear out some of my inbox), and I will send it over your way.
Sent :)
04 years agoKierAngelKierAngel HERPADERP
Whoopsie, your inbox is full at the moment >.> The Takano figure has unfortunately not shown up. I'm so sorry for the trouble!
05 years agoofficeryouofficeryou
hey, how much for the alice in wonderland trading figure set?

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