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Don't really show off my hobby but don't hide it either

Enraptured by Digimon, Gundam Seed and the movie Alien 9, hence my descent into darkness.
Sucker for card games with great art. Can't and won't afford MtG, so FoW

Kentaro Yabuki going from Black Cat to To Love-Ru was a surprise. A pleasant one. An expensive one actually...

Having a character I like greatly increases my tendency to stay on a show. Not a bewbs man, much more legs and posterior preferences. Characters I like mostly fall in the pettanko/loli categories but not limited to them.

I never thought I would like bunny and animal outfits but then it struck me recently. When I imagine them frolicking atop a bed or in a basket I cannot describe how that sets my heart aflutter

My take on anime is actually pretty simple. I don't really believe in "bad anime" and I really am not impressed when someone tries to criticize a title without taking into account a difference in preference and need. I realise hardly anyone considers changing needs a factor in choosing your flavours for anime. When I'm studying I loved watching action and drama types, but when I'm faced with examinations, work and other duties I greatly favoured slice of life, romance and comedy. For e.g. I dropped AoT and Aldnoah Zero because the feelings and intensity they evoked in me conflicted with the stress I already felt. Meanwhile while I was schooling I fell asleep multiple times trying to clear an episode of To Love-Ru, an act I cannot understand now.

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03 months agoBlackApplePlusBlackApplePlus
krycelc (3 months ago) #17578886you're the first person i seen to only owned inshun and not order anything else from the series. your collection has nice taste.

Hehheh,thanks! Her pose is attractive and i cant say no to that tushie. I definitely have not enough money to go around so i usually get only what appeals most to me XD
Most of my figures are actually still in their boxes though... life has too much in store before i cant bathe in a sea of my figures
03 months agokrycelckrycelc
you're the first person i seen to only owned inshun and not order anything else from the series. your collection has nice taste.
04 months agoTsuko-tanTsuko-tan
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