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01 year agojyoomujyoomu
BikiniSntchMnstr (1 year ago) #6207873I second that Maki figure. I haven't played 3 yet, but I do have it on the VC.
The 'stache definitely does the job. The endless supply of piledrivers and suplexes he hands like free coupons would probably be a close second. We all know Mike Haggar will always be in charge of Suplex City.

Suplex City. I snorted my tea out from that comment.

Who needs Brock Lesnar when you have Mike Haggar running Suplex City.
01 year agojyoomujyoomu
BikiniSntchMnstr (1 year ago) #6207749DAMN RIGHT!! Do you have a favorite game in the series? Mine are the first two.

The first game will always be the legendary one simply because it's the one that started Metro City lore and gave birth to fan faves like Haggar, Cody, and Poison / Hugo Andore (and his family of giants). I like 2 because of the introduction of Maki (how I wish there was a good Maki garage kit or PVC fig). Lucia in 3 was also a nice design IMO.

But yeah, how can someone not like Mayor Mike? The beefy Tom Selleck mustache alone makes any criminal run for the hills.
01 year agojyoomujyoomu
BikiniSntchMnstr (1 year ago) #6207733Cool avatar! That's Mike Haggar, right? It is! Old school is bold school!
02 years agokevinlowlkevinlowl
BikiniSntchMnstr (2 years ago) #2462603It's Midorikawa Hana from Prison School/Kangoku Gakuen. Chapter 75 to be exact. The series isn't exactly everyone's cup of tea, but those who can tolerate it's content and subject matter really love it. I can't even remember how I came across it, but I'm certainly glad I did.
Ahh, I think I recognize that manga, though I didn't really know what it was about. I read a bit of that chapter and... oh my, is the whole thing more or less like this? I don't read manga but I think I can get on this. Something about the art that's weird but strangely appealing. Must be the uneven eyes.
02 years agokevinlowlkevinlowl
BikiniSntchMnstr (2 years ago) #2461242Ha! I wish I was. I'm just a dufus with a little much time on my hands. I must have rewritten it at least 3 times before it seemed to flow right. I recognized the scene from American Psycho (which is one of my favorites, mostly for Pat's Huey Lewis commentary) and I just knew I had to write something that would do the pic justice.
sup dufus, fellow dufus here. :p I made that pic because I was looking for things to procrastinate on. It's not perfect though, I did a reedit with better color balance and contrast which I wish I could upload now. That script was excellent! All we need is a little time and inspiration (or in my case inspiration and motivation).

what's your avatar from anyway? looks nasty

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